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Sissy Panties Smorgasbord


He was hired to paint a custom wall in my bedroom.  A simple job.  Just one day to prime it, paint it, do his thing and then out.  But things took a major left turn when he left to eat lunch.  He had warned me not to go in my room until he was done.  Said there were “hazards” and he did not want to take a chance on me “getting hurt”.  Yeah right.  That waved a red flag for me and I decided to go check his progress.

What I Found

The first thing I noticed was that my panty drawer was open a bit.  I know for certain that it was closed when he arrived.  Hmmm.  I opened it and found that the neat stacks of panties had been rooted through and left in a jumbled pile.  What is this??  I lift up one pair and saw the tale-tale traces of semen on them.  At first I was shocked.  Violated!  But then I realized that I was in the perfect position to take advantage of my panty boy handyman.  He was not exactly caught crossdressed, but he was busted.

After Lunch

He returned and I asked him how the job was going.  “Oh great.  Should be done by 5.”  Wonderful news!  I left him to “paint” for an hour or so.  When I entered the room he was focused on the upper section of the wall.  I went about my business and cleared my throat.  He started and turned around.  His eyes went from me to the bed.  With good reason, for I had removed every pair of panties from my drawer and arranged them on my bedspread.   It was a veritable smorgasbord of panties!  He was about to find out what female domination is all about.

Payback Time

Right in the middle of the display was a cute hot pink and white thong with “Victoria’s Secret” printed on the waistband.  He wanted to know what this was all about.  I smiled and told him that I did not appreciate him going through my panties….or cumming into my panties.  But what I do appreciate is a panty boy.  “What is that?”, he wanted to know.  So I showed him.  He was out of his pants and tidy whities and into that hot pink polka dotted thong in less than 2 minutes.  He had about 2 hours of work left to do.  In the thong.  I sat on the end of my bed, sipping a Diet Lime Coke, long legs crossed, watching my new panty boy do his thing.

Oh!  You want to know how it ended.  For that you will need to call me.  But why listen to someone’s else’s fantasy when you can have your own panty boy fantasy with this enchanting phone sex Mistress.  Just give me the highlights of your needs…I will run with it.  For I do know how to make role play phone sex into an intense experience that will keep you up nights reliving our time together.

Panty Boy Lover, Ms Violet

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24 comments to Sissy Panties Smorgasbord

  • larry

    i steal julies panties and bras and her teddy ohhhh julie i love to shoot my cum into your panties ohhhh julie i love shooting my sperm into your pantie i steal them shoot my load in yhem then fold them like you doand put them back in your clean pantie drawer to wear ohhhhh julie i love shooting my sperm in your panties and bras ohhh julie i love you!!!!!!!!!

  • Katie Cox

    Miss Violet,

    Oh I how I love the story!!!!! This really got me thinking about myself and what makes me feel girly. I love this tale of getting caught and having to wear panties because making me do something is slightly feminine. Think about it, as a guy, you take on the leadership role and can boss people around. Yet, as a woman, you have to be demur and follow instructions. Every time I think about being a woman and wearing panties and clothes and oh so much, I digress, I think about being the subservient housewife that wears pretty pretty things and follows what was laid out for her, like cooking, cleaning and the like. Thats one reason why I love being a girl and really like these types of stories, telling me what to do, no matter what it may be.


    • I want to clarify one issue right up front Katie. Being a female does not mean being submissive or demure. I have never been either of those things, and have been in leadership roles in all facets of my life since grade school. However…when you are a guy exploring your feminine side, you might need to exaggerate the old-fashioned, stereotypical personality traits of a female to get to that girly girl feeling you need. And you definitely have a submissive side that needs to have its time in the light. I know that much about you. *smile* I will share more stories about coercing men into wearing panties. Lord knows I have plenty of them in my past! *wink*

  • Sweet Mistress Violet,
    Yes if only it were possible. It is such tease and denial— living in the same state, knowing you are so close yet so far away and untouchable. I do want to wear your panties so badly. It would be an honor to wear your panties with a nice warm wet spot in the crotch. I would have to lick them out before I put them on… ooooohhhh what a tasty treat that would be. xoxoxo

  • Davina

    This is a great page, and I love all the stories. I love how you snagged that painter. Kind of envious of him actually. I don’t know if I could work up the nerve to go into the panty drawer of a girl I didn’t even know. But I am guilty of being bad when it comes to friends and relatives. Although, I try not to leave any messes behind, I have a feeling some of them knew something was “up” 😉

    It’s hard not to be bad sometimes. But I’m sure you know all about that. Thanks for the wonderful page.

