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Getting Panties By Mail

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I Was Too Slow

Once again, I had a fabulous idea for something and did not pursue it.  Therefore, someone else stepped in and made it a reality.  Probably got rich in the process too!  This time it was a certain mail order service.  Over two years ago I came up with the idea for a Panty of the Month Club.  I created a sexy audio about it and posted it on our free feminization audio site.

Can’t Wait for Mail

The idea was that you sign up for this service and you receive a sexy pair of panties by mail, in a discreet package, once a month.  One month a sheer black thong, the next month a pair of pink ruffled bikini panties, then the next month, a pair of red stretch lace boy shorts.

Even more fun, my idea was that on a month that contained a major holiday, the panties would reflect that holiday.  Such as red, white & blue panties for July, a white thong with red metallic hearts in February, and a green bikini with a shamrock mesh insert for March.  Can you imagine how much fun it would be to receive something like that?  So many amazing textures of panties to stroke your cock with.

It’s Real

A caller who listened to my Panty of the Month audio told me that there really is such a club now.  Yay!  Just do a quick online search for it and it will pop right up.  Just like I imagined it would be.

You can get a brand new, cute pair of panties every month by mail!  Sign up online, give the address you want them to arrive at, and voila!  12 new pairs over the course of a year.  No need to shop in a store, reveal your secret identity.  Very easy!

Every month you can get a new, enticing pair of panties by mail…pull up one of my previous postings here and play a panty boy tease and delay game with me!

What’s Next?

I did think of another great idea that was picked up mentally by someone else and made reality.  When you call me next, ask me what it was.  It also involves sexy underwear for men.  I even talked about this idea in one of my Voyeur Window talkshows.  So if you were a fan of that show and listened to it, you may already know!  *smile*

Let Me Know

If you sign up and start getting monthly shipments of wonderful panties, let me know what you think.  I am just so excited that this is a reality!  I know it will make life even more fun for my fabulous panty boys and gurls out there.

I will let you in on a little secret.  I’m thinking about signing myself up!  *smile*


42 comments to Getting Panties By Mail

  • Rob4001

    Mistress…all my prior panty purchases have been in-person. But, for this assignment, I think an online order is a good choice. I already have an idea of which ones I plan to get, unless you have a preference for me beyond the monthly assignment.

    Would you like to see them in advance, or perhaps a picture later on?

    The only real problem will be stopping at one pair of panties if I order them, so easy to click away on more sexy and erotic things…

    • Online shopping is just fine slave rob. No…no requirements beyond what was posted. Actually slave rob…I want to SEE them on you in session. So next time we have the opportunity for some session time, be certain to have those new panties on when I begin to view you. *wink* Hey…there is nothing that says you cannot buy more pairs. That is totally up to you. Wow! You really have the panty buying fever!

  • rob4001

    Already signed up Mistress Violet. Need to start shopping!

  • susan9316

    Dear Mistress

    i am excited to read you will soon be posting details for your Panty of the Month club. It is always a treat to go shopping for new panties and to do so with your guidance will make it even more special.

  • Rob4001

    I’m looking forward to it, Mistress…the post, the instructions, the acquisition, and best of all, showing them to you. Nothing makes me feel more submissive in what I wear for you than panties…except my collar of course. I’m sure to be wanting your advice, guidance, and approval…

  • rob4001

    Yes Mistress, i think it will be quite exciting to have panty purchase instructions. You know how i like assignments that are pleasing to you. And yes, i enjoy wearing panties for you. They are such an erotic reminder of you.

    • Then gird your loins slave rob. Because I am putting the finishing touches on the next posting and it is all the details for my Panty of the Month Club. Woohoo! You will soon be the proud possessor of all sorts of new panties!

  • Rob4001

    Mistress…I look forward to the establishment of the club. It will be quite interesting shopping for new panties per your directions. I look forward to sharing the new panties with you as well.

    The only thing I wonder is how specific you will be…will we simply shop for whatever we wish, or will there be requirements for style, material, color, etc for the club members (either as a group or individually)?

    I can hardly wait to find out!

