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Birthday Panties for Men

birthday panties for men with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Just today, I wondered if you ever received a pair of panties for your birthday?  If not, did you ever buy yourself a pair of panties for your birthday?  Birthday panties for men seem like the perfect gift when your man is a panty boy.

For a panty boy, it seems to be a can’t miss gift.  I have done online shopping and found some I consider panty boy birthday worthy.  Let me know what you think about these?

Panties For You

These panties were chosen for their visual appeal and for having extra fabric in the front, giving good coverage to your cock and balls.  That way you can truly wear them and enjoy stroking every bit of your bits through the fabric.

These will contain your dangly bits, feel great wearing them, even all day at work, and look so sexy!  While I am not generally a big fan of boy shorts, the PB1white stretch lace ones are sweetly sexy.  You have to admit!  Broaden your horizons a bit.  Try new styles and fabrics.  Mmmm, men in panties excites me!

My Birthday Panties

My birthday is coming up on the 28th.  A Mistress can never have too many panties.  While I have a decent collection, it is nothing compared to a few panty boys reading this now who have at least 300 pairs of panties each!  Impressive!  PB5

You have no idea what kind to send me?  Get me a gift certificate.  Most of the ones on my Wish List for clothing also have lingerie.  I LOVE shopping for panties, so that will be even more fun for me.

Your FaPB3vorite Panties

What are your favorite panties?  Leave a comment on this post describing your favorite pair of panties.  Why are they your favorite?  Is it the style, the feel, the color?  Is it how they I love hearing about your preferences for birthday panties for men!

Tell me everything.  Your  secret panty fetish is safe with me.  *wink*  And know that I am a constant source for spicing up masturbation.



14 comments to Birthday Panties for Men

  • Petey cream puff

    My birthday is coming up in 2 weeks. I’ve bought 10 new pair of panties along with bras. Now that I have d cup breast forms filling out my bra I know what women go through. Once you have me in panties I’ll belong to you. And yes I am a weak cream puff😢😞😧😳 it’s just the fabrics/girlish colors and ruffles are so soft against my girlish waxed smooth skin. The same with wearing my d cup breast forms they fill out my bra😳😢😟😧I have real breasts! For my birthday and beyond I want you to add guided masterbation/lipstick kisses on my cheeks along with feminization for me. If you get me off I have to stay this way all the time.

  • little_luke

    Blue satiny panties with a mesh front….how about we wear matching panties in a session Miss Violet?

  • Alan

    Mmmmm Mistress
    I love the sound of wearing sexy thong panties. I did once receive a pair from a cockteasing Mistress – and she made me do things that were so erotically enthralling in them. As you say fully contained in them (after all they need to be properly designed for this for us males!) they are so sensual.
    My favourite are thong filmy tight sheer panties……
    Whew and of course if you were to be wearing a pair whilst teasing me wearing a pair – who knows what might happen?
    Thanks for a lovely blog

    • Violet

      Hello Panteezd! Thank you for sharing. Those sound crazy sexy. I do have a few pairs like that. So if you call me, remind me and I will slip into a pair for your session.

  • little luke

    my favorite are a pair i have that are blue bikini style that are satiny all over with a flowery little mesh piece in front and a bow at the waist band. They feel great and look great. It would be great to wearing matching panties in a session with You, Miss Violet!

  • michael Barnes

    I love any that are sexy and been covering a pussy before. if they have been worn by a woman before and she made me wear them for her friends, male and female. I would do as told and be her little CD slut

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