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Where Panties Lead

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More Then a Garment

For some guys, the eroticism of wearing panties is more about where their Mistress takes them mentally while they are wearing panties, than the panties themselves.  Likely it is their Mistress who first directs them to obtain a pair of panties.  They are intrigued, and a little nervous about where this may be going.  But they are also obedient, so they shop for panties, buy them and have them on hand for their next session.  Some over achievers even have them ON.  *smile*

And Away We Go

The submissive man finds himself in the presence of his Mistress, panties in hand (or on ass).  At that point, whether she orders him to use the panties in some way, or to wear them…for some men it is about the place in his head that his Mistress takes him.  The journey itself.  Putting him in an unfamiliar situation that leaves him feeling a bit off balance.  Unsure of what is expected of him, or what will happen.  Which is a good place for the Alpha male submissive to find himself now and then.  Nice change of scenery.

About That Journey

He sinks down, becoming even more submissive.  Reaching the state where a Mistress can get him to do just about anything.  It is at this point that I like to acquaint them with the joys of panties.  The feel of them…teasing them about looking so cute in those pretty panties.  Sometimes I even have them model them for me; striking specific poses at my whim.  I can see that they feel a tad humiliated and, quite frankly, I love that.  It gives me a rush!  Knowing that they are entertaining me seems to help them calm down a little bit.  Just a little.

It’s My Body Now

At this point, he has given his body to me to decorate to my liking.  And I do like it.  The verbal commands come into play.  “Kneel for me submissive”.  He goes to his knees, looking slightly surprised at his own immediate reaction.   His body is mine to use.  His cock is mine to control.  I have clad it in feminine panties and he now knows that he will likely go further in this exploration.  I put 100% of myself into this adventure.  Watching every expression on your face, every moment you make, listening to every breath, sigh and moan.  Using that to decide where to take you next.  Having him masturbate, edging, teasing, sometimes denying.

All Roads Lead There

His mind is reeling in this unknown territory.  Almost like the ground has dropped out from beneath him, and the air is alien.   His Mistress is there to keep him safe; bring him back from this odyssey and re-enter the mundane world.  But the feeling he had during this session stays in his mind.  He keeps thinking about it at the oddest moments:  Driving to work, during lengthy meetings, in the shower.  It is about how he felt in the time he was put in panties and controlled.  All of the sensations and emotions he experienced.  The panties are almost secondary, and yet he still becomes a panty boy.

First Time Experiences

What was your first panty boy experience like?  How did you feel?  What do you think about that experience now?  We are a voyeuristic crowd here and would love to know.  Leave your comments here!  Your American Mistress is curious.


32 comments to Where Panties Lead

  • Sissy April Nicole

    It all starts with wearing pantys before you know it you have an entire wardrobe full of womens clothing make up perfume wiggs silicone forms for your bras and an artificial vagina to hide your penis. Hormones etc even sex change

  • W

    Being a sub who always tries to do the right thing and be pleasing, I find myself staying calm and not forcing all my arousal 24/7 on her. When she allows me to slip them on, it tells me it’s okay to fall into that submissive place I adore. I don’t wear panties often, but she’s taught me to crave the feel of them and after all this time, when they go on, my excitement immediately rises. She could take me further down this path of course, and I guess I’ll always wonder if she will, but for now I’ll just crave being able to cover my ass with silk for her once again.

    • Well hello W. *grin* I am delighted to see you here. Whoever “she” is, she is doing a marvelous job of training you as her panty boy. It is like the act of putting the panties on has become a behavioral trigger for you W. Nice! Silk panties too. One of my personal favs. Perhaps you will join my Panty Boy Club, get the July assignment panties and email me a pic of the panties you get. I would love that! *hugs*

  • Carrie

    Empress Violet, I must say my first panty purchase was such a crazy experience! I was lost, confused, preoccupied for days! I could barely function as I went days, practically a week, trying to fight off the urge! I wanted to wear panties so bad! Panties of my own! I knew it was a one way street and I would never be the same, but finally I gave in!

    I walked into Bergners and made two laps around the store, just to make sure, a friend or a family member wasn’t there! Then as I approached the lingerie deptment again, I took a deep breath and went into the once forbidden zone! I walked right up to the rack with the lacy panties! A sales associate came over immeadiately, to assist me! I could barely speak, but she quickly figured out it was my first time and let me browse on my own! I ended up picking out a lacy white thong and lacy black bikini panties! I went to the register and the same lady was there, to check me out, she asked if those were the panties on sale? I didn’t know, I just wanted to pay for them and get out! But she spent ten minutes over at the panty racks trying to figure out if they were on sale! I was so embarressed, standing in the middle of the lingerie dept, waiting for her! While, I would love this today, at the time, I had no idea just how powerful and awesome a sales assicate like this can be! The memory of her selling me the panties is just as awesome, as the memory of stepping into my very own first pair of panties!

