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Think About This

Panties Are Just the Beginning

When a man makes a decision to wear panties, he is dipping a toe into crossdressing.  For many wearing panties is enough.  They feel no need to experiment further.  But I have had requests from a good number of you panty boys to include pics and information about other . . . → Read More: Think About This

Did Santa Bring You Panties?

Stuffing Panties

Did you hang your panties by the chimney with care?  That paints quite the picture, doesn’t it?  *smile*  But it does give Santa a BIG hint about the type of present you would appreciate.  Being the naughty sex tease I am, as I opened my presents Christmas morning I was wondering if . . . → Read More: Did Santa Bring You Panties?

What Else Can We Do?

I’m Wearing Panties…Now What?

That’s a great start, but really only the tip of the iceberg of the possibilities for us and our kinky phone sex sessions.  Just because you are a panty boy, doesn’t mean you are limited to just one type of activity, or even a particular genre of activity!  I’m . . . → Read More: What Else Can We Do?

Christmas Fun for You

Panties From Around the World

One of the perks of modern day shopping is the ability to get items from anywhere in the world, at the touch of your finger.  However, many of you are in a major time crunch with work.  I want to make your shopping as easy as . . . → Read More: Christmas Fun for You

A Panty Boy is Born

The Early Years:

He may have had a sister.  Perhaps he borrowed her panties and tried them on due to a young boy’s curious nature.  Or he saw his mother’s panties and tried them on.  Either way, he tried on panties and discovered that he loved the feel.  The other typical intro to panty . . . → Read More: A Panty Boy is Born

Legal Briefs and Other Dirty Panties

Empress Violet has given you panty sluts a regular fashion show in attempts to dress your bottoms in style. Her love of pantyboys is clearly expressed. Today I want to talk about another aspect of your pantywear, more along the lines of “why” rather than “what” is on your sexy derrieres. Meet Exhibitionist . . . → Read More: Legal Briefs and Other Dirty Panties

Purr-fect Christmas Panty Gifts

Perk up panty boys!  As my search for the perfect Christmas panties continues, I give you yet another fun option for your loved ones (or yourself!).  It’s called “Bon Bon” thong, presented by Hanky Panky.  These beautiful stretch lace panties can come either rolled in a large printed cellophane paper tied at each end . . . → Read More: Purr-fect Christmas Panty Gifts

Christmas Panty Joke

With the times being what they are, we need all of the laughs we can get.  Well I found one today that you panty boys will get a big chuckle out of.  It’s centered around a pair of panties and a BIG mix-up in the wrapping department.

It was late on Christmas . . . → Read More: Christmas Panty Joke

A Huge Turn-On

I see that heading caught your attention.  *smile*  You are wondering what it is that turns me on so much.  Well, my little panty boys…it is YOU!  I have been a panty boy lover for a long time.  The first time I put a boyfriend in my panties for a giggle ended up being . . . → Read More: A Huge Turn-On