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Pass the Penis Panty Game

pass the penis panty game

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It’s a Fun Game

You may have had a Pass the Penis game here, where you set up six Mistresses and are passed from one to another every 10 minutes.  We drive you nuts with teasing, stroking, sexy talk until you either explode at the end…or you are denied.  You set the terms with dispatch when you set up your session.

I had an idea for making this even more fun for my panty boys.  All you need is a pair of panties to participate.  I suggest you wear rather tight, satiny panties for maximum excitement.  We are going to play the Pass the Penis PANTY game!

The Game Begins

You are sent to the first Mistress, already wearing your sexy panties.  She is going to have you touch and tease your cock through the satiny fabric and listen to you moan and make other sexy little noises.  That is how she knows that you are having a good time.  *wink*

Ten minutes goes fast!  Before you know it, you are being passed to the second Mistress.  She has been made aware that you are not to cum until the last 10 minutes of your session.   She is going to make the most of that.  Teasing you on and on…knowing you will be left wanting.

Onward and Upward

Now you are with Mistress number 3.  She is laughing at your breathless excitement and asks what the previous Mistresses have done with you.  Based on that, she jumps right in, continuing the guided masturbation fun.

On to Mistress number 4.  You are panting, your panties have a big wet spot and you are having a grand time.  Go panty boy!

pass the penis panty game 800-601-6975

Things Get Hotter

If you divulge to the dispatcher that you are also into cum eating, Mistress number 5 may instruct you to slip off those panties and suck the pre cum out of the wet spot.  A little snack to revitalize you.

Finally you are with the last Mistress.  You are so excited, you are not sure you can make it through the next 10 minutes.  No worries.  You saved your favorite Mistress for last.  She either knows just how to handle you, or she is so experienced that she will make sure you stay excited and that you do not release until the last couple of minutes.  Ah!!!!  Just when you thought you would go mad!

Give this a little thought.  Get yourself a pair of tight satiny panties, and set up your Pass the Penis Panty call.  I can hardly wait to have you all to myself!

Miss Violet


Birthday Panties for Men

birthday panties for men with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Just today, I wondered if you ever received a pair of panties for your birthday?  If not, did you ever buy yourself a pair of panties for your birthday?  Birthday panties for men seem like the perfect gift when your man is a panty boy.

For a panty boy, it seems to be a can’t miss gift.  I have done online shopping and found some I consider panty boy birthday worthy.  Let me know what you think about these?

Panties For You

These panties were chosen for their visual appeal and for having extra fabric in the front, giving good coverage to your cock and balls.  That way you can truly wear them and enjoy stroking every bit of your bits through the fabric.

These will contain your dangly bits, feel great wearing them, even all day at work, and look so sexy!  While I am not generally a big fan of boy shorts, the PB1white stretch lace ones are sweetly sexy.  You have to admit!  Broaden your horizons a bit.  Try new styles and fabrics.  Mmmm, men in panties excites me!

My Birthday Panties

My birthday is coming up on the 28th.  A Mistress can never have too many panties.  While I have a decent collection, it is nothing compared to a few panty boys reading this now who have at least 300 pairs of panties each!  Impressive!  PB5

You have no idea what kind to send me?  Get me a gift certificate.  Most of the ones on my Wish List for clothing also have lingerie.  I LOVE shopping for panties, so that will be even more fun for me.

Your FaPB3vorite Panties

What are your favorite panties?  Leave a comment on this post describing your favorite pair of panties.  Why are they your favorite?  Is it the style, the feel, the color?  Is it how they I love hearing about your preferences for birthday panties for men!

Tell me everything.  Your  secret panty fetish is safe with me.  *wink*  And know that I am a constant source for spicing up masturbation.



The Sexiest Panties Ever

Call Miss Violet for panty boy phone sex 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

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I am So Curious

Today I am wearing the sexiest pair of panties ever.  Well, they are, in my opinion.  That got me thinking about what you feel are the sexiest panties ever.  Are they a pair you own?  Maybe a pair you saw a lover wear?  Or even a pair you saw in a magazine.

This is such a subjective thing.  One person’s sexiest ever is another person’s ho-hum.  I took a photo of my panties and posted them in the photo to the left.  Now you know my vision of panty perfection.


I forgot to mention that my luscious bottom was still in them.  *wink*  I just love the look and feel of these pretty pink panties.  After all, I am an erotic Femdom.