    • Wow Carrie, you really fought the panty boy urge hard. Why is that? You have me very curious. I wish I could say that I paid that sales associate to drag your purchase time out, and add the humiliation factor…but alas…I did not. So happy you look back on that experience so fondly Carrie.

  • Rob4001

    Mistress…I do know you have a wonderfully rich, varied, and experienced background. It’s why I trust myself to you as your slave. And I do appreciate the enlightened discourse on this subject here. I value and need your input, guidance, advice, and direction.

  • rob4001

    it could be that my week long edging assignment, and subsequent time spent in sub space, is clouding my mind, but i have found mysel reading this post again several times while waiting for you to post the news of the Club.

    You have siad in this post:
    – For some guys, the eroticism of wearing panties is more about where their Mistress takes them mentally while they are wearing panties
    – Reaching the state where a Mistress can get him to do just about anything. It is at this point that I like to acquaint them with the joys of panties…I can see that they feel a tad humiliated and, quite frankly, I love that.
    – At this point, he has given his body to me to decorate to my liking. And I do like it. .. His body is mine to use. His cock is mine to control. I have clad it in feminine panties and he now knows that he will likely go further in this exploration.
    – But the feeling he had during this session stays in his mind. .. It is about how he felt in the time he was put in panties and controlled. All of the sensations and emotions he experienced. The panties are almost secondary, and yet he still becomes a panty boy.
    – I would not say that panties always lead to being a sissy. Even the panty boys who add camisoles, thigh highs, and other lingerie to their fun do not necessarily become feminized in any way. It is simply the feeling of the fabric, knowing that they are wearing a sexy garment made for women, and the eroticism that develops around that for them.

    These comments all resonate with me and cover a lot of the reasons why i dipped my toe in the panty waters, and found i liked it…that they served as an arousing reminder of your control, a somewhat humiliating task to complete, a challenge to acquire, perhaps, and now something i actually look forward to doing for you. They do feel oddly sexy, feel wonderful and different, and remind me that i appear as you require. And the feeling of buying panties, while wearing panties, is quite arousing.

    And, as i’ve written elsewhere, my sense of trust i have with you, my Mistress, is such that i know you might push my boundaries, and i feel good, as your slave, in letting you have that control. What would you next require of me that would be a surprise, yet i would have no choice as your slave but to comply.

    So, as i have been awaiting the instructions for the Panty Boy club, i have been browsing online sites for panties, but also finding myself wondering about exactly what you mention in terms of “where panties lead” for panty boys who do not become feminized…especially camisoles, but other sexy lingerie as well. Imagining what i would do if you instructed me to wear a cami or other item for you. Wondering what it would feel like. Wondering how i might be humiliated in it. Or asked to “use” it in private or public.

    And feeling both anxious, and strangely excited by the idea.

    • In that particular blog posting, “Where Panties Lead”, can be into experimenting with wearing other feminine garments. But, slave rob, in an overall context, it can lead to all sorts of fun activities. Each one of my postings here about a fun panty boy stroking game is always a revelation to some subscribers. The fact that a panty boy can wear other feminine items and still be heterosexual is news to even more. But it’s true! It’s great to hear that what I wrote about really resonated for you slave rob. Most of what I write about is based on both my experiences as a lifestyle and phone Mistress, and my counseling background. As you know, I did a lot of counseling for persons about their fetishes. This has given me a revealing look into the mind of panty boys, as well as other fetishists.

  • susan9316

    Dear Mistress

    The heading of your blog post is “Where Panties Lead”. For me, they continue to lead me to new places, both symbol and fact. After many many adult years as a typical male without any thought of being anything different, i put on my first pair of panties. i have told of that in other comments on this blog. But now, as i write this i am, of course wearing panties – as i do at work every day, a satin slip for sleeping, with my sissy stick, chest and underarms fully shaved, a touch of feminine body scent, freshly painted (pink) toenails, a silver and crystal necklace and a contented smile. With your guidance i have become increasingly feminized, leaving behind a large piece of male self and embracing a part of me that wanted to emerge but that i never really knew was there. Now in my daily contacts with (other) women i see myself more clearly, not a cross dresser per se, but a sissy girl. i still function as a male in my family and in work, but my approach to things is gradually changing and being a woman is part of how i now think of myself. So…do panties always lead to this? They are the window to a new world, perhaps a doorway as well for some. Afraid or enticed? It is a sweet journey.

    • Sweet susan…you always leave such thoughtful, lovely comments. It is a pleasure to read and respond to them. *smile* Though your journey has been unique, as you as a person are, some aspects of it have followed a path many sissies have traveled. I love that simply putting on a pair of panties opened this door into your feminine side and you fully explore that side of yourself. It is a joy to be your Mistress.

