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The Big Question

Have I worn boxers or tidy-whiteys? Ask me!

Is it OK for a guy to wear women’s panties?

I ask you…is it okay for a girl to wear men’s pants instead of female slacks?  The idea that only men can wear certain items and only women can wear other items is at the heart of how we judge our sexual selves.  So panty boys…stop judging yourselves!

The Journey is Fun

Instead, explore your authentic sexuality.  Enjoy yourself as much as you can along the way.  Just like the rest of the journey of life.  Wear any sissy lingerie item you wish and feel sensuous…sexy.  You are not hurting anyone and you are having a good time!

How to Involve Your Partner

If you do not experience sexual pleasure unless you are dressed up like a woman, then you are putting a sexual limitation on yourself.  Meaning you are unable to enjoy other sexual activities.  Your partner may feel threatened or even frightened by this.  VERY IMPORTANT:  Your sexual partner needs to be on your arousal list so you can be sexy with them no matter what you are, or are not, wearing.  You want to be a good lover to yourself and your partner.

Accept Yourself

So you enjoy wearing panties.  It’s not like you are a closet criminal.  It is a fetish…a desire…something that gives you pleasure.  We all have something like that.  Some of us have quite a few!  Just keep things in perspective when you get girlie, and make wearing panties part of your sexual life…and not the center of it.  Happy panty wearing!

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11 comments to The Big Question

  • susan9316

    i have to agree – this is a very sexy picture – though everything about you is sexy

  • Rob4001

    Mistress…besides the content of this post, I also wantd to mention this Pic of you is one of the hottest ever.

  • susan9316

    For me, i love to wear panties and other girlie things. A few years ago i went and bought my first pair of panties at Victoria’s Secret. Of course, at that time i did not tell the sales assistant they were for me (That would come later on). i had read lots of stories about cross dressing – when suddenly the man is wearing panties or lingerie and his wife or girlfriend enjoys it and begins to feminize him. i love those stories and would want to star in one. Still, i did not understand how much i wanted that. Finally i took that trip to Victoria’s Secret, not realizing that it was to be a transformational moment, and bought a pair sexy lace edged panties of my own. As i left the store i knew that i couldn’t wait to put them on so i found a quiet place and pulled to the side of the road. Enjoying the moment, i slowly slid them and as they encased what i now know is my sissy stick for the first time it was all i could do to not soil them right then and there. It felt so gooood. i was hooked and discovered i had found a place i had always wanted to be. Yes, i love panties and this was the true beginning of my journey. It has been a period of gradual realization and discovery of my true desire to journey into feminization and submitting to a caring Mistress. i don’t know what it all means or where it will lead but i am so grateful that Mistress Violet has accepted me into training, into this path of self improvement. Plus it is luscious. In one fantasy whenever i do something that might earn a reward, Mistress gives me a pair of panties and throws away a pair of my male underwear. Eventually that is all i have. After panties, who knows what is next.

    • susan, many thanks for sharing your introduction to panty wearing for us. It sounds like you slid right into being a panty boy quite naturally. I so enjoy hearing that your first shopping trip was a positive experience, and resulted in you having some panties of your own to wear. Very true. Who does know what is next? Panty boys can branch out into all sorts of fetish directions. *smile*

  • rob4001

    i could see them having a submissive effect on a guy. As for the chair, can’t wait….

  • rob4001

    An excellent post…switching clothes can be fun. Why enforce arbitrary limits. Almost nothing sexier than a woman wearing her guy’s dress shirt…and nothing else. So if the guy likes to wear panties occasionally, or the gal likes to wear boxers, no worries, right?

    As for me, i think your pic shows the perfect outfit. Only a thong. Can i be the chair?

    • Precisely rob! Sometimes people get locked into what they feel “should” be. Who should wear what is one of those areas. I have playfully switched underwear with a lover before. I was laughing and so was he…at first. Once he had my panties on, I saw a subtle change in his demeanor. Which is how I learned, firsthand, the submissive effect wearing panties has on men…as a rule. Oh yes rob, you CAN be my chair. In our next session. *smile*

  • little luke

    Great answer to a big question! i think i will go put a pair on right now! You rock!

    • Thank you little luke. I try to rock. I really do. *smile* What I hope you, and my other readers, see clearly…is that I do understand the urge to crossdress and I like it!!!

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