Princess Andi Loves Panty Boys – Part 2

This is part 2 of my friend, Princess Andi’s,  posting on panty boys.  Enjoy!

If you missed part 1, click here to read what this wildly sexy Princess had to say about the joys of panty boys, leading up to the 3 points below.

Call Princess Andi for panty boy fun

Princess Andi

3 things you need to do before you get a sniff of Princess Andi’s panties.

1) you are going to have to put on a pair of panties in order to smell mine! Tell me, what kind of panties and color will you wear?

2) you are going to have to get on your knees and give me a foot massage while wearing panties! Of course you know you want to do ANYTHING to please me so you get the opportunity to smell my pretty worn knickers.

3) Once you have massaged my feet. I will ask you to edge your cock for me. Once you have edged your cock 3 times. I will give you the pleasure of smelling my undies. I might even let you masturbate with them and cum in them.

I said, I might– let you cum in them. Then again, I just might not let you cum at all!

Thank you so much for reading! I would like to thank Ms. Violet for the opportunity to write on her very sexy blog.

I will capture your cock and penetrate your mind.

Princess Andi

Call Princess Andi for panty boy fun

Princess Andi

I want to thank my friend, Princess Andi, for writing another stimulating posting about panty boys.  Now…leave a comment to let her know how much you enjoyed reading this.

If you are into two Mistress sessions, or have been considering one…I urge you to set up a two Mistress session with myself and Princess Andi.  We have amazing chemistry.  Adding you makes it even hotter!


Princess Andi Loves to Tease Panty Boys

I invited my friend, Princess Andi to be a guest writer on this blog.  Read what she has to say about panty boys!

Part 1

MMMM…. Looks around Ms. Violet’s blog. Very sexy! About one of my favorite subjects as well! I love it! I want to thank Ms. Violet for the opportunity to write on her blog. Ms. Violet is such a beautiful and sensual Mistress and we both love panty bois! My name is Princess Andi and I am visiting from phone sex princess blog.


Do you like to sniff Princess Panties?

Oh, panty boys? Oh, panty boys, Where are you? Are you hiding over there in the corner sniffing Ms. Violets panties? Well, guess what? I did not come here empty handed! I have a pair of sexy sheer lilac panties with purple satin bows on the sides. And, I wore them ALL Day. I even wore them when I went to the gym. These panties, if you were to have a whiff of them. Ha! Like you are that Lucky! *wicked grin* or are you? Are you that lucky?

MMM Time will tell, time will tell. You really have to prove your love for panties and for your sexy panty tease Princess of course! Now where was I? Oh– that’s right, if you were to have a whiff of my panties, you would get to smell how yummy my pussy smells.

Do you like to sniff my worn panties as you have to play keep away from the hard on with your hands?

Call Princess Andi for panty boy fun

Princess Andi







Bratty panty tease Princess

I get turned on, knowing that you really want to stick your nose right up into the crotch of these hot off my body panties! I know you really are twitching over the thought of getting to place that nose of yours right up to the moist crotch of my panties! I like how your eyes transfixed on them, as I gently swing my panties back and forth, in front of your face. So, close yet so far!

I can hear you gritting your teeth, pleading with me, asking for the pleasure of smelling them.Well, if you want to smell my panties. You are going to have to do 3 things for me.


Part 2 of this posting will be posted in a few days.  Come back to read more!




Watching You in Panties

Miss Violet loves to watch panty boys 800-601-6975

Miss Violet Loves to Watch Panty Boys 800-601-6975

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Seeing you on cam wearing pretty panties says about a million words!  Sure, we can session without a cam.  It will be lots of fun, and I will have you describe the panties you are wearing for me.

I will picture them in my mind as I have you masturbate through them, inside them and stroke with panties. But being able to see you in your panties, following my commands bumps things up to a whole new level!

How We Cam

You have two choices.  I can watch you on Skype, which is much preferred due to superior viewing quality; or on Yahoo Messenger, using the Video Call option.  That provides much better quality than just viewing your webcam. So if you do not have a Skype account, get one.

If you want two or more Mistresses, to watch your naughty panty boy antics, get a paid Skype account.  It allows multiple viewers, which is tons of fun!  Well worth it.

I see you…now what?

Simple.  Anything you have done in a phone sex session can be done in a cam session.  The difference is that I see what you are doing.  There is fabulous accountability.  Plan on lots of creative guided masturbation and some amazing edging.

So if you have been dying to break through that cum eating barrier and have been faking it on previous calls, being watched by me will put that to an end.  You will have to man up and eat up.  *wink*  I adore mixing cum eating with panty boy fun.

