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I am So Curious

Today I am wearing the sexiest panties ever.  Well, they are, in my opinion.  That got me thinking about what you feel are the sexiest panties ever.  Are they a pair you own?  Maybe a pair you saw a lover wear?  Or even a pair you saw in a magazine.

This is such a subjective thing.  One person’s sexiest ever is another person’s ho-hum.  I took a photo of my panties and posted them in the photo to the left.  Now you know my vision of panty perfection.


I forgot to mention that my luscious bottom was still in them.  *wink*  I just love the look and feel of these pretty pink panties.  After all, I am an erotic Femdom.

But I am very curious to find out what you consider to be the sexiest panties ever.  I am inviting you to send me photos of your panties (without you in them, darn it), to my email:  I will post them on my Panty Boy Club page.  Let’s get a gallery of ultra sexy panties posted there.  A little sensual teasing is a good thing.  A LOT of sensual teasing is heaven!

But Why Are They Sexy?

I feel mine are the sexiest because the design hugs my bottom, with the keyhole opening and just a slender ribbon with Swarovski crystals to cover my crack.  And then only a satiny pink ribbon keeping them on.  Plus they are very silky and feel marvelous against my skin.  Just looking at me in those panties may push you to try adding some ass worship to your next session.

Tell me why your sexiest panties are so sexy.  Is it the way they look?  Or is it more about the way they feel?  Did something sexy happen to you while you were wearing them?  You know how an item can easily be associated with an exciting event.

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