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Panty Boy Audios

Panty Boy Audios by Miss Violet

Panty Boy Audios by Miss Violet

I like to keep my Panty Boys whipped into an erotic frenzy.  So here are some sexy panty boy theme audios I created.  Download them for FREE.  Listen all you like.  Consider yourself spoiled!

Another Use for Panties

Panty Boy at Movies, Part I

Panty Boy at Movies, Part II

Panty of the Month Club

Wearing My Panties

Want to hear more?  I have HUNDREDS of erotic audios posted at our free audio sites: and

I also offer fabulous custom audios.  You can write the script yourself and have me record it, or have me write it too.  Want to know if they are good?  Read the “Testa-Moan-ials” page on my main blog for glowing comments by extremely satisfied customers.  *wink*

Miss Violet     xox



2 comments to Panty Boy Audios

  • My dear Miss Violet – I am so impressed at how many wonderful audios you have produced! It is not a big surprise that you have glowing reviews of you sissy recordings. Some day I will have to road trip it to you, so you can be my audio mentor. Thanks for working with me this month on Get Girlie!

    • Violet

      Hey Mistress Vivian. What a pleasure! If you come visit me, you and I will be making a series of audios…some for the free sites and some for the LDW Audio Store. Because I would not want to miss that opportunity. You are one of the most fun people I know!

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