But I am very curious to find out what you consider to be the sexiest panties ever.  I am inviting you to send me photos of your panties (without you in them, darn it), to my email:  I will post them on my Panty Boy Club page.  Let’s get a gallery of ultra sexy panties posted there.  A little sensual teasing is a good thing.  A LOT of sensual teasing is heaven!

But Why Are They Sexy?

I feel mine are the sexiest because the design hugs my bottom, with the keyhole opening and just a slender ribbon with Swarovski crystals to cover my crack.  And then only a satiny pink ribbon keeping them on.  Plus they are very silky and feel marvelous against my skin.  Just looking at me in those panties may push you to try adding some ass worship to your next session.

Tell me why your sexiest panties are so sexy.  Is it the way they look?  Or is it more about the way they feel?  Did something sexy happen to you while you were wearing them?  You know how an item can easily be associated with an exciting event.

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Wearing My Sexy Panties

Panty boy phone sex with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

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Admit It

A panty boy like you has entertained the thought of slipping into a pair of my sexy panties.  Pulling them up your legs, and over your ass.  Knowing that those panties were last on my body.  Don’t both denying it.  I know the mind of a panty boy.

It is fine.  This is a fantasy I have thought about myself and know would be an amazing center point to our next session together.  Just as there are many fun things you can do with a pair of panties, there are even more things to be done with the two of us and a pair of my panties.  *wink*

It’s Your Session

When you call, tell me about the panties you want me to slip off and put on you.  Are they satin full briefs, or a lacy bikini, or maybe a pretty cotton thong.  As you know, there are many styles, colors, and fabrics of panties.  Since this is your fantasy, we can play with the pair of your dreams.

Don’t be shy.  Your session will be much more satisfying if you are sharing your desires with your phone sex Mistress.  Once I know them, our role play really comes to life.  You will feel the cool fabric of my panties sliding up your legs.  You will swear the lacy edges are tickling your legs.

Now the Real Fun Begins

Once I have you in my panties, I will stroke your cock through the fabric of the panties.  Then I will watch as the head of your cock pops out of the top of the panties, too hard to be contained.  Unless you have a tiny cock.  Then it may stay well within the confines of my panties.  *smile*

I will have you grab that cock through the panties, stroking up and down.  The enticing texture of the panties tantalizing your cock and balls.  While your eyes are closed in building ecstasy, I slip my hand down inside those pretty panties and play with your cock…flesh on flesh.  Men in panties is a major turn on!  Leave it to your Masturbatrix to stroke your cock in ways you never dreamed of.

Get Ready to Play

All this takes is your imagination, you and me.  Let’s explore the joys of you in my sexy panties!

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Panty Duo Humping Fun

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Miss Violet

A New Way to Enjoy Wearing Panties

You love wearing panties and enjoy the pure pleasure of being a panty boy.  I get that.  Sometimes you long to explore this wonderful fetish a little further.  I find that a little creativity can bring a lot of pleasure.

By now, you have a nice little collection of panties.  Something tells me that you will have what you need on hand for this new idea.

What You Will Need

This one is so simple.  All you need is two pairs of panties.  One needs to be stretch lace in a full cut or bikini style.  The other pair needs to be satin or at least satiny.

Find a pillow and put the stretch lace panties on the pillow.  The pillow needs to be firmly inside the panties, as shown in the pic above.  Put the satin panties on.  You will be wearing them for the duration, my panty-wearing submissive.

Time to Face the Music

Put on some music that has a good, steady beat to it.  It is is a bit sexy, so much the better.  Sit in a chair, or lie down on your back.  Put your lacy panty covered pillow over your satin panty covered cock.

Following the beat of the music, begin to hump your satin clad cock into the lacy pillow.  The combination of these two sensuous fabrics will likely be very intense for you.  Do not be surprised if you get on the edge quickly.

Your Mistress is a Voyeur

Of course I would love to watch you do this panty boy humping for me.  I would find that riveting, exciting, and completely fun.  If you simply cannot bring yourself to give your voyeuristic sensual Mistress a cam show, at least let me hear you in action.

Have you tried this before?  Did your cock like it?

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Wearing Scanty Panties

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Listen to this sexy posting below

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Watching You in Panties

Miss Violet Loves to Watch Panty Boys 800-601-6975

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

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Getting Caught in My Panties

Panty Boy Roleplay with Miss Violet 800-601-6975


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