    • Well it is coming soon slave rob. I think you will enjoy it a lot. I want to keep my directions a little loose to allow for panty boys to get the style of panties they enjoy wearing. Mostly I am aiming at helping them build their panty wardrobe up. There will be requirements. Oh yes. Wow! You really ARE excited. *grin*

  • Rachel

    Empress Violet,

    After reading this, I know I won’t sign up for this because I love going in person to buy my bras and panties. There is only one place I go and that is Victoria’s Secret. I don’t think this is the right place to post this but I still want to share a story or two. I went there looking for nice two piece swimsuit to wear so I found one asked about the size I normally wear. I was told that I could wear the smaller sister size, a 34C. So I bought it and later tried it on, found out the band size was too small. Well I returned it and went back at a later date. This time I went looking for a size were the band would fit so I got a 36C. However, when I go home and tried it on, I found it that it was another 34C. I was so mad so I took it back and i made sure I got a 36C before I even bought it.

    The other story isnt long but I went into the store yesterday to get a bra from the new Desire collection. I was able to go and try it on to see if I liked it before I bought it. It fit and I liked it so I went grabbed the matching panty and went to the cashier. While she was scanning them, she commented me on getting a bra from that collection. She then said that I’ll really like the bra and said I will. It was odd to me because I don’t believe that I have seen her there and I think she thought I was a women. I have reason to think its because of my long hair.

    • You might want to re-read this posting Rachel. The Club is for mail-order, shopping in person, or even hamperskunking! After all, Victoria’s Secret is mecca for cross-dressers everywhere. I could not start a panty club and cut out those who like to shop in person. No way. Sounds like you learned the value of a proper bra fitting Rachel. Most genetic women are wearing the wrong size bra. But now you know the right size for you. Excellent! How fun for a sissy like you to be seen as a woman. I know that delighted you!

  • susan9316

    Dear Mistress

    Thus topic certainly has generated a lot of interest. i am looking forward to your next posting. As one of your sissy girls who wears panties virtually every day, participating in this will be great fun, sharing this with you and all the others who join in. Today i am wearing sheer white panties with a wide pink lace floral waist with a pretty pink bow, When the time comes i will happy to share my story of going out to buy a new pair of panties for your panty of the month adventure.

    • It really has susan! Clearly there is a good deal of interest in a Panty of the Month club. I have that special page ready to go. Just have to publish it, which I will do when I post my next entry announcing this fun new club. It will also be announced on the Cock Tease Weekly and EE. So everybody can get involved who wants to. Woohoo!! Look for this big announcement soon!!

  • Panteezd

    Dear Mistress Violet
    I have received a pair of perfumed panties sometime ago from a very sexy lady who loved to tease like you do.
    It was truly one of the most erotic experiences of my life sexually.
    Calling her afterwards whilst wearing them was an incredible tease especially with some significant denial thrown into the mix!
    Your pic is sooo sexy and the thought of receiving a pair of your perfumed panties is an awful turn on!
    Best wishes for now (groan)

    • Wow, Panteezd! That is very erotic! No doubt you have a whole lot of fun with those sexy panties in your possession. While I would love to send a pair of unworn, perfumed panties to all of my callers, that is now a no-no here. Darn it! So from now on, when I am giving a big prize away, one of the options for the winner will be a Victoria’s Secret gift card. That way my panty boys and sissies can get themselves a cute pair of panties. *smile*

  • Davina

    I love the whole idea of the “Panty-of-the-Month” thing but as you already noted, some sissies have way more panties than they should. It’s weird to think I could wear clean panties every day and not have to do laundry for over a year. Of course, I would never let them go more than a couple days but isn’t it strange when a sissy has to devote an entire chest of drawers to his feminine finery.

    Panties have been part of my life for forty years. Wearing them exclusively for the past twenty years has caused me to regard them a little bit more like a girl might, just a natural part of my wardrobe. Though I still consider them precious and take immaculate care of them, they have just become a “normal” to part of getting dressed every morning. What I have found interesting is that when you wear them to work and during your everyday activities, you can occasionally “forget” about the fact that you are wearing them. Subtle reminders like having to bend over when there might be an audience behind you could give one cause to consider them but it’s weird how they can become just part of everyday living, unlike a bra does for a sissy. A bra is totally different. What kind of underwear you wear under your pants can almost be insignificant but for a male to wear a bra, now that is something that is a constant reminder of who and what you are and there is obviously no way to forget you’re wearing that. Bras can be a tough thing to wear in Florida when you wear mostly t-shirts all year but I have found a bunch of bralettes that are pretty thin and I can get away with them occasionally.

