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Painting the Town and your Toenails

You Know When it’s Time

How long have you been fantasizing about getting a pedicure?  A year?  Two?  More?  When the time is right, you will know it.  You will no longer be able to prevent yourself from walking into that nail salon you have been stalking, setting up an appointment for yourself and getting the ball rolling.

So Confused

Are you wondering what painted toenails has to do with being a panty boy?  *smile*  That’s okay.  I can understand how you may not see the connection at first.  But it really has to do with that same glorious, sexy feeling of having something feminine touching you, without anyone else knowing you are doing it.  You know that panty boys really do please your femdom Mistress.

Some of you have been wearing panties for years.  And some of you are longing…ready!…for something more.  Well, this is the time of year you can get away with a pedicure and toenail polish and keep it a secret.

Make Yours a Combo

I suggest you set an appointment for your pedicure and wear your favorite panties there!  That way you have the familiar caress of lovely fabric around your package as you experience what women have long known as one of the ultimate pleasures in life. You know that I am a sensual Mistress.  I have to categorize a pedicure as intensely sensual.

Swirling hot, fragrant water…an invigorating sugar scrub…moisturizing lotion massaged into your oh-so-needy feet and calve muscles.  Then the trimming, filing, and finally…the polish.  You choose the color.  If  you are nervous about having color on your toenails, consider a clear topcoat, having them buffed, or just leave them nude.  You will still have enjoyed the other benefits of a pedicure!

Taking it a Little Further

I am going to make this a bit easier on you by issuing a challenge.  Yes, your Mistress DARES you to get a pedicure.  Just one.  So you can have that experience and say that you did it.  I know your male ego is likely to respond to that.

If you hate it, I won’t ask you to do it again.  But if you love it, then you have something else to look forward to now and then.  *smile*  One more thing…there are a good number of men getting pedicures at salons.  If you are worried about being the only man, set your appointment later so you are the last appointment of the day.  But mostly the ladies will be delighted to have a man there.

Think About This

Are you a leg man?  Or do you have a foot fetish?  Go during the height of the day.  That way there will be lots of beautiful female legs and feet to look at while you enjoy your pedicure.  It can be a voyeuristic paradise!

Have fun!  And let me know about your experiences getting a pedicure.  I encourage you telling your panty boy stories about pedicures here.

Ms Violet 800-601-6975

21 comments to Painting the Town and your Toenails

  • Carrie

    Empress Violet, Your so bad! Encouraging panty boys and sissies to get their first pedicure! I love it! Personally, I think if their considering a pedicure, they probably could be talked into wearing women’s jeans and flip flops to the nail salon also! But, getting them there is probably more important than what they wear!

    You didn’t tell them about the wonderful chairs, that massage the back, while the girls are working on their feet! Once I went to a place where the bottom of the chair pushed up in the center, it was very erotic! I would also caution every guy going for a pedicure, if you don’t want a big wet spot, in the front of your pants, to tuck it back! I always get excited and leak like crazy! And since I wear womens slacks it really shows! Especially when wearing white!

    Simply put, polish is a must! It lets the woman who is doing the pedicure, know without a doubt, that you have a feminine side! She then will know with out a doubt that you wear panties and want to look pretty! Personally, I like the nail tech to pick the color and design of the art! I just let her know it’s got to be something girly!

    I think the most memorable part, of a pedicure, is how awesome and special the nail tech is going to make you feel! They are so easy to talk to and accept you for what you are! Therefore, you need not wory and can relax and enjoy! You may get some judgemental stares from other clients but mostly I see inquisitive, interesting smiles from the other clients! And all the techs are going to ask if your going to do it again! And of course your answer should be: YES!

    My first maincure and pedicure was at a salon in the mall! While the pedicure was done in back the maincure was done at the front of the store! So if you don’t want to be the attention of all the young bratty girls laughing and giggling at you, you might want to go to a salon in a small strip mall! If your like me, you’ll go to the mall for your first time! Because, you and I both like the thought, that somewhere there is a group of hot girls still laughing and giggling about the guy getting his nails painted red at the mall that day! And that guy was me!

    • Carrie, after you went into detail about the delights of the pedicure chair, and the massage…I have a feeling a lot more panty boys will finally make the appointment for their first pedicure. Great suggestion about tucking. If you don’t know what tucking is, go to my blog and find the posting on Tucking. I talk about a LOT of different methods. Some of you panty boys out there would LOVE to be laughed at by young bratty girls while you et your toenails painted. I know you! *laughing*

  • Mistress lately I have gone all the way . panties , thigh high stockings bras and buttplugs . what are you doing to me???? Oh goooood. I adore this my breasts seem plumper my booty opens easier each fuck…..ahh. need a big cock now!

