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Wearing Scanty Panties

Call Miss Violet for panty boy phone sex 800-601-6975

Call Miss Violet 800-601-6975

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The Case for a Thong

Thongs are made to fit the body of a woman.  This means that when you put on a thong, unless you have one of the smallest cocks in the world, some of your naughty bits will poke out of the thong.  It’s a fact.

Even with a small cock, your balls may jump ship.  This can become rather uncomfortable, especially when you are wearing the thong for the day.  Be aware of this and try wearing one for an hour or so at home, for your first attempt.

The Flip Side

You may discover that you enjoy the sensation of wearing such a tiny pair of panties that there is no way your cock and balls can be contained.  Maybe you will enjoy the feeling of each ball hanging off the outside of the thong crotch; and the tip of your cock waving hello from above the waistband.  *grin*  I know I enjoy that sight!

It does take some experimentation to find out if these are sensations that will excite you.  This is one of those pleasures for men in panties that never sounds good, but could surprise you and feel amazing.

Some of my Favs

I suggest you try one, or more, of the following types of thongs.  That way, your cock and balls get acquainted with a variety of sensations and intensity.  Two of my favorite panty fetish aspects.

  • A satin thong
  • A stretchy lace thong
  • A crotchless thong (oh my!)
  • A thong with a strand of pearls for the crotch

We will have fun experimenting with your masturbation.  I’m sure you will try some on your own, so be sure to let me know which ones you tried and what you thought.  I love hearing about your panty boy fun!

Panty Boy Assignment for February

You are to obtain a pair of panties that either have a Valentine’s Day motif or a color that fits the holiday.  Remember to send me a pic of the panties you got, so I can show them off in my gallery, here on this blog.  The February winner of this assignment will get a personalized ring tone recorded by me.
Listen to the audio below by clicking on the far left black area of the bar.  Enjoy!

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975



20 comments to Wearing Scanty Panties

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I would go to beach with a wig on face down and butt up with thong or g string on and wait for adventures

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I just listened to the audio .I wear thongs to show off my ass at the beach to show im willing.I wear my thong at home when i back up on suction cup dildoe mounted to door.Tongs give off the sensation of advertising the wearer wants ass attention and action

    • Violet

      Thongs do say “look at my ass”, “touch my ass”, so I believe you are correct in jumping to them screaming “fuck my ass”. Good point, Sissy April Nicole.

  • cassie

    Prefer full cover not into boi parts being out not feminine but a satiny vs thong that covers and u can feel the sweet string on ur boipuss is divine and soooo feminine

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Wow yes i kiss ass but not on the job only my phone!Empress Violet

  • cassie

    I prefer full coverage but a thongs plus is that sweet string in my crack and rubbing my boi vag

  • sparty2330

    Great post Ms Violet! I have to admit I love wearing extremely skimpy thongs and gstrings. It drives me insane having my stuff hanging out the bottom and top of them! Especially when I wear them in public underneath my clothing!

  • Panty Paulla

    Hi Mistress Violet,
    This is Panty Paulla and I LUV this post! Not surprisingly, I love all kinds of panties but thongs are my favorite. I can even wear V-Strings and stay in them just fine! OK, my clitty is small, to be fair, but like you said….do a lot of experimenting, cotton, lace….there are a ton of choices out there for us gurls. Actually, here is a tip. Hanky Panky thongs are the most comfortable and offer tons of support for clitties and the boys. They are more expensive but last forever, so are totally worth it.

    Now I am off to Victoria’s Secret to complete this month’s assignment. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    ~Panty Paulla

    • Hello, Panty Paulla! *smile* So good to hear from you. Thank you for adding your experiences with thongs. Very helpful. I cannot wait to see the panties you got for this month’s assignment. You still have four days to enter.

  • little luke

    great pic, Miss Violet! 🙂 Not much of a thong wearer but i’ll give it a try!

    Valentine motif…hmmmm? i like it.

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