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Talking Panties

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You Read That Right

I went shopping online for a pair of Halloween panties.  I found the ones you see to the left and had to have them.  They are so fun, right?  I put them on and when I turned and saw how nicely my bottom fills them out, an interesting thought came to me.

This year I am going to give you a reading to celebrate the holiday.  What is she talking about??  I can nearly hear you asking yourself that.  You should know by now that I always have a plan.

Talking Panties

Here is how I envision this happening.  You come to my place to receive your reading,  not sure what to expect, or ever precisely what kind of “reading” I have in mind.  Knowing I have you on edge like this delights me.

There is a note on my front door saying “Come on it.”  So you enter.  As you close the door behind you, you hear my voice say “I’m in the bedroom.  Come join me.”  You do not need to be asked twice, being the clever fellow you are.

Behind the Orange Door

When you walk into the bedroom, the lights are low, with candles lit on every surface.  I am lying on the bed, face down, wearing only my new Halloween panties.  From that distance, you cannot quite make out the design on them.  I beckon you to come closer, remove your pants, revealing your pumpkin orange panties I ordered you to wear.  Then I tell you to sit in the chair next to the bed.

Once you are settled on the chair, I have you masturbate a bit, because I am most definitely your masturbatrix.  Then I hand you a planchette.  You vaguely recognize it for what it is.  I instruct you to place it on my bottom, in the center and place two fingers of each hand lightly on the planchette.  You laugh nervously, but good naturedly follow my instructions.


Almost immediately the planchette jerks a bit beneath your fingers.  You look for strings and tricks, but know there are none.  This is a development you did not expect.  Then it begins to move smoothly over the moons of my bottom to the letter “W”.  You watch, fascinated as the planchette flies around the board landing on “O”, “R”, “S”, “H”, “I”, “P”, “M”, “E”.

You are verbally saying every letter as the planchette points to it.  I hear you forming words until it hits you and you triumphantly yell “I got it!  Worship me.”  That’s right, darling submissive.  You heard what the spirit world said.  Time to follow directions.  Hop to it! I will let you know if you are truly pleasing your Mistress.

An addicted stroker like you needs to learn discipline.  So…worship Mistress in every way first.  Then stroke some more, panty boi.  First you will stroke through those bright orange panties, and if you worship me well, you may stroke inside of them.

A very happy Halloween to you!  I will be visiting family and going to lots of fun parties.  When I get back, I will tell you all about it, and will certainly want to hear about your holiday fun.



18 comments to Talking Panties

  • Petey cream puff

    I want to be your panty boy Ms Violet😟if you could have me wear panties with matching bra that would be so hot! I hate wearing men’s underware as fabrics are crap/to tight and very uncomfortable.

    I want my tennis girlfriends to do this tome as well. I just don’t know how to bring this up. They do wear that along with sports bras/leggings/skirts. I’d love for them to have me wear this. How can I make this happen for real?

    • Violet

      Consider yourself my panty boy, Petey. No more tidy whities or boxers for you. Just pretty panties, every day. As for having your female friends dress you up, it is unlikely. Remember that this is best kept between your Mistresses and you, or a girl that you meet who knows about your cream puff side right from the start.

      • Petey cream puff

        Thank you Ms Violet!! I’ll be more then happy to be your panty boy. I want to start buying more & more panties especially the satin ones with pretty colors. I hate tidy whities and boxers. The fabric sucks and it’s uncomfortable. Your right about my friends not knowing. It is best to keep it between the mistresses and I.

        • Violet

          Tell me about your newest pretty satin panties, Petey. Color, trim. Everything!

          • Petey cream puff

            They are hipster panties in beige/tan color & pink/violet color. They have lace waistband and leg band. They are so girlish and I feel so feminine 😳😧😧 I’ll need to learn how to tuck as its obvious I have boner. With my d cup breast forms filling out my bra & now wearing panties I really am a cream puff. Your panty cream puff.

          • Violet

            I may have to start a cream puff blog so you have a place to go crazy with your sissy reminiscences. *wink* Enjoy your panties, Petey.

          • Petey cream puff

            If you could that would be great!

          • Violet

            It is in my idea bank. *wink*

  • little luke

    I don’t need talking panties to know i have to worship You but I would love to hear what stories Your panties have to say. 🙂

  • Scott

    Mistress Violet I would love to be your panty boy who gets to experience this. As the spirits direct Mistress will be worshipped.

    • Violet

      Hello Scott. You can experience this with me. I adore panty boy sessions. Looking forward to talking with you soon. So are your panties. *wink*

  • Those are stinking cute Ouija Board panties! I think I need a pair for myself… or perhaps for my pantie wearing stroker slut. I could read his ass, and let the spirit world take over. I bet the guardians and guides would love to see him in cute panties, serving his Mistress, being a conduit for the other worlds… lol!

    • Violet

      They are cute, right? I think you need a pair and so does your panty wearing stroker slut. The spirits would have a lot to say about him wearing a pair. *wink*

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