      I would not say that panties always lead to being a sissy. Even the panty boys who add camisoles, thigh highs, and other lingerie to their fun do not necessarily become feminized in any way. It is simply the feeling of the fabric, knowing that they are wearing a sexy garment made for women, and the eroticism that develops around that for them.

      I’m sure the panty boys reading this can answer that question from their perspective. Anyone willing to open up a bit about what wearing panties does for them?

  • Rob4001

    It never fails to amaze me how erotic it is wearing panties as you have directed. I enjoyed showing them all to you at our last session. I remember you wanted me to wear the pink or teal ones next time. I hope our next session comes soon, and I’ll be able to show them to you. This blog is quite accurate, the panties really are just the beginning….I have and will go farther under your control….soon, I hope. 🙂

    • Hello rob. *smile* Putting that first pair of panties on is really just the tip of the iceberg. I agree! There are so many ways to incorporate wearing panties into the joys of masturbation, edging, and even denial or chastity. I look forward to seeing those panties next session rob. That and much, much more!

  • susan9316

    Dear Mistress

    Panties are a daily joy for me – i love their look and their feel. Wearing panties – a pretty, feminine undergarment – each day helps me to set aside my male sense of self and to be a better sissy panty gurl. Yes, i am under your control (thankfully) and so, wearing panties each day is part of that. i am your panty gurl and feel liberated to know how very true that is.

    • Yes they are susan! And I appreciate you telling me which pair you are wearing, just about every day. Yet another way we deepen our Mistress/sissy bond. It’s great that you share your thoughts on this topic. I am sure there are a lot of guys and gurls reading this blog who are on the fence about wearing panties. When they read such positive feedback from an an actual panty boy or panty gurl, it helps them to take that next step and put on their first pair of panties. Woohoo! Your comments are a huge part of this blog susan! xox

  • Davina

    Hello Mistress Violet 😉

    I promise to keep it short and not waste too much of your time because, honestly, I feel bad for not committing or contributing more in the ways that you like. I am kind of an honesty freak that way but a couple things you said caught my attention. In particular, you mentioned the, “Alpha male submissive”, which I have not seen reference to in a long time. It makes me think you really do understand the thought process behind a lot of what we do. Plus, I can’t help but think that in another time or place, you would be the most awesome Mistress for me.

    For this post, I wanted to elaborate on my first experience with panties because I think it was pretty significant. I actually remember wearing panties long before I ever had my first actual orgasm. What I can’t remember for sure is whether or not a specific night that is locked in my memory forever happened before I experience that night of ecstasy. Yep, the first time I experienced that amazing eruption, I made a big mess in a pretty pair of frillies that I pilfered from my sister. But aside from that, I remember a night that I decided I would never deny myself the feeling of wearing panties when I figured I could pull off sleeping in a cute little bra and panty set. I remember thinking that I could wake up and hide everything before anyone noticed and that the feelings I experienced wearing them were well worth any effort and I knew at that time I would be wearing panties for the rest of my life.

    What I have found so interesting is that actually, I’m not really that submissive at all. Just ask my wife. She will be the first to say that I am a control freak and honestly, I do have a way of always getting my way even if that means I use a bit of mental manipulation. Fortunately, nature was kind to me in the male department in addition to being gifted in many areas so I can get away with quite a bit. But my wife thinks I am worth it even though she says I can be “high maintenance.”

    So I find it very intriguing the way that you make it sound so easy to control an alpha type male. As dominate as I am most of the time, I still fantasize about giving my mind, body, and soul away for certain periods of time. And because I never do anything half-way, I think that would be quite an experience for myself and a Mistress. Anyway, I really enjoy reading your little scenarios and I really love your special way of treating all of us panty-boys. 😉

    • How did I miss this comment? Hello Davina! Always happy to hear from you. *smile* You are such a great panty boy. I appreciate your high praise. Yes…I really do understand the thought process behind this, and many other fetishes. It fascinates me, as well as excites me. As I mentioned in this posting, finding out that you are a dominant male is not a surprise. Most of the subs and submissives I have had in my personal life are, and have been, dominant men outside of session time. I love having a strong male bend to my will and enjoy it. I believe the reason I can control an alpha male is because I grant them the same respect they give me, I do not break their will, and I do not insist they be submissive 24/7. Thank you for being such a loyal reader of my blogs Davina. You are a sweetheart!

  • susan9316

    Dear Mistress

    And so let me say to anyone who is on the fence, let yourself go, you are most of the way there already. Let your inner girl shine, free yourself for a joyous journey. Mistress Violet will take your hand. Show yourself and her who you really want to be. There is nothing more true than wearing panties and being under Mistress’s control. As i write i am wearing pretty pink panties with white lace trim and two pink bows and so very grateful to know that i belong to Mistress Violet as one of her sissy girls.

