Getting Caught in My Panties

panty boy roleplay with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Panty Boy Roleplay with Miss Violet 800-601-6975


When I left my panties lying on my bed, it was just baiting the hook.  I knew you would go for it and as I walk through the door, I know I was right.  You turn around with a gasp, in shock, trying to hide the fact that you are wearing my hot pink stretch lace panties.  Forget it.  You are busted!

Those wide open eyes and covering my panties with your hands won’t fool me.  You are a naughty man.  Guess my panties were more than you could resist.  *smirk*  Lucky for you, I love a man in panties.

Put On a Show

Well, you are wearing my panties.  And I am here, looking at you.  So get the show going.  I want you to hop up on my bed and pose for me.  Something sexy.  Aw, come on!  You can do better than that.  Give me cheesecake!  In your case, it’s beefcake.  *wink*

I reach over and snap the waistband, causing you to shake with excitement.  I already knew you were aroused.  How?  Look down.  That’s right.  The tell tale bulge.  Nice!

Let’s Get Sexy

I am far from done with you, panty boy.  I will settle myself in this comfy chair and you are going to put on a show for me.  Oh yes!  Start stroking through my lacy panties.  Faster, addicted stroker!

You are going to stroke that cock until the head pokes right out the waistband.  *laugh*  There we go!  Now, stay on that edge.  A bold panty boy like you can surely ride the edge.  I am thinking an hour of masturbation edging should do it.  *grin*



Why To Try Hamperskunking

hamperskunking panty boy phone sex with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Hamperskunking Fun with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Try Anything Once
This topic came up in session with my wonderful panty boy, little luke.  I asked him to email me the highlights of what he enjoys about hamperskunking.
If you are unaware of what a hamperskunk is, it is a guy who takes panties out of women’s clothing hampers and either wears them or uses the panties to masturbate with.
What’s So Great About It
The three things hamperskunking does for a panty boy, in little luke’s own words:
1.  The thrill of the chase – I never know when an opportunity may present itself.  When it does, it is time to get into the search mode. Sneaking into the room, searching through the hamper, heart racing as I hope to find panties without getting caught.
2.  The reward – There is the exhilaration felt when grasping those panties in hand!  Then, there is the anticipation of eventually interacting with those panties.
3.  The pleasure of Miss Violet – This is by far the best part…following Your commands on what to do with the panties. Taking things to new levels and different directions, all at Your discretion.  Knowing I can only do with those panties what You tell me to do heightens what it means to be a panty boy.

Ease Your Mind

If taking someone’s panties causes you guilt, return them CLEAN at your earliest convenience.  You did not steal them, you borrowed them.  *wink*  So indulge your fetish and have fun!

April’s Panty Boy Club Assignment

You are to obtain a pair of panties in sweet pastel colors.  Think Easter eggs, marshmallow chicks, and blue Spring skies.  Post a short story about the panties you got and send a pic of your panties to me:   I will post your pics on the club page for all members to enjoy.  Happy panty shopping!



Raving About Panty Boys

find out why miss violet loves panty boys so much 800-601-6975

Come to Miss Violet for panty boy fun! 800-601-6975

I Love You Guys

You heard me.  I absolutely love men in panties.  This is a fetish I had little experience with prior to joining the LDW family.  Very quickly you became one of my favorites!

The reasons why vary and I am going to tell you what zooms you so high on my list of kinky joys.

Let Me Count The Ways

There is something very sexy about a manly man who is wearing panties.  Whether you are wearing them secretly under your man clothes, wearing them in the bedroom to rev things up with your lady, or wearing them in session with me.

When I see the zipper of your pants go down, slowly revealing a pair of beautiful panties, my pulse races.  Then you pull your pants down and I see the clear outline of a highly excited cock straining against the silky fabric of the panties.  As time goes by, a tell-tale wet spot that tells me just how much you are enjoying our time together.

My Hand, Your Ass

Immediately, my mind goes to the sensation of my hands moving around your body and cupping your cheeks through the soft panties.  I can feel your ass muscles clinch at my touch.  You gasp, I get wet.  All the while, you are stroking your cock through the panties…down inside the panties…as I guide you through one exciting style after another.  Oh my!