  • susan9316

    Dear Mistress

    Today was the day that i finally went for my first pedicure – very sweet. As i write this i am looking down at my toes painted in a lovely pink polish and feeling all the more feminine for it. As this was a specific assignment from you there was no question that i was going for it so i did some homework to find a good salon and spa and make an appointment. Liz was scheduled in as my stylist.

    When i arrived i was wearing my sandals so there was no question that on the way out i would be walking down the street to my parked car with painted toes on view for anyone to see. Naturally, i was wearing panties – sheer white lace with a floral pattern and a bow, but those were hidden away. More visible was the crystal necklace i was wearing with an open collar shirt. As a blossoming sissy girl that only seemed right.

    When i entered i was greeted with a welcoming smile and soon Liz came and escorted me to the section of the salon for pedicures. As we walked she asked me if i would be wanting polish and i smiled and told her yes, i wanted something pink and she helped me pick a shade. The pedicure itself was marvelously indulgent including a warm bath for my feet, shaping and filing my nails, scrubbing away dry skin, a massage, a paraffin moisturizing treatment and finally the polish. We chatted a bit and i told her this was my first pedicure ever and she told me she suspected i would be back.

    When she was using the foot scrubber she asked if i did this at home as my feet were very soft. Mistress, you had previously instructed me to do this, so i told her yes, pleased with myself. She also asked if i had ever painted my toenails at home i naturally told her yes, saying i love a touch of color – “have fun with” it she said with a smile. When she asked, i also told her that i have painted my fingernails but that is a bit more out in the open. When my pedicure was finished i sat in the chair for a few minutes waiting for my nails to dry, reading Real Simple magazine and chatting a bit with another woman.

    As i left i walked to the exit to pay, gave Liz a generous tip and headed out. On the way home, i needed to stop for gas – self serve – but did not want to cover up, so i didn’t. i even went into the market to pick up a bottle of water for the ride.

    altogether a fun, sexy and feminizing activity. i look forward to the next time. Meantime i LOVE my pretty toes. Thank you.

    • Congratulations on having your first pedicure susan! Good for you sweetie! I know you are sending me a pic of those pretty pink toenails, and I am anxious to see them! Yes, it was an assignment, but clearly you enjoyed it. *smile* I love that you wore sandals and your crystal necklace. Such a brave gurl! You described the decadence and pure indulgence of the pedicure wonderfully susan. The entire process feels wonderful! You even read one of my favorite magazines while your polish dried! You got more and more brave as that day progressed. Thank you for sharing your experience with us susan. I am delighted that your first pedicure experience was such a success!

  • Davina

    😉 Great inspirations

  • Hi again sexy Mistress Violet,
    And thank you Susan, I do hope you have as much fun getting your pedicure as I do having mine done. It is such a wonderful feeling to just relax and chat with the girls while she does wonders to your feet and toes. And of course the polish is just the icing on the cake. I really love chatting with the girls in the salon and of course they have given me a pet name, as I told Mistress Violet. I absolutely love having my toes pampered and polished and am just looking for a reason to keep having my feet done after the fake het is over. I have already told the girl that does my toes that it is wonderful to have them done and I will probably keep coming back in. Just trying to figure out a way to make it happen. I go in the first of each month and do something for the holiday of that month, such as snowmen at christmas and hot pink with little white hearts for Valentine’s Day. Next month will be green with a four leaf clover. Enjoy your pedicures!! And Have fun with them.

    • Again, I thank you Tabitha for sharing your pedicure story here. I knew it would inspire others to try the pedicure experience themselves. Quite a few callers have mentioned your posting on my blog and said it got them thinking seriously about setting up a pedicure. Yay!! It is a magnificently decadent experience. Those of you who know me are aware of my fetish for my own feet. I adore foot massage, rubbing, tickling, PEDICURES. It’s true! And Tabitha…I LOVE your idea for little shamrocks on your toenails. I think I will get some too. We will match for March!!

  • susan9316


    Thanks for sharing your story of your pedicures. i am looking forward to getting my first as soon as i have a chance. i may use the story of losing a bet or maybe i will just tell them that i am looking forward to having the prettiest toes in town. In any event i think it will be a thrill to be one of the girls and proud of it.

