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Driving Panty Naughtiness

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Extra Naughty

You need something new and extra naughty to perk you up.  I can tell.  Well, I have just the thing.  It is a little panty boy, cock teasing driving adventure for you.  It will require a pair of panties (that’s easy!) and a vehicle.

Check the end of this posting for the November Panty Boy Club Assignment!

Getting Ready

Put on a pair of panties.  Choose your brightest, loudest print.  It is important that they are very easily noticed.  Over those panties put on a pair of pants that zip up the front.

Get in your vehicle and be ready for action.

Choose Your Path

If you are a bold, man of action, you may choose to drive through the downtown, or on a very busy street.   Shy, or too nervous?  That’s okay.  Drive to a less busy area to begin.

As you continue reading, you will understand that this game will be fun no matter where you drive.

Thrill Seeker

You can play this panty boy game at night, under the natural cloak of darkness.  It will be fun.  But if you play during the day, it will add another element of thrill.  More people may see you.  More people may find out that you are a panty boy.

So I leave this determination up to you.  Again, either way it will be a lot of fun.

The Unveiling

As soon as you leave your immediate neighborhood, pull over to the shoulder of the road.  Unbutton and unzip your pants.  Pull them open so your bright panties show clearly.  NOT your cock.  That would lead to bad juju.

You are ready to begin playing now!

Fun, Fun, Fun

You are to drive around for at least 20 minutes with your panties clearly showing.  This can be done on your drive to work, or back home.   No one will see you unless they are looking down into your vehicle.  Which means that if a truck, SUV, or van is next to your vehicle, they could look over…down…and see your secret side.  *gasp*  Did that pretty lady just see your flowered panties?  Oh my!  Did the beautiful woman in that SUV give you a wink?

I will not lie to you.  It would please me very much if several lovely ladies saw your panties and gave you a knowing smile.  Of course, do not take unnecessary chances.  A little panty exposure is fun.   Do not get out of your vehicle wearing only panties or less.  That requires a completely isolated location.

What Happens Next

Find an isolated place to go right after this game.  I say this because this game is very exciting and you will get quite aroused playing it.  So find a private place where you can go for some cock stroking enjoyment.  You will be ready for that!

After all of the tease of driving around, knowing people could be seeing you wearing panties…I want you to call me.  You can tell me all about your adventure and then I will rock your world with sensual masturbation instructions.

November Panty Boy Club Assignment

I have a Panty Boy Club.  Each month I give my members an assignment to purchase a specific pair of panties.  They shop for the panties, online or in person, and then post their experience and choice of panty on my Panty Boy Club page on this blog.  You can join any time.  It is FREE and lots of fun.

For November, I want you to purchase a pair of chocolate brown panties.  They can be any style, any fabric.  But they must be chocolate brown, which is a deep shade of brown.  That color reminds me of lots of Autumn pleasures…turkey, hot chocolate, fallen leaves.

Your other option for procuring panties is hamperskunking.  Don’t know what that is?   You need to learn about this fetish.


I will be looking forward to reading your panty adventures.  Remember to post those on the Panty Boy Club page.  I know my manly men panty boys will have fun with this.  *smile*

Have you ever driven with your panties showing?  Have you driven anywhere with nothing over your panties?  I want to hear about that.

14 comments to Driving Panty Naughtiness

  • Robin

    when you say unzip your pants,unbutton your pants,do you also pull your pants to your knees so panties can be seen,find just unzippin and unbuttoning my pants doesn’t allow a good view of my panties.

    • Depends on the panty boy in question. Some are shy and not ready to expose that much…aka: take that level of risk. Others can’t wait to let it all hang out. OMG! I go on an individual basis, just like with every other kinky activity. Why do you ask Robin? Are you ready to share this adventure with me? *laughing*

  • Davina

    Hello Mistress Violet. 😉 I love your new challenge but mostly because I have been doing it for so long, many years in fact. At one point, I had a very long commute to work each day and made it a regular habit to push my jeans down to just above my knees. Of course I made sure I could still safely operate the vehicle but it is always such a thrill to feel nothing but your panties between yourself and the carseat. And I have to say that there were many times when I couldn’t help but leak a little precum into the front of my panties.

    I hope you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving and thank you so much for providing so much stimulating reading for us to enjoy.

    • Davina, thank you for the first-hand verification of the joys of driving panty naughtiness. *grin* I can picture you doing just that, you naughty girl. Thank you for reading my panty boy blog. I adore hearing from my subscribers and am open to suggestions. This blog is for the pleasure of panty boys…not me. But I have to admit that I enjoy writing it. *wink*

  • slave rob

    Mistress…driving with panties showing? How very fun. im just glad your assignment wasn’t to make sure a lady saw my panties or to drive in only panties…not quite sure how id pull that off…but, i hope to try this game soon!

    And now, to find some chocolate brown panties…that might be difficult…we shall see !

    • I like to keep things fun slave rob. You can definitely play the driving panty boy game! Pick the time and place well. As for the chocolate brown panties…I will give you a hint. Don’t look at VS. They are so focused on pink, they don’t offer a full rainbow of panty colors. Don’t worry. Next month’s panty assignment will be easily found at a VS. *smile*

  • susan9316

    Dear Mistress

    Putting on a pair of pretty panties and hitting the road. Loosening my belt and opening the front of my pants. Yes, i am wearing panties, yes, i am a panty girl, yes, i want that pretty lady to see, whether it is to smile knowingly or just to giggle. A little bit scary? Yes, to be sure, but also a coming out moment, sharing my secret self a bit. After all, i know that i love wearing panties, it is part of who i truly am. i want to be able to pose and show them off, after all they feel so good and looks so pretty. And help me to feel my girlie best. Thank you for encouraging this bit of daring.

    • A little bit of scary is good. *smile* You know I like to push boundaries a bit susan. This game is truly a “coming out moment”. But just a peek.
      Just a bit. Easy to cover up in a hurry if need be. So I trust you will be playing this game susan. Let me know how it goes for you.

  • little luke

    Is this what the Springsteen written song “Fire” is about? 😉

  • wow sexy Mistress Violet, this is one hot blog. And panty driving is most definately a big thrill. I have actually driven between Phoenix and Flagstaff on the freeway wearing only panties a few times. I would be wearing shorts over my panties to start since it was warm weather. Once I got a few miles, I would pull over and remove my shorts and travel most of the way to Flagstaff. Of course a couple times I would get so excited that I had to pull over and stroke my cock to orgasm before I could continue driving. It was a very thrilling experience for me to think that anyone could happen to see me. I had to be very carefull not to break the speed limits and get pulled over by the cops. xoxoxo Tabitha

    • Tabitha…I am not shocked to discover that you have driven between Phoenix and Flagstaff wearing only panties. I can easily picture you doing that! *laughing* Such a naughty girl! Please do be careful. Any time the cops get involved in panty boy fun, it is not fun. Nope. So be very careful sweetie! *hugs*

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