    • Thank you susan, for your recommendation! When you think about it, it is a little silly to stay “on the fence”. Wanting so badly to put on a pair of panties, or stroke with them, or just touch them…but not acting on it. A panty fetish is harmless. It is simply the appreciation of a pretty, feminine undergarment. Sometimes that appreciation is visual, other times more tactile. So why obsess about it? Get yourself a pair of panties and let’s have a fun, panty-boy session! Like my sissy panty-boy (gurl) susan said. *smile*

  • susan9316

    Dear Mistress

    Panties lead to places beyond what i ever expected. With my first pair i was hooked. That led to another pair and then another and then much more. i have certainly become a panty boy and beyond, maybe using the term “boy” at all is becoming a misnomer. Yes, it is deliciously girlie and fully submissive. It is putting aside the male self to go to a different place, under your guidance as Mistress. Yes, you own me, it is your body now, and i will kneel before you with my prettiest panties on, grateful to be in your control. With time the panties almost do become secondary – i now wear them every day to work under my male disguise – and while i love to have them on every day (so feminine and sexy) – what is most true is that i love knowing how fully i have been transformed into your panty wearing sissy girl. Now i cannot imagine it any other way – nor do i want to.

    And in the picture with this post, you, sweet Mistress, look so beautiful in your panties. Thanks for sharing.

    • I just love it when you panty boys (and sissies) leave comments about your experiences. Who better to entice a guy on the fence about wearing panties, than someone actually derriere deep in the fetish? susan…with you, I would never use the term “boy”. No way. It is my pleasure to share pics of me in panties. You have modeled some really pretty pairs for me. *smile* I used to have a Panty Boy Gallery here on this blog where I would post the pics of panty boys in their panties. But alas…it had to be taken down. I shed a tear as I bid it adieu. Now I must be pleased by seeing my panty boys (and sissies!) in panties during sessions. Not a bad thing at all!

      • Carrie

        Empress Violet, I’m so bummed that you had to take down the pics of panty boys! I dream of a page where panty boys and sisssies can post comments and the Empress and Mistresses can tease us or encourage us!

  • Rob4001

    Mistress…I’ll be happy to perform a show for you anytime, Mistress. I love those words, too: owning my cock. Wearing panties feels quite good, and quite different. Clearly reminds me who is in control.

  • Rob4001

    Wonderful post, Mistress…it reminds me of our last session…my first time in panties for you. And how it is now a rule for me when we session, that I appear in panties always. The wearing of them definitively makes me feel under your control and willing to obey your every command. And wearing panties per your orders, when we are not together, reminds me of you at almost every step i take. And I look forward to modeling for you all the panties I have bought for your enjoyment, if you so desire. Mostly, though, you are very correct…it is the mental side of doing this that is the most powerful. It is another way that demonstrates that I am yours to deecorate and use and that my cock belongs to you, Mistress.

    • rob, I would very much enjoy having you model all of your panties for me. A panty boy fashion show! *grin* Yes…I agree with you. It is the mental aspect of your assignments, including wearing panties, that are most powerful. And completely necessary to build a true Mistress-submissive relationship. Like all else in life, it is all about the relationship. And I cherish owning your cock rob.

  • little_luke

    my first panty boy experience was much like you described. Turning control over and being told when to wear them and what to do with them. Totally putting You in control and following every instruction that You demand. It felt right to please You, it felt good on my body and i reflect on it often to see where i was at the time and how far You have taken my since then. Then, i ponder where You might take me next. Finding that rhythm and flow between us on a submissive journey.

    • I remember our first session little luke. We had been corresponding via email for SO long. By the time we actually spoke to each other, I felt I knew you very well already. Rather nice. Our journey continues little luke. WITH panties. *smile*

    • Ah yes, little luke, the first time is an epiphany of sorts, isn’t it? The panties feel so good against your flesh. It is a bit taboo which adds to the excitement. Then being controlled by your Mistress sends you zooming into sub space…a beautiful place to be. I am so glad you and I are staying in close contact little luke. Our sessions are such fun, incorporating panties, and other fetishes. And you are an adventurous little subbie. *smile*

      • little_luke

        Miss Violet…i just reread this post from a year ago and it is safe to say our journey has progressed quite a bit in a year and still stays true to our mission of fun, panties, and a growing list of fetishes. 🙂

        • Often it is impossible to see how far you have come on a journey until you reach a place that offers a view of where you started. Apparently re-reading this post was that high place for you. *smile* I agree little luke. Our journey has come a long way. You have opened yourself to me so wonderfully, so that I could get to know you. And as you have discovered, that allows me to intuit your desires and surprise you now and then. I love it!

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