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Panty Boys Are Everywhere!

There are SO many panty boys!  I believe it is one of the best kept secrets in the sexual world.  This is something I began paying close attention to about a month ago.  Everywhere I go, I look for signs…clues…and wow!  I found them…a lot of them.  I was in a major, upscale department store last month, in the lingerie section.  I noted a few middle aged men shopping alone.   I made me way close to them and watched what they did.  With my own eyes, I saw them holding things up against themselves for size.  Then they would glance up and around to see if anyone saw them.  One caught me looking but I managed to act uninterested and he seemed satisfied that I did not catch his intent.  It was cross dresser day in lingerie!  One guy asked the salesgirl if she had any stretch lace boy shorts in his size!  I heard it myself!  If only he knew how aroused I was at his admission that they were for him.  I was thinking…this guy knows what he wants.  How sexy is that?!  I decided to give one of the guys a thrill.  Sort of a Ms Violet panty adventure for free!  I made my way next to him, waited till he noticed me, smiled at him and he smiled back.  Then I said, “Those panties are for you, aren’t they?”  My tone was teasing, playful…completely non-threatening.  He was so surprised, he was speechless.  Poor guy.  That seems to happen a lot around me.  *laughing*  Finally he wordlessly nodded.  I told him that I adore panty boys and offered to help him shop.  He was so grateful and so stunned.  We spent the next hour discussing the merits of a variety of panty styles, holding some against him, me advising him regarding fit and comfort.  And now he hangs out here on this blog a lot!  So don’t be surprised if I find you out shopping, let you know I’m onto you and take you on a little impromptu adventure of your own!

Empress Violet


I love panty boys!

2 comments to Panty Boys Are Everywhere!

  • Carrie

    Ms Violet, I would so like to run into you when I’m panty shopping! Being confronted about buying panties for myself would lead to such erotic experiences afterwards for both of us I’m sure!

    • It would be fun Carrie! When I am out shopping, I look for men and cross-dressers in the store. I pretend to be looking at items, but I follow them…watching to see what the panty boy picks up, and perhaps tries on. *smile* When I know for sure, I will compliment them on either their fine taste in lingerie/clothing, or I will compliment something feminine they are wearing. Generally they light up like the sun!

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