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Stroking in Panties

stroking in panties with miss violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Five Fingered Frenzy

This is what happens when you put on a pair of panties and notice how sexy they feel on your body.  Your hand wanders over to rub your cock through those panties.  Then before you know it, that hand is slipping inside the panties to stroke full out.

This is natural.  After all, wearing panties is erotic.  That is what the whole panty fetish is all about.  Sure, it is a bit taboo.  But more than anything, it is the sensory input of wearing satin, silk, or stretch lace.   Amazing!

Let Me Watch

Yes, it is fun to hear you stroke and rub as I guide you along.  But it is 10 times better to let me watch on Skype.  Sexier for both of us.  You have to admit that having a beautiful young woman watch you stroke your cock while you wear panties does turn you on.  Of course it does!

You have a touch, or more, of exhibitionist in you.  It is okay, because I am definitely a voyeur.  I like to watch.  It adds more layers of eroticism and pleasure.  I can see exactly where your hand is, when a wet spot forms, and when the head of your cock peeks excitedly out of the waistband of your panties.  *smile*  Guided masturbation is something I excel in, with so many incredible ways to stroke.

Set the Stage

Let’s make a date of this.  Light a candle, turn the lights down a bit. Pick out your favorite panties and have them on when you call.  Then we can connect on Skype and take things further.

You do not even need to show your face.  Just you in your panties, and your hand.  Of course, if you wish to show your face, it is wonderful to see you.  But I leave that up to you and your comfort level.

Either way we will have a great time, my panty wearing man, because stroking in panties is incredibly sexy.

Have you ever done a panty boi cam call?  What did you enjoy best about it?

Miss Violet   800-601-6975


16 comments to Stroking in Panties

  • Sissy April Nicole

    My stroking days are over due to it not getting hard any more however my tongue has desires to fullfill on your beautiful ass Miss Violet yummi photo

  • little luke

    i think it is time we make this happen Miss Violet. You always take me to a higher, more intense level.

  • Little luke

    Hmmm? You watching me in panties. Could be interesting, Miss Violet. 🙂

  • Petey cream puff

    Wearing panties/bra instantly gets me hard compared to wearing the tidy whities. Just the soft/silky fabrics against my soft/girlish waxed skin. With my skin getting waxed monthly along with using cherry blossom lotions/mist I’m soft everywhere!😳😢now that I’m wearing d cup breast forms filling out my bra along with panties it is time to do call with you. I’m back on my 8 week cycle of pills that gets me hard. I do need guided masterbation as everytime I’m hard and ready to get off I go soft😢😞. Would you be interested in adding this along with feminizing/dressing/kissing/turning and keeping me as your cream puff girl?

    • Violet

      You are SUCH a panty lover, Petey. I imagine you stroking in panties every day! Very interesting, Petey. Yes, I would be interested. Please email me your thoughts on how you would like that integrated into your sessions.

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