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Panties in Neon

There has been a recent explosion (not the Vesuvius kind *wink*) in brightly colored panties.  We are not talking bright red, or peacock blue…but flashing hot NEON colors!  Here is an example of what I am seeing:

This is the adorable Zebra T-String.  It also comes in a Neon Pink . . . → Read More: Panties in Neon

Panty Art in All Forms

Panties are big!  You can find them in any art form imaginable.  And that being said…here is a sampling of what I found in one afternoon’s search.

Below is the URL to a video of a song making fun of Britney Spears forays into public with no panties, flashing her pussy and ass like . . . → Read More: Panty Art in All Forms

Hot Panty Book Review

Recently I found this divine book on panties by Alazar. It’s called “Alazar’s Panty Peeks.”   He is a famed bondage and fetish illustrator, so you know it is going to be hot!  This time, Alazar is looking where he is NOT supposed to.  The focus of this book is on panties!  Particularly . . . → Read More: Hot Panty Book Review

Rhumba Panties

These have to be the epitome of femininity in panties.  The famous, ruffled bottom Rhumba panties.   When you see Cancan girls bending over and throwing up their skirts, these are the very panties they have on!  Here is a classic pair:

I found several sources for these oh-so-feminine panties online.  The first is . . . → Read More: Rhumba Panties

Fun New Panties!

As promised, I have been scouring the lingerie stores of the world in search of exciting, new panties for my panty boys!  Here are some that I can’t wait to try.  The site is called

Scroll down on that page till you see  the “Butterfly Thong” in bright turquoise blue.  It is interesting . . . → Read More: Fun New Panties!

Panties Galore

Do you realize how many different kinds of panties are out there?  A huge, amazing variety!  Last night I was shopping online for gorgeous lingerie for a special “bride” (yes…you Peter!).  I found this web site I want to share with my panty boys:

Let me introduce to you the “BRACLI . . . → Read More: Panties Galore

Panties at Work or Not?

It always amuses me when one of my panty boys tells me they have never worn panties at work.  Never!   “Why not?”, I ask.  Inevitably they are afraid of being discovered.  What??  How exactly is someone at work going to see your panties?  I mean…do you, at any point, take your pants off during . . . → Read More: Panties at Work or Not?

Halloween is Panty Boy Heaven

Just like Halloween is awaited with great excitement by sissies every years, it is also very exciting for my panty boys!  Let’s face it…there are many costumes which allow a man to wear panties in public on this holy night of mischief and mayhem.  Let me share a story about my panty boy little . . . → Read More: Halloween is Panty Boy Heaven

Panty Boys Are Everywhere!

There are SO many panty boys!  I believe it is one of the best kept secrets in the sexual world.  This is something I began paying close attention to about a month ago.  Everywhere I go, I look for signs…clues…and wow!  I found them…a lot of them.  I was in a major, upscale department . . . → Read More: Panty Boys Are Everywhere!

Find Your Kinky Girl

Many of you lovely panty boys tell me that you are afraid to date because you do not believe there are women out there who will accept you wearing panties.  What???  I’m a girl.  And I enjoy you wearing panties.  I adore it.  And so do the rest of the Mistresses here.  Many of . . . → Read More: Find Your Kinky Girl