  • Sex Mistress Violet,
    You know I am available to paint your guest room anytime you want, or maybe you need to have a new faucet in your bathroom. I would jump at the chance to come work for you—of course free of charge, as long as I could play in your panties and wear only your panties while working. If only it was possible to do such wonderful things for you sweet Mistress.
    xoxoxoxo Tabitha

    • You are one of the lucky panty boys who actually lives in the same state as I do! *smile* If only that were possible. But it sure does give me ideas for some very hot panty boy fantasies. Thanks Tabitha! *smile*

  • peterteasetoy

    *squirm* Oh no, I would never try to cover for that painter, Miss Violet! *squirm*

    As for myself, although your panties maybe tempting, I didn’t have any opportunity to do anything with them as *looks up the list* Princess Heather was here first.

    But, erm, if you need to ask her about it, just tell me and I’ll find her for you, Miss Violet! *squirm* Yes, that would be best ….

  • Hi sexy Mistress Violet, You are so right with the panty boy painter. He should have been made to wear the panties that he had cum in. And as for the matter of ruining your sexy panties he should have to go by some of his own and tell the salesgirls they are for himself. Along with bying more panties to replace your used ones. I do feel sorry for the poor panty boy though because if I were in his place I know that I would have a very hard time trying to keep from touching your beautiful sexy panties. I have been known to try on panties that belonged to former girl friends and my ex-wife. wink What’s a panty fetishist to do when confronted with sexy panties belonging to such a beautiful sexy woman.
    Hugs and Kisses Tabitha

    • Tabitha…you have the largest collection of panties in North America. Hands down. But apparently there is no such thing as enough when it comes to pretty panties. *smile* Hey Tabitha…I need my guest room painted. tee hee

  • peterteasetoy

    Ah! So this is where all those panties of yours got to, Miss Violet! *squirm*

    And I haven’t touch any of them! I wasn’t even first here, just ask Princess Heather!

    *Princess Heather? Oh no! …. goes to try to bribe Princess Heather!*

    • Don’t even try to cover up for that panty thieving painter I had painting my bedroom last summer. You, not touching my panties? I find that extremely difficult to believe tease toy. And what in the world does Princess Heather have to do with this? Hmmm

  • Cindy

    Ohhh, how wonderful. I would love to go through your panty drawer and get caught. Do you have any more painting that needs to be done?

    • Hello Cindy! So happy to have you drop by! Oh yes…I definitely do need a bit of painting done. But this time it is my walk-in closet. Would you be interested in painting it a very warm soft shade of pink for me Cindy? I must warn you that much of my best lingerie is stored in there.

  • WearingMommiesPanties

    Every-time I cum in someone’s Victoria’s secret panties I am giving her the opportunity to own me. The painter in the story wanted you to catch him. Thank god for girls that understand how to use our panty addiction to make us their little sluts.
    I dont know what girls expect when they leave me alone with their victorias secret panties. I just wish they did to me what Empress Violet does to panty boys she catches wearing her victorias secret panties.

    • Do you really think so WearingMommiesPanties? He did seem to make it impossible for me to miss the fact that he had been playing in my panty drawer. That is true. Oh…there are plenty of panty boy lovers out there. Not just here on LDW/Enchantrix, but secreted through the general population. Want to know how I know? Ask me.

  • I get the impression that he wasn’t terribly upset by having to wear those pretty pink polka dotted thong at all! As a matter of fact, if he was able to complete the job, I’d guess he was pretty darn comfortable in those panties!

  • Well who would be able to resist a smorgasbord of panties like that! Woohoo that looks like FUN!! 😀

    Princess Heather xox

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