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Santa Baby

Oh my gosh!  I am going to have a helluva lot fun this month.  It’s the biggest shopping month of the year and Ms Violet loves to shop!  You know I’m out there, surfing the web for all kinds of fabulous panty gifts for my panty boys.  Or for my panty boys’ ladies.  *wink*  . . . → Read More: Santa Baby

Panties for Christmas

You know how I love to find fun shopping experiences for you.  Since Christmas is rapidly approaching, I threw my search into high gear and came up with something I think you’ll love!

Just try and tell me that this isn’t the perfect gift for you panty boys!  The Christmas “Panty of the Month . . . → Read More: Panties for Christmas

Finally...Panties Made For Men!

Hallelujah panty boys!  There is now an online shop that offers panties made for men.  Which means not only do you have a great selection of styles, colors and fabrics…but there are sizes that fit from a 30″ to a 42″ waist.  Some styles come in a larger size that fits a 46″ waist.  . . . → Read More: Finally…Panties Made For Men!

Vampire Panties

This is no joke.  I found a site that carries Vampire panties.  They also have vampire stockings, shoes, dress and bijou bag.  You may not have noticed, but right now vampires are sizzling hot!  I’m sure you have heard of some of the vampire tv shows that are current favorites.  There is TruBlood, and . . . → Read More: Vampire Panties

Foreign Panty Boys in Vegas

On Sunday afternoon, Ms Simone and I were on a romantic gondola ride with two very handsome gentlemen.  There we were on the “canals of Venice”, being serenaded by a most charming gondolier.  Just enjoying life to the fullest.  Another gondola passed ours and as they pass us I saw that the gondolier was . . . → Read More: Foreign Panty Boys in Vegas

Panty Boys in Vegas

You boys know that the Mistresses of LDW were just in Vegas for some fun times.  Something interesting happened to me my first afternoon there.  I was in the casino of our hotel, playing some roulette, and this really good looking man sat next to me.  He had steely dark hair with gray temples . . . → Read More: Panty Boys in Vegas

See My Panties

As of today, there is an entire GALLERY of pics of me on the Cock Control site.  Why am I mentioning this on the Panty Boy blog?  Well…because many of you ask about my panties.  And all of you like to look at naughty pics of me.  *wink*   Here is the link directly to . . . → Read More: See My Panties

Glow in the Dark Panties

Have you ever wanted to see glow in the dark neon panties glowing in a club? No, I haven’t even thought about it either. However, GloThong is set to change that. They are the makers of the undergarment that once charged via and A/C adapter, will glow all night long while you shimmy on . . . → Read More: Glow in the Dark Panties

Panty Boys are Sexy

It’s not just my opinion.  All of the Mistresses feel that manly men who wear panties are sizzling hot.  I have been taking an informal survey of all of the LDW Mistresses and every single one of them agrees with me.  There is something very alluring about a man stripping off his very masculine . . . → Read More: Panty Boys are Sexy