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Real Life Sissy Maid

A Sissy Maid's Work is Never Done

Living the Dream

One of my favorite sissy maids, little “s”, is living the life that so many of my panty boys would give their left nut for.  He is a sissy maid for a very kinky lady.  After work every day.  She keeps him crazy . . . → Read More: Real Life Sissy Maid

The Big Question

Have I worn boxers or tidy-whiteys? Ask me!

Is it OK for a guy to wear women’s panties? I ask you…is it okay for a girl to wear men’s pants instead of female slacks?  The idea that only men can wear certain items and only women can wear other . . . → Read More: The Big Question

My New Panty Boy Maid

Pretty Maids All in a Row

Living to Serve

I have built up an impressive staff of panty boy and sissy maids.  And the line between the two can blur at times.  Once a man enjoys wearing panties, it is a very short drive to being coaxed into wearing a short ruffly skirt, . . . → Read More: My New Panty Boy Maid

Show Me Yours

Unzip for Me

It is only fair panty boys.  After all, I showed you mine.  I am really missing the Panty Boy Wall of Fame I used to have here.  More precisely, I miss looking at the gallery of panty boy pics you sent to me!  Everything from thongs, to bikinis, to rhumba panties.  . . . → Read More: Show Me Yours

Think About This

Panties Are Just the Beginning

When a man makes a decision to wear panties, he is dipping a toe into crossdressing.  For many wearing panties is enough.  They feel no need to experiment further.  But I have had requests from a good number of you panty boys to include pics and information about other . . . → Read More: Think About This