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Layering Panties…Stroking Heaven__

The More, The Merrier!

It Pays to Peruse

Today I was taking a look at one of our free audio sites, and came across a fabulous suggestion by a guy called R____Rod.  His idea was exciting to me because it was a whole new twist on panty stroking fun.  I am well aware . . . → Read More: Layering Panties…Stroking Heaven__

Adding Texture…Adding Pleasure

So Many Lovely Textures to Explore Making Stroking More Fun

You already know that panties do it for you.  The thought of them, the sight, the feel, scent, taste.  Well…I have a way for you to make your panty boy stroking time SO much more exciting!  And the thought of men in panties . . . → Read More: Adding Texture…Adding Pleasure

How To Know You Are a Hamperskunk

At least you left me this pair!

The Definition

A hamperskunk is a panty boy who is so completely undone by his fetish that he finds himself drawn to hampers.  Foraging through them like crazed raccoons in trash.  Tossing dirty clothing here and there in search of the Holy Grail…a panty of pretty, . . . → Read More: How To Know You Are a Hamperskunk