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Panty Boy Contest

Panty boy contest with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

It is That Time Again

Time for my annual Christmas Panty Boy Contest.  I just love Christmas and men in panties.  Being a frisky Mistress, I like to find some exciting ways to tap into the holiday spirit.  I am starting with you!

When I see a man in a pair of amusing Christmas theme panties, or something sexy, I just love it!  What do I mean?  Let me give you some ideas.

How to Enter

Email me ( a photo of you wearing the panties.  You do not need to show your face.  I will not be posting your photo or sharing it elsewhere.  However, I will ask the winner to take a pic of the panties by themselves so that I can post the winner.

The deadline is December 22nd, 2017.

The winner gets the honor of being this year’s Holiday Panty Boy.  They get a free 5 minute custom audio (winner writes the script), a free custom ringtone, and the admiration of my other panty boy fans.

Sample Christmas Panties

Here are some photos of fabulous Christmas theme panties.  There are hundreds to choose from.  A quick stop at your local mall or online shopping will provide you with many options.  Panty shopping is a blast!



I am a fan of creativity.  So go wild!  Amaze me!  Make me laugh!  Make me think, “What in the world???”.  It is all in fun, so you cannot go wrong.

Session Thoughts

In our next session together, wear a pair of Christmas theme panties.  It is fun, festive, and fabulous.  Items to have on hand for a holiday theme panty boy session:

  • peppermint oil & lotion
  • fur glove
  • warmed holiday fragrance oil
  • jingle bells on red, green, silver, or gold ribbon

With one, or more, of these items, you and I will enjoy a fun time.  I really enjoy introducing you to new sensations.  Also, I believe that one fetish leads to another.  There are some that go with panty boys so easily, such as Guided Masturbation, light to moderate CBT, Spanking, cock rings, Teasing, Tease and Delay, and Female Body Worship.

Ask me which one I feel is right for you.  I will show you how exciting it is to be introduced to a new fetish in the midst of your favorite one, panty boy.

Enter my panty boy contest today!

Miss Violet



Missing Panties Humiliation

missing panties roleplay session with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Did you take my panties?
Miss Violet 800-601-6975

I Should Have Known

When my favorite pair of black silk french bikini panties went missing after my last party, I should have known what happened.  It took some time to clear this mystery though.

At the time, I thought I had simply misplaced them.  After searching my entire home a few times and coming up empty-handed, I was stumped.  So I looked behind the washing machine and between the washer and dryer.  Nope…no panties there.


Being a phone Mistress, I know all about hamperskunks.  How you cannot resist a pair of pretty panties that have been worn by a hot woman.  I find it impossible to get angry about your antics.  It is like planting a bed of catnip, releasing your cat and being angry because they jump into the bed of catnip and roll around like they are high.

Of course, my panties were tempting for you.  When I think back on it, I remember you asking if you could use the restroom attached to my master bedroom.  I just thought someone was in the hall bath.  Oh no.  You were a man on a mission.

Spilling the Beans

You cannot keep a secret at all, can you?  I nearly burst out laughing when I saw a bit of black panties peeping out of your pocket.  Your eyes got large, you stammered, and blushed.  That got my mind going.  It was a quick trip to the realization that you had taken my panties.

Oh sure, you said that you were back to return them.  That you had washed them for me.  Oh well then, no harm done.  Right?

Wrong, panty slut!

Missing Panties Humiliation

“There are laws against this sort of thing”, I inform you.  I lock the door behind you, pick up my cell and make one call.  It only takes that one call to activate my special Mistress phone tree.  I tell her, “I have a hamperskunk in my living room right now.  Activate the phone tree.”  I hang up and smile at you.

You seem nervous.  I must have an unnerving expression on my face.  I can tell you that I have thoughts going through my head that would freak you out.  Thoughts like making you strip down, wear my panties and parade around in them in front of all of my female friends.  There will be over 20 women here very shortly.  Could be many more.  Oh, the erotic humiliation of it all.

Oh, no…you are not going anywhere.  You had your fun, now I am going to have mine!  Your secret panty fetish is about to go viral.

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Shopping for Panties

shopping for panties with miss violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Grab This Opportunity

If you have not yet gone shopping for panties in person, this is your opportunity, my naughty secret cum eater.  Think about it.  You are already out shopping for Christmas gifts.  If you have a lady in your life, you can pick up something sexy for her and shop for yourself at the same time.

While you are perusing the aisles of Victoria’s Secret, or your favorite lingerie department, act very natural as if you are merely looking for something lovely for the lady in your life.  Everyone will be so busy on their own shopping, they will barely notice what you are doing.

Don’t Have a Lady?

Do not let that stop you.  How are the salesladies going to know you do not have a lady to shop for?  I assure you that the women shopping around you will give it little thought.  They may smile or say “hello”, but no one is going to call you out.

You are going to have a fabulous time touching the fabrics, looking at all of the panty options in the stores.  Thinking about how incredible it will feel to use them for masturbation later.  It will be a panty fantasy!  Let yourself go and enjoy this experience.

