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A Panty Boy is Born

The Early Years:

Mistress Violet Loves Panty Boys 800-601-6975He may have had a sister.  Perhaps he borrowed her panties and tried them on due to a young boy’s curious nature.  Or he saw his mother’s panties and tried them on.  Either way, he tried on panties and discovered that he loved the feel.  The other typical intro to panty wearing is having a girlfriend during college years who was into it.  She sweet talked him into wearing panties…maybe even other female garments.  He was leery, but enjoyed his time with her and learned to connect panty wearing to eroticism.  A brand new panty boy is born!

He Learns & Expands:

He has moved away from his sister/mother and no longer has her panties to borrow.  Maybe he is in college now.  Or he has graduated, broken up with that old girlfriend and moved on.  At this point, he thinks back to the satisfaction he got from wearing panties…being crossdressed.  So he does one of two things:  he gets his own panties and begins to wear them more and more often.  They become closely entwined with his thoughts and desires around what is erotic.  OR…he tries pushing his love of panty wearing deep down and ignoring it.  It doesn’t work and keeps popping up to say “Hello…remember me?”  off and on for years.  Sometimes MANY years.  But at some point, our blossoming panty boy reaches the next phase.

Acceptance of Desires:

For every man has his breaking point and at some point…he reaches his.  He says to himself, “I love wearing panties.  I need to wear them.  By God…I’m going to wear panties!”  And he gets some panties of his own, expands his existing collection to new styles/fabrics/colors, or even finds himself the Holy Grail of panty boys…THE WOMAN WHO LOVES PANTY BOYS.   Finally…wearing panties becomes part of his daily life.  He has embraced himself, his desires and becomes a more authentic person.   And when he can’t find that woman, he calls me for some world class Fem Domme phone sex!

Whatever stage you are in…I’m delighted to have you here!  Leave me a comment…tell me about your start, where you are now.

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11 comments to A Panty Boy is Born

  • jim

    For me – the youngest child with two older sisters and a Mom at home. No one gave it much mind to leave panties or bras hanging around with little thought as to how that might effect a young boy. One day I simply walked by (or tried to) walk by a nylon pair Mom had left on her bed. They literally pulled me to them. It was so powerful. Not to long later, maybe even that day I ventured to her “magic drawer”. A long feminine smelling drawer of all the magic I could imagine. I would drop to my knees and ever so slowly open it. It was a devout act of worship. One wonderful piece at a time I would examine them ever so slowly. It was heaven on earth. A special place. It played into my submissiveness I think.

    • Violet

      jim, you tell this tale from your past with such reverence. I wonder if you have your own “magic drawer” now. Do you?

      • Jim

        I have one item right now. There have been times when I have had two. It is not like that drawer. It was large and mesmerizing. I can still remember details of it. There was so much in there.

        • Violet

          Like a lingerie feast for the eyes, Jim?

          • Jim

            In honesty…it was like I would be “lost” enveloped in a wonder world beyond my own.
            Everything was beyond mesmerizing. There was also a little bit of oh my gosh – I cannot believe she has something like “this” or something like “that” etc. It does all make you feel like a very little boy.

          • Violet

            Great description, Jim. I can imagine that scenario. And Jim…you are a naughty boy. I can tell already. *wink*

  • Carrie

    You got me, that’s my story to! I buried it a few times, but like you said it comes back and then the desire is stronger than ever! I came to the conclusion it’s better to feed it, than stare it!

    As far as where am I now! Well, go to the spa, get manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, and my body waxed! My eye brows waxed! I’ve had pulsed light treatments and laser hair remove to remove my pubes! Panties feel so much better with out stubble or hair down there! I go to the tanning salon and have a nice thong tan line on my butt! Undeniable! I’ve had acrylic nails twice! My current plans are to have gel nails, laser hair remove to my chest and tummy, a belly button piercing, and possibly a prince albert! Oh yah, and if I find a real brave moment, I’m going to get my ears pierced too! And maybe some more sissy photos by a professional photographer! And best of all I wear womens clothing to all these things now!

    • Carrie…you have mastered Panty Boy and zoomed far ahead to full fledged sissy. Wow! I love that you treat yourself to so many fabulous, pampering experiences. A Prince Albert! My favorite male piercing. *grin*

  • susan9316

    i love your comment that every (panty boy) man has his breaking point when he declares “I love Panties and I will wear panties”. Regardless of how he got there it is a special moment to know that it is true. It will not go away, nor should it. Wearing panties is one of life’s joys. Knowing that it is one of life’s joys is even better, for that opens the door to so much more. Say it loud and say it proud – i love panties.

    • Hello susan! That moment is special, because that is when a guy realizes that wearing panties does not just feel good…he NEEDS to wear them. It fulfills a need for him that goes beyond the tactile pleasure. Yes susan! Say it loud and proud…you love panties!!!

  • Michael

    Great blog !! I got started in a similar fashion. A year or so ago My previous girlfriend left for a job all the acrosss the country. We had a great night of sex, and the panties she was wearing our last night together she left for me as a gift..At first I was going to put them in a drawer, but I started to smell them, then all of sudden I thought of trying them on…Boy did I get aroused…I have numerous times since, tried very hard to supress, sometimes I was able, not others.. : )
    Michael (Michael in thong wall of fame)

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