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Me, You and Your Panties

My Naughty Mind at Work

Let me Make This Clear

When I say that I love panty boys…I mean it!  And not just the thought of you wearing panties; but the fantasy of me getting my hands on you while you are in those panties.  It is high time I tell you about . . . → Read More: Me, You and Your Panties

Where's Violet?

The Power of the Thong

It’s Very Quiet

Since I had to change my Yahoo Messenger chat ID, it has been very, very quiet.  And that is how I know you did not write down my new chat ID.  Delete the old one.  That is gone.  My new ID is enchantrixviolet.  Add me . . . → Read More: Where’s Violet?

Show Me Yours

Unzip for Me

It is only fair panty boys.  After all, I showed you mine.  I am really missing the Panty Boy Wall of Fame I used to have here.  More precisely, I miss looking at the gallery of panty boy pics you sent to me!  Everything from thongs, to bikinis, to rhumba panties.  . . . → Read More: Show Me Yours