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Vampire Panties

This is no joke.  I found a site that carries Vampire panties.  They also have vampire stockings, shoes, dress and bijou bag.  You may not have noticed, but right now vampires are sizzling hot!  I’m sure you have heard of some of the vampire tv shows that are current favorites.  There is TruBlood, and The Vampire Diaries.  And then we have all the great vampire movies that have come out recently.  Twilight, and The Vampire’s Assistant.  It seems that if it “wants to suck your blood”, it is IN.

I just have to tell you more about these vampire panties.  You may not be aware that vampires are sensual creatures.  They enjoy the many pleasures of a beautiful woman.  Sound familiar?  The company is called Party Britain.  This line of Vampire erotic wear is absolutely beautiful.  Here is a pic of the panties and stockings.


These sumptuous red velour Bijou Boutique gothic boy leg panties are gorgeous.   They are detailed on both hips with a corset style tie lace trim and red jewel set on a black satin bow.  They come in small, medium and large.  The Bijou Boutique black fishnet thigh high stockings are detailed with crystals and garter.  One size fits most (which in your case boys…is more like one size fits a some).

They also have a sweet black velour Bijou Boutique Vampire Handbag which you may be interested in for special occasions.  This pouch style bag has a silver rope drawstring tie and tassel. The front of the bag is detailed with a silver cross and a red bow.  There is more to see.  Check out the site at this URL:

Even if you are not particularly into vampires and don’t appreciate the eroticism inherent in them…there is a very good chance the lady in your life gets it.  Perhaps you should get a pair of these for her and one for yourself.  Explore your dark, sensual side.

Empress Violet…Panty boy lover Extraordinaire!


Calls are $2.50 per minute, 10 minute minimum.  Calls billed to your credit card.

To learn more about Ms Violet…Click here!

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