Let’s Hear It

If you have had a cam session with me, leave a comment about your experience.  Ease some fears, excite some men in panties.  *smile*


Getting Caught in My Panties

panty boy roleplay with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Panty Boy Roleplay with Miss Violet 800-601-6975


When I left my panties lying on my bed, it was just baiting the hook.  I knew you would go for it and as I walk through the door, I know I was right.  You turn around with a gasp, in shock, trying to hide the fact that you are wearing my hot pink stretch lace panties.  Forget it.  You are busted!

Those wide open eyes and covering my panties with your hands won’t fool me.  You are a naughty man.  Guess my panties were more than you could resist.  *smirk*  Lucky for you, I love a man in panties.

Put On a Show

Well, you are wearing my panties.  And I am here, looking at you.  So get the show going.  I want you to hop up on my bed and pose for me.  Something sexy.  Aw, come on!  You can do better than that.  Give me cheesecake!  In your case, it’s beefcake.  *wink*

I reach over and snap the waistband, causing you to shake with excitement.  I already knew you were aroused.  How?  Look down.  That’s right.  The tell tale bulge.  Nice!

Let’s Get Sexy

I am far from done with you, panty boy.  I will settle myself in this comfy chair and you are going to put on a show for me.  Oh yes!  Start stroking through my lacy panties.  Faster, addicted stroker!

You are going to stroke that cock until the head pokes right out the waistband.  *laugh*  There we go!  Now, stay on that edge.  A bold panty boy like you can surely ride the edge.  I am thinking an hour of masturbation edging should do it.  *grin*



Why To Try Hamperskunking

hamperskunking panty boy phone sex with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Hamperskunking Fun with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Try Anything Once
This topic came up in session with my wonderful panty boy, little luke.  I asked him to email me the highlights of what he enjoys about hamperskunking.
If you are unaware of what a hamperskunk is, it is a guy who takes panties out of women’s clothing hampers and either wears them or uses the panties to masturbate with.
What’s So Great About It
The three things hamperskunking does for a panty boy, in little luke’s own words:
1.  The thrill of the chase – I never know when an opportunity may present itself.  When it does, it is time to get into the search mode. Sneaking into the room, searching through the hamper, heart racing as I hope to find panties without getting caught.
2.  The reward – There is the exhilaration felt when grasping those panties in hand!  Then, there is the anticipation of eventually interacting with those panties.
3.  The pleasure of Miss Violet – This is by far the best part…following Your commands on what to do with the panties. Taking things to new levels and different directions, all at Your discretion.  Knowing I can only do with those panties what You tell me to do heightens what it means to be a panty boy.

Ease Your Mind

If taking someone’s panties causes you guilt, return them CLEAN at your earliest convenience.  You did not steal them, you borrowed them.  *wink*  So indulge your fetish and have fun!

April’s Panty Boy Club Assignment

You are to obtain a pair of panties in sweet pastel colors.  Think Easter eggs, marshmallow chicks, and blue Spring skies.  Post a short story about the panties you got and send a pic of your panties to me:   I will post your pics on the club page for all members to enjoy.  Happy panty shopping!



Raving About Panty Boys


Come to Miss Violet for panty boy fun! 800-601-6975

I Love You Guys

You heard me.  I absolutely love men in panties.  This is a fetish I had little experience with prior to joining the LDW family.  Very quickly you became one of my favorites!

The reasons why vary and I . . . → Read More: Raving About Panty Boys


Choosing the Right Panty


Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Express Yourself

Just as you express yourself by how you dress for work and play, you can also express yourself with the panties you select for yourself.  Notice I said “select”, and not “purchase”.  That is in deference to my hamperskunks who like to fish for panties in . . . → Read More: Choosing the Right Panty


Finding Your Inner Panty Boy


Let Your Panty Boy Out

Sharing a Story

Sometimes a client sends me their personal story of their path to becoming a panty boy and what they are doing with that passion.  When they give me permission to share it with all of you on my blog, I do so.  Today . . . → Read More: Finding Your Inner Panty Boy


Busting Holiday Stress With Panties


Miss Violet 800-601-6975

It’s a Fetish

Being a panty boy is fun, and exciting, and it is a fetish.  You are driven to wear the panties.  When you wear them you feel excited; and afterward you are left feeling more balanced.  You know you will want to do it again.   Perhaps . . . → Read More: Busting Holiday Stress With Panties


Driving Panty Naughtiness


Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Extra Naughty

You need something new and extra naughty to perk you up.  I can tell.  Well, I have just the thing.  It is a little panty boy, cock teasing driving adventure for you.  It will require a pair of panties (that’s easy!) and a vehicle.

Check the . . . → Read More: Driving Panty Naughtiness