Sometimes you are stroking for me; following my instructions, even as my imagination goes wild with possibilities.  Occasionally I will admit my little fantasies to you and you respond with a delighted smile and want to hear more.  Thank you for being so open to me enjoying our time together as much as you do!

Games Are Always Fun

I find panty boys to be a lot of fun.  You are open to all sorts of stroking games that involve panties.  You enjoy being a part of my Panty of the Month Club; showing me the panties you got and telling me about your adventure.  I so look forward to hearing about that every month.

You are game for something new.  Willing to try things you never heard of before.  I really like how you happily let me introduce you to kinky activities that go so well with wearing panties.  Such as edging, extreme edging, cum eating, CBT, spanking, sensation play, and role plays of all sorts.  Yay!

Here are some sensual free audios you can listen to as warm up for our fun together.  *wink*

You Should Know

When you call me, and I hear your voice, a great big smile spreads across my face.  I know that I am going to have a wonderful time playing with you, catching up with your life, and taking you deep into the Violet Zone for a while.

You are a ray of sunshine in my life and I want you to know that.  So keep adding to your panty collection, sending me pics of you in them, and never be too shy to come to me and introduce yourself to me as a new panty boy.  From blue collar panties to a CEO panty boy, I will welcome you with open arms!

January Assignment

This month’s assignment for my Panty Boy Club is panties that have a saying on them that reflects on a resolution you have for the year.  It can be one word, or multiple words.  Have fun with this one!


Choosing the Right Panty

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Express Yourself

Just as you express yourself by how you dress for work and play, you can also express yourself with the panties you select for yourself.  Notice I said “select”, and not “purchase”.  That is in deference to my hamperskunks who like to fish for panties in ladies clothing hampers.  Naughty!

You know that I assign panties for you to purchase and give you the opportunity to send me a pic of the panties you got and tell me all about how you obtained them.  If this is news to you, check out my Panty Boy Club page for details.  This month’s assignment is at the end of this posting.   These assignments get you thinking outside the box, and trying new styles, colors, and fabrics.  Very necessary to finding the right panty for you.

Casual Survey

I have been doing a casual survey amongst panty boys I know as to what their favorite panties are.  I asked about style and fabric.  One panty boy went into a little more detail and I will be quoting him a bit in today’s posting.  He is very experienced in wearing panties and may be helpful to you in discovering the panty you like best.

little luke says, “I prefer bikini style.  They cover everything nicely and feel so right.”

He brings up a very important point for you.  Panty boys need to find a panty that contains the cock and the balls without squashing them too tightly.  This can only be done by trying on a good variety of styles.  I do not recommend thongs for men, unless you enjoy either being uncomfortable, humiliated, or both.

Also, you want to be sure that the panties you select are good for stroking.  Whether through the panties, or around them.  Looking for some special panty boy stroking fun? Let me know.  I am great with stroking assignments.

Being Touchy

The fabric a panty is made of is key to finding the panty for you.  Personally, I am a stretch lace and silk woman.  little luke tells me that, “Fabrics can often depend on the mood.  Sometimes cotton is the way to go.  They snug up against me so nicely.  Most of the time I prefer something satiny.  Feels great against my body, arouses me, and so good to the touch it is an all day turn on.”

Don’t be afraid to reach out and touch the panties before you even try them on.  Do you like the feel of the fabric?  Is it soft or scratchy?  Is it silky, or too slippery?  If you enjoy the feel of the fabric, try it on!  Yes…I said try it on.  Most lingerie stores and departments will let you try on lingerie.  Ask politely and most often the staff will make it work for you.  If you are purchasing online, pay close attention to the fabric description.  Look for cotton, silk, satin, stretch lace, velvet, as these will feel really good on your flesh.

Pretty Counts

If the panties feel good, now see if they look good as well.  Do you find the color pleasing?  Do they have trim that you like?  Some new panty boys underrate this aspect at first, so I am encouraging you to pay attention to the aesthetics right away.  You might discover that you are into lace, or rhinestones, or ruffles.

little luke provided insight on this topic as well.  He says, “I’m a solid color kind of guy.  While any color will do, I enjoy blue, light green, red, black the most, with a little bow on the front waist band.”