    I guess what I’m getting at is that I know there are a lot of stores, maybe mostly online, that cater to crossdressers and the like but what I have always wondered is whether the mainstream stores like Victoria’s Secret and even Hanes or any number of other mainstream sellers of “underwear” ever consider that there may be a much larger “market” for girl’s undies for guys than they might suspect. I guess it would be terribly awkward to advertise such but I have often wondered what would happen if a store would offer something like a size chart exclusively for guys who wish to buy girl’s underwear. Do you think that would even be possible and do you think it would create a niche market that could boost sales significantly?

    I have subscribed and get the monthly catalogs from a number of retailers like Hanes and Champion that are geared specifically toward women’s underwear and I get them in my name. I know that they don’t really care and probably don’t even notice because computers probably handle the mailing lists. But I buy a lot that way and what’s more funny is that when I click on the “Recommended” items on my Amazon account, it will show me mostly panties and bras and little jogging outfits similar to what I have already purchased. I wonder if that is all done by a computer or if some human actually looks at my past purchases and says, “This guy really buys a lot of girl’s underwear.”

    I would love to join a Panty-of-the-month club but I have to stop buying them. The number I have is insane. I can’t possibly wear them all but it’s like I’ve always had this disease or addiction where if I see a sale on something really cute, either online or in person, I just can’t help myself. I always thought of it as “so what” it’s only underwear but it does mean a lot to me because it makes me happy and I have forgone many worse habits to live a clean and healthy lifestyle so girlie underwear is really my only vise. You would be absolutely shocked if you saw me walking down the street and were to know that I had panties on under my jeans. I really am what would appear to be the least likely candidate or suspect of such. I think nature didn’t intend this and for me, it was purely a nurture thing.

    But I hope you Panty-of-the-month thing really flourishes and you have a lot of fun with it. It will be exciting to read about who gets what and if there happens to be the occasional special gift or personal prize for some special sissy. I really enjoy reading about all the kinky things you do. You sound like a very fun and exciting girl to play with. 😉

    • Ah Davina! *smile* You just outlined one of the crucial differences between a panty boy and a sissy. For you panties are just a natural, every day part of our life. I would imagine that you have more panties than I do, and I have a special sissy caller who keeps me well stocked in V.S. lingerie. For sissies, such as yourself, I will include a way to participate without adding unnecessarily to your panty collection. You can select a pair of panties from your immense assortment and that will be your pair for the month. I do understand that it is possible to have too many pairs of panties! Perish the thought! *grin*

  • little luke

    Hmmmmm?….how about hamperskunking specific types and colors of panties that You suggest? 😉

    • My next posting will detail Miss Violet’s Panty Boy Club. How it will work. Basically it won’t matter to me how a member obtains the panties…just that they do obtain them. Please do not shoplift. But hamperskunking is fine! *grin*

  • Davina

    Hello Miss Violet 😉 As I started reading this posting, and being the perv I am, I couldn’t help but think of Luke’s idea of “worn panties”. Some time ago, I read where that was actually an available service in Japan where they may have had a more relaxed position on such at one time. I am not certain whether it was fiction or not but I read something about panties in a vending machine there. The whole idea is kinky as hell and I can’t help but feel those tingles when I think about licking clean a certain pair of panties. 😉

    Alas, we must submit to reality all too often and it’s probably a good safe rule that prevents the possibility of unfavorable scenarios. But it’s still a lot of fun to imagine.

    I can’t remember for sure which it was but I believe one of the major retailers had a “Panty-of-the-Month” thing going for a while. I had offered it to my wife as a fun gift but she declined thinking it would eventually accumulate too many. I can’t see that as a problem but I never went forward with it. But to receive a pair of panties that you had actually touched, even unworn, would be crazy erotic. But I think that might be a little bit over the line as far as my Princess is concerned ;-( But I hope your ideas blossom into a lot of fun for you.

    • You are right about there being used panty dispensers in Japan. I have heard that from a number of guys who travel there for business. Wow! Talk about a convenience based world! *smile* To each his own.

