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Adding Texture…Adding Pleasure

So Many Lovely Textures to Explore

Making Stroking More Fun

You already know that panties do it for you.  The thought of them, the sight, the feel, scent, taste.  Well…I have a way for you to make your panty boy stroking time SO much more exciting!  And the thought of men in panties makes me excited!

We are all aware that sexual aids abound.  But sometimes they are already at hand.  This is one of those times.  Because I am talking about panties.  If you have a lady in the house, maybe you can “borrow” a few of hers.

Your Shopping List

If you can’t borrow them, you will be doing some shopping.  You can do that online, in person, by proxy.  The important thing is that you obtain all types of panties on this list:

~  Satin (or satin like)

~  Silk (or silky)

~  Velvet

~  Stretch Lace

~  Mesh

~  Lace

~  Soft Cotton

It’s Game Time!

Line up all 7 pairs of panties so that they are visible and easy to reach.  Make sure you also have a good lubricant nearby.  You are going to use each pair, one at a time, to stroke your cock with.  Just wrap a pair of panties around your dick and start stroking.  Stroke for about 4 minutes with each pair.  Go right down the line.  If you are also into edging (tease & delay), edge yourself between every 1-2 pairs for even more delicious fun.

You will find that the variety of textures touching the flesh of your cock will stimulate the senses in a whole new way.  Prepare for a toe curling, muscle tensing, earth shattering release at the end.  The best thing about this game is that it can last as long as you can.

Take it to it’s highest level by lining up your panties and calling me for the ultimate guided masturbation session ever!

Feedback is Desired

I adore hearing stories from my panty boys about their experiences.  So if you play this new panty game, leave a comment here so we can all hear how it was for you.  You know some panty boys will be living vicariously through you.

4 comments to Adding Texture…Adding Pleasure

  • WearingMommiesPanties

    I kept my panties on and came in them. I hope thats ok. I was lucky when I did this because I just happened to have a cotton pair of victorias secret pink. This was my first experience ever with cumming in a pair of cotton panties. What I loved about it most was that Empress Violet has the power over me to make me wear whatever pair of panties she wants. When I started realizing that I was not doing this for me, but cumming in a pair of cotton panties because I was told to, thats when I started to really get off. I want to know what else I will end up liking because Empress Violet made me cum in them.
    P.S. for any little panty boys like me who are considering wearing some cotton, it dosent make as much of a mess when you cum in them.

  • Cindy

    What a wonderful challenge and I happen to have a pair of each type except velvet and if you can believe it cotton…I know, it’s just so hard when your buying panties to pass up lace and mesh panties for a pair of cotton panties, but VS has many fun pairs and no girls panty drawer is complete without some fun cotton panties. I guess I have a couple of other things to buy, it’s a good thing I am planning on shopping soon as you know:)

    You truely know what we pantyboys love.

    • Hello sweet cindy!! I am so happy to have you following my blog. Because you are a true panty boy and you know how I feel about that. *smile* Yes! Even soft cotton panties have a place in a girl’s, or panty boy’s, life. And they feel incredibly good when stroked over a cock that has just experienced the feeling of lace, satin and mesh. I like to stroke a cock with soft cotton panties between every 2-3 other fabric panties. Let me know what you think of this game after tonight cindy. *wink*

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