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Princess Andi Loves to Tease Panty Boys

I invited my friend, Princess Andi to be a guest writer on this blog.  Read what she has to say about panty boys!


Mmmmm.  Looks around Ms. Violet’s blog. Very sexy! About one of my favorite subjects, as well! I love it! I want to thank Ms. Violet for the opportunity to write . . . → Read More: Princess Andi Loves to Tease Panty Boys

How To Know You Are a Hamperskunk

At least you left me this pair!

The Definition

A hamperskunk is a panty boy who is so completely undone by his fetish that he finds himself drawn to hampers.  Foraging through them like crazed raccoons in trash.  Tossing dirty clothing here and there in search of the Holy Grail…a panty of pretty, . . . → Read More: How To Know You Are a Hamperskunk

Delving Into Panty Pleasure

Even a thong has one!

Sometimes We Forget

Not every panty boy wants to WEAR panties.  I hate to shock you like this, but it is true!  Some panty boys have a fetish for panties because they know a woman wore them.  A woman they find attractive…desirable.  Which makes it a form of . . . → Read More: Delving Into Panty Pleasure

A Panty Boy is Born

The Early Years:

He may have had a sister.  Perhaps he borrowed her panties and tried them on due to a young boy’s curious nature.  Or he saw his mother’s panties and tried them on.  Either way, he tried on panties and discovered that he loved the feel.  The other typical intro to panty . . . → Read More: A Panty Boy is Born

Legal Briefs and Other Dirty Panties

Empress Violet has given you panty sluts a regular fashion show in attempts to dress your bottoms in style. Her love of pantyboys is clearly expressed. Today I want to talk about another aspect of your pantywear, more along the lines of “why” rather than “what” is on your sexy derrieres. Meet Exhibitionist . . . → Read More: Legal Briefs and Other Dirty Panties