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Panties for Christmas

You know how I love to find fun shopping experiences for you.  Since Christmas is rapidly approaching, I threw my search into high gear and came up with something I think you’ll love!

Just try and tell me that this isn’t the perfect gift for you panty boys!  The Christmas “Panty of the Month Club”.  For just $19.99 a month, you get a different pair of beautiful, feminine panties mailed to you each and every month of the year.  You can choose to buy as few or as many months as you wish.  It is NOT an auto-renewing subscription.  You only receive the exact number of months to which you subscribe.  Fair enough!

Imagine having these shipped to your P.O. Box.  Private, discreet.  You won’t know precisely which pair will be inside.  But you will know that they will be lovely and feel oh-so-good against your skin.  A constant tease.   You open the shipment and find a delicately wrapped pair of very special panties and a pillow mint.  How cute is that!  And I can’t wait to see you wearing them when you call me for a web cam kinky phone sex session.

The variety of panties is amazing. Thongs, lace cheeky panties, bikinis, prints, solid colors, lace trim, string bikini, silk, satin, side tie, bows, ruffles, frills and side slits!  Every month a different, exciting pair of panties delivered directly to you.  Oh my!  They come in sizes ranging from Small to 3X.  Now that is a great range!  Something for all of my panty boys out there!

My suggestion is that you buy this as a gift for yourself.  That way you know you get exactly what you really want for Christmas.  *wink*  And the lady in your life would enjoy this as well.  Check out the site at:

Now you can Crossdress for Christmas!

Empress Violet


Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum.  Billed to your credit card.

To learn more about Ms Violet…Click here!

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