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Shopping for Panties

shopping for panties with miss violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Grab This Opportunity

If you have not yet gone shopping for panties in person, this is your opportunity, my naughty secret cum eater.  Think about it.  You are already out shopping for Christmas gifts.  If you have a lady in your life, you can pick up something sexy for her and shop for yourself at the same time.

While you are perusing the aisles of Victoria’s Secret, or your favorite lingerie department, act very natural as if you are merely looking for something lovely for the lady in your life.  Everyone will be so busy on their own shopping, they will barely notice what you are doing.

Don’t Have a Lady?

Do not let that stop you.  How are the salesladies going to know you do not have a lady to shop for?  I assure you that the women shopping around you will give it little thought.  They may smile or say “hello”, but no one is going to call you out.

You are going to have a fabulous time touching the fabrics, looking at all of the panty options in the stores.  Thinking about how incredible it will feel to use them for masturbation later.  It will be a panty fantasy!  Let yourself go and enjoy this experience.

December Panty Assignment

For my Panty Boy Club Members, I am giving you an assignment.  You are to find and purchase a pair of panties that match, or match as closely as possible, a pair that I am wearing in one of the photos on this blog.  That gives you a lot of choices of styles, colors, fabrics, and trimmings.

Then you are to send me a photo of you wearing those panties with a this message written on a piece of paper, “My December Panties, Miss Violet”.  That way, even if you do not show your face, I will know you actually got them.  What fun is an assignment if there is no accountability?  *grin*  Later, you can wear them in session with me.  We can arrange to wear our matching panties.

Spicing up masturbation is a good thing and this will be a lot of fun.  Happy shopping for panties!

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

7 comments to Shopping for Panties

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Yes tis the season to buy pantys

  • Petey cream puff

    If I’m going to shop for panties im usually buy matching bra to go with it. Yes touching the soft silky fabric is sooo good😢😧😳😧 your right once I’ve made purchases I can go home put them on and get off! I’ve yet to get busted but honestly I want to as it would best thing to happen and I can finally come clean and out of closet. I’ve been hoping to so I can be real panty boy for girls I know. I’m not worried about saleswomen as I could care less if they know it’s for me or not. At my age most women are married with family and I’m not. It would be best thing to get busted by girls I know and they make me their panty boy! I admit it Ms Violet I am a weak/feminine cream puff panty/bra wearing sissy who wants to have women do this to me.

    • Violet

      That is a really hot fantasy, Petey. I can understand why it excited you so much. You go shopping for panties in real life, and they call a Mistress here to role play what you would love to have happen with your female friends. Safe and so sexy!!

      • Petey cream puff

        Panties and bras are so hot to wear especially now that I have d cup breast forms to fill out my bras!! I’ve always been a cream puff panty/bra wearing sissy. I just needed you and the other mistresses to make me realize this and you did. Let’s face it the soft satin fabrics along with the many colors feel so good against my soft waxed skin. If I could I would wear them everyday. Ms said not to use sales ladies to make my fantasies real only the mistresses when I come home to call and to have all of you get me off. She’s right! I didn’t know Victoria’s Secret caters to sissies/cross dressers. This past year I’ve bought more women’s clothes as the styles and look feel and fit better on me then guy clothes. Same with boots which are so sexy to wear with leggings/yoga pants! I soo want to tell both girls I know about this but am afraid what they will think and dump me as their friend which I don’t want. Both have said they want to make me more accountable and keep me in line which they have. The one who’s my age I believe has hots & crush on me. I feel this is relationship as she makes sure that I have my t’s crossed and i’s dotted. The other I feel the same way but she’s 16 years younger then me. That’s the one I want to start dating and going out but afraid to ask her. I’ve done what they asked and want and I won’t question nor back talk them ever. Both are best friends and I want to be part of that and have them make me their cream puff but they don’t know of my dressing.😢😳

  • David

    Omg that sounds so fun i can’t wait. Victorias sectet makes my knees weak.

    • Violet

      I would pretend to be surprised by that, David. The truth is that V.S. stays open due to panty boys and cross dressers. It is true! So get your panties and let’s play!

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