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Watching You in Panties

Miss Violet loves to watch panty boys 800-601-6975

Miss Violet Loves to Watch Panty Boys 800-601-6975

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Seeing you on cam wearing pretty panties says about a million words!  Sure, we can session without a cam.  It will be lots of fun, and I will have you describe the panties you are wearing for me.

I will picture them in my mind as I have you masturbate through them, inside them and stroke with panties. But being able to see you in your panties, following my commands bumps things up to a whole new level!

How We Cam

You have two choices.  I can watch you on Skype, which is much preferred due to superior viewing quality; or on Yahoo Messenger, using the Video Call option.  That provides much better quality than just viewing your webcam. So if you do not have a Skype account, get one.

If you want two or more Mistresses, to watch your naughty panty boy antics, get a paid Skype account.  It allows multiple viewers, which is tons of fun!  Well worth it.

I see you…now what?

Simple.  Anything you have done in a phone sex session can be done in a cam session.  The difference is that I see what you are doing.  There is fabulous accountability.  Plan on lots of creative guided masturbation and some amazing edging.

So if you have been dying to break through that cum eating barrier and have been faking it on previous calls, being watched by me will put that to an end.  You will have to man up and eat up.  *wink*  I adore mixing cum eating with panty boy fun.

Let’s Hear It

If you have had a cam session with me, leave a comment about your experience.  Ease some fears, excite some men in panties.  *smile*

26 comments to Watching You in Panties

  • Gem Sissy

    I love the idea of being watched in my sissy panties and lingerie and being guided on what to do with my stiff clitty, but I’m so completely not feminine in real life I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to see the utterly sexy, slutty, curvy sissy girl I am inside…

    • Violet

      For me, when a client tells me that they feel like a female, and gives me a female name to call them, I always see them as a female. Who you are inside is who you are. So never worry about that, Gem Sissy. *hugs*

  • little luke

    Hi Miss Violet…luv this site…when will Your next blog be posted? 🙂

    • As you know, I had some tech issues with this blog. They have been fixed and I am back on track. I invited my friend, Princess Andi, to post here to keep you panty boys and gurls entertained. She did an excellent job too. Keep your eyes open for regular postings from me here….Soon!

  • kneel

    i so love it hen You watch me put on (and take off) my panties during our sessions. i also know You enjoy knowing i frequently wear them under my jeans at work when we cannot be in session. ~wink~ i do have that pretty new purple tango panties with the little lace skirt to model for You nest time. ~blush~

    As far as eating cum, thank You for allowing me to check that box as verified by You on several occasions. ~cum eating grinz~

    • Hello kneel. I have been missing you! *smile* I enjoy watching you take clothing off…and put sexy clothing on. *wink* You have wonderful panties, kneel. You have done a very good job with cum eating. I ponder where I shall take you next. Happy New Year kneel!

  • little luke

    The headline says it all!

  • Peter

    I don’t have skype but that would be fun to do session with you. Is skype expensive? I’m next 2 weeks I would love to do 2 mistress call with you and MsCindy? The 3 of us can have my long overdue hot steamy session where the 2 of you feminize me and dress me as girl and if you get me off I have to stay dressed.

    • Skype is free. So no worries there. However, for two Mistresses to view you on skype, one of the three must have a paid skype account. I do not. Perhaps Ms Cindy does. I would love to double team you with the sweet Ms Cindy, whom several people have pointed out could be my sister.

  • Davina

    Hello Empress Violet Yes, it’s been too long but I try to behave and be a good husband most of the time. 😉 Actually, I like to think I’m always a good hubby even though I have those naughty fantasies but my wonderful wife admits that fantasies are harmless as long as that is all they are because she admits to a few herself. But I do have to admit that I find myself thinking about you a little more often than she would probably like. I think you are very special because I like the way you come across and I really love the way you describe yourself. I understand exactly what my reality means and I don’t think there is any harm in a little “what if” when it comes to our imagination.