December Panty Assignment

For my Panty Boy Club Members, I am giving you an assignment.  You are to find and purchase a pair of panties that match, or match as closely as possible, a pair that I am wearing in one of the photos on this blog.  That gives you a lot of choices of styles, colors, fabrics, and trimmings.

Then you are to send me a photo of you wearing those panties with a this message written on a piece of paper, “My December Panties, Miss Violet”.  That way, even if you do not show your face, I will know you actually got them.  What fun is an assignment if there is no accountability?  *grin*  Later, you can wear them in session with me.  We can arrange to wear our matching panties.

Spicing up masturbation is a good thing and this will be a lot of fun.  Happy shopping for panties!

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Stroking in Panties

stroking in panties with miss violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Five Fingered Frenzy

This is what happens when you put on a pair of panties and notice how sexy they feel on your body.  Your hand wanders over to rub your cock through those panties.  Then before you know it, that hand is slipping inside the panties to stroke full out.

This is natural.  After all, wearing panties is erotic.  That is what the whole panty fetish is all about.  Sure, it is a bit taboo.  But more than anything, it is the sensory input of wearing satin, silk, or stretch lace.   Amazing!

Let Me Watch

Yes, it is fun to hear you stroke and rub as I guide you along.  But it is 10 times better to let me watch on Skype.  Sexier for both of us.  You have to admit that having a beautiful young woman watch you stroke your cock while you wear panties does turn you on.  Of course it does!

You have a touch, or more, of exhibitionist in you.  It is okay, because I am definitely a voyeur.  I like to watch.  It adds more layers of eroticism and pleasure.  I can see exactly where your hand is, when a wet spot forms, and when the head of your cock peeks excitedly out of the waistband of your panties.  *smile*  Guided masturbation is something I excel in, with so many incredible ways to stroke.

Set the Stage

Let’s make a date of this.  Light a candle, turn the lights down a bit. Pick out your favorite panties and have them on when you call.  Then we can connect on Skype and take things further.

You do not even need to show your face.  Just you in your panties, and your hand.  Of course, if you wish to show your face, it is wonderful to see you.  But I leave that up to you and your comfort level.

Either way we will have a great time, my panty wearing man, because stroking in panties is incredibly sexy.

Have you ever done a panty boi cam call?  What did you enjoy best about it?

Miss Violet   800-601-6975


Talking Panties

call miss violet for halloween panty fun 800-601-6975

Read My Panties
Miss Violet 800-601-6975

You Read That Right

I went shopping online for a pair of Halloween panties.  I found the ones you see to the left and had to have them.  They are so fun, right?  I put them on and when I turned and saw how nicely my bottom fills them out, an interesting thought came to me.

This year I am going to give you a reading to celebrate the holiday.  What is she talking about??  I can nearly hear you asking yourself that.  You should know by now that I always have a plan.

Talking Panties

Here is how I envision this happening.  You come to my place to receive your reading,  not sure what to expect, or ever precisely what kind of “reading” I have in mind.  Knowing I have you on edge like this delights me.

There is a note on my front door saying “Come on it.”  So you enter.  As you close the door behind you, you hear my voice say “I’m in the bedroom.  Come join me.”  You do not need to be asked twice, being the clever fellow you are.

Behind the Orange Door

When you walk into the bedroom, the lights are low, with candles lit on every surface.  I am lying on the bed, face down, wearing only my new Halloween panties.  From that distance, you cannot quite make out the design on them.  I beckon you to come closer, remove your pants, revealing your pumpkin orange panties I ordered you to wear.  Then I tell you to sit in the chair next to the bed.

Once you are settled on the chair, I have you masturbate a bit, because I am most definitely your masturbatrix.  Then I hand you a planchette.  You vaguely recognize it for what it is.  I instruct you to place it on my bottom, in the center and place two fingers of each hand lightly on the planchette.  You laugh nervously, but good naturedly follow my instructions.


Almost immediately the planchette jerks a bit beneath your fingers.  You look for strings and tricks, but know there are none.  This is a development you did not expect.  Then it begins to move smoothly over the moons of my bottom to the letter “W”.  You watch, fascinated as the planchette flies around the board landing on “O”, “R”, “S”, “H”, “I”, “P”, “M”, “E”.

You are verbally saying every letter as the planchette points to it.  I hear you forming words until it hits you and you triumphantly yell “I got it!  Worship me.”  That’s right, darling submissive.  You heard what the spirit world said.  Time to follow directions.  Hop to it! I will let you know if you are truly pleasing your Mistress.

An addicted stroker like you needs to learn discipline.  So…worship Mistress in every way first.  Then stroke some more, panty boi.  First you will stroke through those bright orange panties, and if you worship me well, you may stroke inside of them.

A very happy Halloween to you!  I will be visiting family and going to lots of fun parties.  When I get back, I will tell you all about it, and will certainly want to hear about your holiday fun.



Pass the Penis Panty Game

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

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The Sexiest Panties Ever

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

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Miss Violet 800-601-6975

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Panty Duo Humping Fun

Miss Violet800-601-6975

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