Through the years, he has found that he is a solid color panty guy.  Maybe you are too.  But you might be into plaid, like your Irish Mistress.  *wink*  You might enjoy lace and mesh panels in satin or silk panties.  Victoria’s Secret has the keyhole style, and the garter panty, which I am crazy about.  Don’t know what those are?  Foray to V.S. and ask about them.  The ladies working there are incredibly helpful.

October Panty Boy Club Assignment

It is the bewitching month of Halloween, spooks, black cats, pumpkins, and everything scary.  Your assignment this month is to obtain a pair of panties that fit the Halloween theme.  They can have Halloween designs on them, they can be Halloween colors, or anything that reminds you of the holiday.  Take a pic of the panties themselves, email it to me along with your story of where you got them, and how that adventure went.  I will post pics and stories on this blog.  The panty who submits the best pair of Halloween panties will win a short custom audio by me!

Panty Boy Poll

Want to expand on your favorite type of panty? Please leave me a comment here. Feel free to tell me about your favorite style, color, fabric, look. I love hearing from you!


Finding Your Inner Panty Boy

Let Your Panty Boy Out

Sharing a Story

Sometimes a client sends me their personal story of their path to becoming a panty boy and what they are doing with that passion.  When they give me permission to share it with all of you on my blog, I do so.  Today I am posting the story of my submissive susan.  I believe it is important to do this now and then so my panty boys know they are not alone, that there are many different activities to do within this fetish, and that panty boys can look very different from person to person .  Here is susan’s story in her own words.

My Journey of Feminization and Submission with Mistress Violet

This is the first of what i hope will be many postings describing my pathway of becoming the best sissy girl and submissive to Mistress that i can be.  With only a few weeks of training i know that i am experiencing many incremental changes in feelings as i nurture my inner girl  and give myself as submissive to Mistress Violet.   My starting point will likely become a more distant and perhaps unrecognizable memory from the past as i progress.

To Serve a Dominant Mistress

It has long been that many of my sexual fantasies have been about service to a dominant Mistress.  In those fantasies i might be stripped naked, offered to others, whipped, obedient, subservient.  All of those and more but the core has always been submission, to worship and to serve.  Those feelings were inside me, but crude in the way i understood them, informed by the whips and chains of fetish pornography.  For me, i wanted to find something more and after wandering around for some time i have found my way here.   i am now coming to more fully understand the essential beauty and indeed spiritual nature of my submission to Mistress Violet.  The sexual energy, of course, remains but there is so much more.

Loving Panties

i love panties.   i love lingerie.   i love to feel girlie.   It seems many have their first experiences as teenagers, raiding their sister’s panties from the hamper or they have some formative experience while young.   My own experience has been much more gradual.   i love the stories when the girlfriend or wife somehow discover the erotic impact of panties on their  man.   Now that they have been caught cross dressing, they are off shopping, he mentally resisting (but not too much), being lured in and betrayed by the swelling between his legs.   A step at a time he is feminized, transformed into her sissy.

Power of Panties

One day  a few years ago i bought my first pair of panties.   i thought i would be a fun sexual game, but little did i know the power of those panties.   i was immediately in love and on the slow beginning of my own path of feminization.   One day googling the word “sissy” brought me to the Sissy School site.   A world awaited me.  There is a strong feminine part of me inside that needs expression.  There is also a submissive seeking a caring Mistress.

Time for Training

 i am so grateful to have found Mistress Violet and that she has accepted me for training.  In a short time i have learned so much from her and i know there is so much more.   Perhaps some day i can be accepted by her as one of her slaves, but there is so much more to learn to earn that honor.   i do feel a strongly growing spiritual connection with her and it is so very sweet.
Mistress is helping to guide me in my feminization and in my submission.  i have pledged to her that except for relations  with my wife, i will have no release without her permission.  i understand that the decision is totally hers and that my sissy stick is under her dominion.  Whenever release is permitted i  proudly eat my cum for her as an expression of my submission and devotion.  Daily i recite a special affirmation and devotion to her.

