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Birthday Panties for Men

Just today, I wondered if you ever received a pair of panties for your birthday?  If not, did you ever buy yourself a pair of panties for your birthday?  Birthday panties for men seem like the perfect gift when your man is a panty boy.

For a panty boy, it seems to be . . . → Read More: Birthday Panties for Men

Big News in Panty World

The Mecca for Panty Boys

Living Like a Supermodel

If you have been borrowing panties from your wife, girlfriend, etc…it is beyond time for you to build a panty wardrobe of your own.  Right now, on the Victoria’s Secret site, you can find out what sexy panties and other lingerie top models consider . . . → Read More: Big News in Panty World

Did Santa Bring You Panties?

Stuffing Panties

Did you hang your panties by the chimney with care?  That paints quite the picture, doesn’t it?  *smile*  But it does give Santa a BIG hint about the type of present you would appreciate.  Being the naughty sex tease I am, as I opened my presents Christmas morning I was wondering if . . . → Read More: Did Santa Bring You Panties?

Christmas Fun for You

Panties From Around the World

One of the perks of modern day shopping is the ability to get items from anywhere in the world, at the touch of your finger.  However, many of you are in a major time crunch with work.  I want to make your shopping as easy as . . . → Read More: Christmas Fun for You

Purr-fect Christmas Panty Gifts

Perk up panty boys!  As my search for the perfect Christmas panties continues, I give you yet another fun option for your loved ones (or yourself!).  It’s called “Bon Bon” thong, presented by Hanky Panky.  These beautiful stretch lace panties can come either rolled in a large printed cellophane paper tied at each end . . . → Read More: Purr-fect Christmas Panty Gifts

Christmas Panty Joke

With the times being what they are, we need all of the laughs we can get.  Well I found one today that you panty boys will get a big chuckle out of.  It’s centered around a pair of panties and a BIG mix-up in the wrapping department.

It was late on Christmas . . . → Read More: Christmas Panty Joke

Long Distance Pleasure

A fabulous toy has been brought to my attention and I already have a few slave boys in the process of procuring one for themselves.  It is a vibrator that you wear and I can control from anywhere in the world.  It’s called a Televibe.  I will tell you right up front that this . . . → Read More: Long Distance Pleasure

Santa Baby

Oh my gosh!  I am going to have a helluva lot fun this month.  It’s the biggest shopping month of the year and Ms Violet loves to shop!  You know I’m out there, surfing the web for all kinds of fabulous panty gifts for my panty boys.  Or for my panty boys’ ladies.  *wink*  . . . → Read More: Santa Baby

Panties for Christmas

You know how I love to find fun shopping experiences for you.  Since Christmas is rapidly approaching, I threw my search into high gear and came up with something I think you’ll love!

Just try and tell me that this isn’t the perfect gift for you panty boys!  The Christmas “Panty of the Month . . . → Read More: Panties for Christmas

Vampire Panties

This is no joke.  I found a site that carries Vampire panties.  They also have vampire stockings, shoes, dress and bijou bag.  You may not have noticed, but right now vampires are sizzling hot!  I’m sure you have heard of some of the vampire tv shows that are current favorites.  There is TruBlood, and . . . → Read More: Vampire Panties