    My wife and I are planning a vacation which includes driving west from Florida and likely right through the heart of your territory before we turn north and head to Seattle. I am sure I won’t be able to make it as far as CA without wondering how close I come to passing by you.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I still think about what it would be like to get caught by you wearing panties and all the exciting things you might make me do if you did. I love to think about all the possible scenarios that may have occurred if I happened to cross paths with you. You have a delicious way of tormenting my thoughts and I feel compelled to thank you for all the happy endings. 😉

    I hope you had a great holiday and I wish you a happy and healthy summer.

    • Hello, Davina. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. *smile* I am sure that you are a good husband. Fantasies are fine. We all have them. I agree with your wife on that. How interesting that your vacation took you through the Sonoran Desert. Wouldn’t it be wild if our cars passed each other? I am a wicked Mistress. I know it. Hello back to you. You are welcome for the happy endings. Delighted to provide the inspiration. I trust your summer has been good.

  • little luke

    hi Miss Violet! i would love to see You and i wearing the same panties together in a sessision

    • The closest we can get to that scenario is you buying (or hamperskunking) a pair of panties like a pair I am wearing in one of my photos. If you email me about the pair you got, I will wear my pair like that when you call. So much fun! Great idea, little luke. xox

  • slave rob


    what a great post about a some sexy topics!

    Panties on cam…it’s the only way…how else can you show your compliance to Mistress? And enjoy the sexy combination of obedience, exhibitionism, and a touch of humiliation?

    i think i have been wearing panties for you on cam at every session, almost since we first met about 3 years ago. And for Mistress Mandy, too, of course (who likes me in camis and stockings, too, on occasion). Whether i start the session wearing them, or perhaps in my business suit, stripping down to just the panties i had underneath all day for you, it never fails to arouse me. And when you tease me, and edge me, over and over, it leads to a wonderful release…eventually, and only after i promise to faithfully eat every drop for you, in whatever way you wish of me.

    It’s no long a barrier to overcome, but a way to show my dedication to Mistress. A
    ll it takes is that first cam session…

    • What a great testimonial to being a panty boy, slave rob. Glad you enjoyed this posting. You have been wonderful about modeling panties on cam for me. I have told you this before…you have excellent taste in lingerie. Just lovely! You have overcome a few barriers, slave rob. Every session is a pleasure.

      • slave rob

        Mistress: thank you for the wonderful compliment. I am glad to have pleased you with my lingerie selections, and showing them off for you and Ms Mandy. Panties feel so wonderfully sexy – and being required to shop for lingerie in public, identify it’s for me, wear them underneath my business clothes, and ultimately, show you on cam, is just amazing. I’m glad to have pushed through those barriers, thanks to you and Ms Mandy, and look forward to more. After all, pleasing you with my obedience is my pleasure!

        • You are a good slave, rob. I should say that you have developed into a good slave. It has taken a lot of training. But you have really pushed past your initial boundaries. Now you have a collection of lovely panties to wear.

  • Chad

    I want this! I want you to make me cum in my panties. I’m 21 Male dark hair blue eyes athletic build six pack and i love panties

  • Forrest

    Hello mistress Violet. I have only recently started wearing panties in session for you. I enjoy how much you like seeing me in them. Ever since our first cam session I can’t imagine not being on cam for you. There is something so exciting knowing you can see everything I’m doing. It makes it seem like we are almost really there together.

  • little luke

    Hmm…maybe 😉

    • Maybe? *laughing* Wow! I never thought I would hear that out of you, little luke. Please tell me what about this has you saying “maybe”. I have to know.

      • little luke

        well…having a session where i am watching You watching me would heighten the experience even more – plenty of panty play and edging topped off with cum eating and a dose of humiliation. Knowing You can see me following Your commands and i can see Your reaction…the thought makes my tingly from head to toe…i guess in a nutshell, being able to see each other would add to the session. i am a lil’ shy and nervous about having a skype session. But……..maybe. 😉

        • That would be amazing, little luke. A skype session allows me to view you, but you would not be able to view me. It is incredibly exciting to watch everything you do, and the expressions on your face, knowing you are aware that I am focused on you so intently. Oh my!

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