Serve Your Wife/Serve Your Mistress

i strive as best i can to be a good submissive wife.   Mistress Violet is quite clear that my wife, who i truly love, is a central part of my life and that a fundamental way to serve Mistress is to serve my wife.  And i do want to be a good wife (how special to think of it like that), i do want to serve Mistress and i do want to make my submission a part of my everyday way of being.  i should note that my wife does not know of my love for panties  and my desires for feminization but she does appreciate all the chores that i rush to do and that i try to anticipate how i can please her.

Feeling Feminine

In one posting i described my recent trip to Victoria’s Secret to buy some panties and lingerie.   Mistress told me to buy an apron for my work around the house when my wife is away on business.  i bought a very pretty red and black one with pictures of women’s shoes.   Some other ways of cultivating my feminine identity – my sissy stick is always fully shaved.   i keep my upper chest smooth.   Daily use of a scented body lotion.  Wearing panties whenever i can.   Sleeping in a pretty lace edged satin slip.  i pee sitting down.   A small spray of body mist on my wrists when i can to have a feminine fragrance through the day.  Observing other women in their manner and ways of being.  Participating in a bit of girl talk with women at work.  These and other things help me to develop my feminine self and ways of thinking.
To anyone who has read all of this – thank you so much *hugs*.   i will try to keep up with developments.

Panty Boys are Individuals

Each panty boy is different from all others.  It is amazing how many different stories I have heard about how a panty boy discovered his fetish, what he gets out of it, the activities he enjoys in panties, and who knows about it.  That is why I like to post stories here.  Chances are you will not relate to everything in susan’s story.  I do not expect you to.  But if you saw yourself in one aspect of susan’s journey, perhaps it may help you to accept your fetish, and even consider trying something new.

You know that I welcome comments.  Please leave yours here for myself and susan.  We will respond to all.

July Panty Boy Assignment

My sissy susan has inspired next month’s shopping assignment.  My panty boy club members are to obtain (buy, borrow, hamperskunk) a pair of panties with a sailing motif.  While I cannot post pics of my members wearing their panties, I CAN post pics of the panties you buy.  So please leave a comment on the Panty Boy Club page and send a pic of your new panties to me:  I will post those pics on a special page of this blog for each month.  That way, you can go back and see the panties everyone got for each assignment.  Fun!!


Busting Holiday Stress With Panties


Miss Violet 800-601-6975

It’s a Fetish

Being a panty boy is fun, and exciting, and it is a fetish.  You are driven to wear the panties.  When you wear them you feel excited; and afterward you are left feeling more balanced.  You know you will want to do it again.   Perhaps . . . → Read More: Busting Holiday Stress With Panties


Driving Panty Naughtiness


Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Extra Naughty

You need something new and extra naughty to perk you up.  I can tell.  Well, I have just the thing.  It is a little panty boy, cock teasing driving adventure for you.  It will require a pair of panties (that’s easy!) and a vehicle.

Check the . . . → Read More: Driving Panty Naughtiness


Exposing Hamperskunks


Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Easy to Overlook

Over the years, a pair of panties just mysteriously disappear now and then.  I clearly remember putting them in the hamper, but after my laundry was done, the panties never made it back to my lingerie drawer.  Truly one of the great mysteries of life.  . . . → Read More: Exposing Hamperskunks


Searching for Panty Boys



Join Miss Violet’s Panty Boy Club800-601-6975

They are Everywhere

No matter where I go, I am on the lookout for panty boys.  Because I know you are everywhere.  Wearing your silky panties under those man clothes.  Hiding them, but immersed in the sensual feel of wearing them.

You are trying . . . → Read More: Searching for Panty Boys


Revelations for Panty Boys


Miss Violet 800-601-6975

So Amusing

In the last couple of weeks it has been made clear to me that you may not understand that panty boys are straight guys who simply enjoy wearing panties, and/or playing sexy stroking games with panties.  It has nothing to do with your sexuality.  Much more . . . → Read More: Revelations for Panty Boys