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See My Panties

As of today, there is an entire GALLERY of pics of me on the Cock Control site.  Why am I mentioning this on the Panty Boy blog?  Well…because many of you ask about my panties.  And all of you like to look at naughty pics of me.  *wink*   Here is the link directly to . . . → Read More: See My Panties

Find Your Kinky Girl

Many of you lovely panty boys tell me that you are afraid to date because you do not believe there are women out there who will accept you wearing panties.  What???  I’m a girl.  And I enjoy you wearing panties.  I adore it.  And so do the rest of the Mistresses here.  Many of . . . → Read More: Find Your Kinky Girl

Calling All Panty Boys!

There is something extremely sexy about a Panty Boy.  A masculine guy who loves women but also loves the feel of feminine panties on his ass.  He haltingly confesses to his Goddess this kink he has for wearing panties.  Not sure how she will react.  Will she laugh?  Will she think I’m weird?   Will . . . → Read More: Calling All Panty Boys!