      Isn’t it interesting that women tend to look at panties so differently from a panty boy, and especially from how a sissy looks at them. Generally a woman does not have more than 30. But I know some panty boys with over 100. And sissies with over 300 pairs of panties! So really…a Panty of the Month Club is geared to men who like to wear panties. So obvious! I wonder if the club realizes it though. *laugh*

      Did I mention that I have given a pair of my unworn, perfume spritzed, lipstick kissed, autographed panties to the winner of a contest? Maybe I did in this blog posting. I have written quite a few other postings since this one. I can’t remember. But it was REALLY well received.

  • little luke

    Hmmm?….how about Hamperskunking? 😉

    • Good point little luke! That is an additional method of obtaining a new pair of panties every month. *wink* It comes with a certain amount of risk, but it sure is fun hunting for little hamperskunks like you. *hugs*

  • little luke

    Wonder why it would be illegal? I guess there is always UPS! lol

  • Rob4001

    I think this could be lots of fun…Mistress Violet’s panty boy club…once a month, required to get new panties per Mistress’wishes or commands. Perhaps we are required to post the story of how we got them? And what about verification that we got them? After all, while wearing panties is fun, pleasing Mistress is the best.

  • little luke

    You could still do panty of the month and sell Your panties Miss Violet. 🙂

    • If only I could! Did you know it is illegal to send worn panties through the USPS? Oh no! So…that being said, I have sent a couple of very lucky callers a pair of unworn panties that I sprayed with my favorite perfume, autographed, and kissed with my lipstick. That was fun!

  • Rob4001

    Mistress…glad to see you know me so well. No doubt this will cause me to “grow” my collection. Truthfully, I personally would rather seek panties you wish to see me in. But, there are still those pink and teal ones I have that I’ve not worn for you yet. Perhaps next week…

  • Rob4001

    Mistress…what an incredibly hot and sexy photo. You look amazing in it. Especially those panties. Thanks so much for posting it. I too like the idea of requiring a new panty purchase every so often…perhaps new for each session? And I would think purchase in a store would be better, though mail order could be fun, too. Perhaps an assignment to find a particular style/fabric/color you wish to see on us?

    • I knew you would jump on susan’s idea rob. *laugh* Good! You will be happy to know that my very next posting on this blog is precisely what susan suggested. So start thinking about the style of panty you want to add to your collection next. Hey…if you enjoy shopping in person, I love that idea!

  • Galaxy

    Lol, I was referring to the view of extacy from on high in general with you by ‘new heights.’
    But, the view of sexy panties used in stroking play with you is also hot. Not sure about wearing them, but you never know…(smile)
    We can explore in our next lovely call together!!

    • Well….Galaxy…I am much more likely to wrap a pair of satin panties around your cock and have you stroke with them. Never thought about putting a pair of panties ON you. *laughing* But hey…I might be able to convince you to put a pair on. *wink*

  • susan9316

    Dear Mistress

    How about another variation – one day a month you announce that it is panty buying time. We each have a few days to go out and buy a pair and report in as to what we bought. You can leave style and color to each of us panty boys/girls or you might get more specific. You are Mistress after all, so your guidance rules.

    • I love your idea susan! Not sure I can manage it monthly, but definitely want to start this soon. Thank you for this fun idea. I know my panty boys and gurls will enjoy this tremendously. If any other readers have thoughts about this new panty boy game, let me know soon.

  • Galaxy

    Love to hear that, it is a great view going to new heights with you!!

    • A great view Galaxy? Is that a certain view of sexy panties? Or panties riding higher than normal on you? I am vastly intrigued by this. As I always strive to new heights with you. *grin*

  • Galaxy

    Well hello Violet.
    I’m glad you mentioned this blog during our last session. I might have missed the incredibly hot photo here!
    I did LOVE what we did with your red plaid panties!!(Big Grin)
    I think it could be very sexy to get a new pair to play with each month and imagine they were yours, mmm!
    Sorry your idea was put in place by others, but I for one am very glad to have the honor of your incredible imagination used on me instead!
    Cheers to you sweet Violet!

    • Hey Galaxy! Glad you found this posting! I’m sure that if you sign up for the club, you may very well get a cute pair of plaid panties…around St. Patrick’s Day anyway. *grin* I look forward to seeing what comes in the mail show up on your cock! I can live with someone else making my idea a reality. It’s not the first time. Anyway, I’m far too busy driving wonderful men to new heights to start a company! *laugh*

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