  • Panty Paulla

    Hi Empress Violet! I wanted to share a story. First off, with a name like Panty Paulla, you know what I like. Now I have had manicures and pedicures in the past and liked them. Always just the more manly type: aka, no polish or just clear or buffed. Anyhow, I was ordered my Ms. Brianna to get a French Pedicure. I was scared to death!! But I also liked the idea. Anyhow, I was ordered to do it while my wife was away. I have hairy feet, so I used some leftover VEET hair removal cream (Left over from what….is another smooth story ;). Anyhow, my feet were all smooth and I decided to wear my Pink Ruffle Panties with the big Pink Bow on the back. The Pedicure was YYYYYUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! OMG, It is like SEX, only for your feet. Soooooo wonderful. My feet and nails Look Great! And feel great. And I Oh so want to keep the polish on but will have to remove before wifey comes home. 🙁
    I wish I could get one once a month. Getting the polish is the real kicker, but if your just starting out try a regular one and work your way up! I have some great pics if you want to see them!
    ~Panty Paulla

    • Thank you for sharing some of your painted toenail pics with me Panty Paula. They were great! Yay for Ms Brianna for sending you to get your first pedicure. It really IS a sensuous, fabulous feeling and I feel everyone should get pedicures. Like you pointed out, you do not have to get your toenails painted. You can leave them au natural, get clear polish, a very light shade of pearly pink, or go wild and get them done up totally femme! Keep up those pedicured Panty Paula. And thank you for sharing with us!

  • Hi sweet Mistress Violet,
    You are so right about the sensual act of having a pedicure. As you know from talking with me I have been having my pedicure done for the last four months. It is absolutely wonderful to have a girl pamper and scrub your feet and toes. The first time I finally got up the courage to go in and make an appointment, I was very nervous, but I knew the girl pretty good and she knows me well. She thought it was funny that I wanted to have it done, but I just told her I had a bet to get my toes done. While I was sitting there chatting with her and a couple other girls in the salon I felt like my feet were in heaven for a while. So I told her that the bet was to last for six months just so I would have a reason to keep coming back. I love having my toes done and polished in bright shinny colors and each month when I go in we pick a color and sceen to match the occation of the month. As like for december I chose Christmas red with a little snowman on each big toe. They turned out great and I had plenty of compliments on them. For january they were aqua blue with glitter for the new year. For february they are hot pink with three little white hearts on each big toe, and look fantastic. I love every moment of having my toes done. It is great to just sit and have her work on my feet and toes while I chat with her, just as though I were one of the regular female customers. And in the end my toes are polished to a beautiful high shine and look beautiful. I have had a few women tell me that my toes look better than their own, which makes me feel very good about having them done, and knowing that she does a great job on me. She and the other couple girls in the salon even have a little secret pet name for me, when I go in to get my toes done or a hair cut. It is great to be treated as one of the regular customers, and I have a lot of fun every time I go in.
    Hugs and Kisses

    • Hello Tabitha. Thank you for showing me your freshly painted pink toenails with little white hearts on them. Adorable!! Those little snowmen were so cute too. *smile* I am just thrilled that you are having so much fun getting pedicures and having your toenails painted. As I told you…you certainly inspired me to suggest that wonderful experience to others. Thank you for sharing your feelings about it. By the way…I LOVE the pet name the salon girls have for you TTT. *grin*

  • susan9316

    Dear Mistress

    When i am able to complete this assignment i will certainly send you a pic of my pretty painted toenails. If you were to post my picture that would be a huge compliment. In your blog you note the potential concern about being the only male there. i think that the biggest thing about the assignment that makes it both exciting and daunting is that it means going out to a public place and openly doing something that is so clearly feminine. It is definitely putting yourself out there for anyone who is there to see. And you do say that mostly the ladies will be delighted to have a man there. When i go i know that it will be a bit of challenge to walk in the door but i will have you with me in spirit and i will know that i am completing an assignment for you. i will also be both accepting and declaring my emerging definition of myself as more than a panty boy. And i will choose a pretty girlie color to be sure.

    • susan, you complete this assignment and I guarantee I will post a pic of your toenails. Probably on my main blog. I have the most subscribers there. *smile* I will be there with you in spirit susan. That is for sure. Just let me know when you are going so I can send encouraging energy your way. Here’s to you getting a pretty color and maybe even a pretty decoration too!

  • susan9316

    i am fully committed now. i love the way you add just one more piece with the pics.

  • susan9316

    Dear Mistress It is true that i have been fantasizing about getting a pedicure. It just seems like it would be so right to be able to add that feminine touch and to go to salon to have it done. i admit that i have put polish on my toenails myself when i have had a few days to myself to enjoy it. i have then removed the color when my private time to be fully immersed in myself as susan has come to an end. It would be that much more special to go to a salon, wearing my panties, get a pretty color and have that feminine experience. Next time i have a few days to myself i will go for it. When my Mistress DARES me to do so, what choice do i have?

    • *smiling broadly* Very true susan. You really have no choice at this point. It is time for you to put on your big girl panties and make that appointment for yourself. You can take a pic of different stages of the process and email them to me. *wink*

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