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Missing Panties Humiliation

missing panties roleplay session with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Did you take my panties?
Miss Violet 800-601-6975

I Should Have Known

When my favorite pair of black silk french bikini panties went missing after my last party, I should have known what happened.  It took some time to clear this mystery though.

At the time, I thought I had simply misplaced them.  After searching my entire home a few times and coming up empty-handed, I was stumped.  So I looked behind the washing machine and between the washer and dryer.  Nope…no panties there.


Being a phone Mistress, I know all about hamperskunks.  How you cannot resist a pair of pretty panties that have been worn by a hot woman.  I find it impossible to get angry about your antics.  It is like planting a bed of catnip, releasing your cat and being angry because they jump into the bed of catnip and roll around like they are high.

Of course, my panties were tempting for you.  When I think back on it, I remember you asking if you could use the restroom attached to my master bedroom.  I just thought someone was in the hall bath.  Oh no.  You were a man on a mission.

Spilling the Beans

You cannot keep a secret at all, can you?  I nearly burst out laughing when I saw a bit of black panties peeping out of your pocket.  Your eyes got large, you stammered, and blushed.  That got my mind going.  It was a quick trip to the realization that you had taken my panties.

Oh sure, you said that you were back to return them.  That you had washed them for me.  Oh well then, no harm done.  Right?

Wrong, panty slut!

Missing Panties Humiliation

“There are laws against this sort of thing”, I inform you.  I lock the door behind you, pick up my cell and make one call.  It only takes that one call to activate my special Mistress phone tree.  I tell her, “I have a hamperskunk in my living room right now.  Activate the phone tree.”  I hang up and smile at you.

You seem nervous.  I must have an unnerving expression on my face.  I can tell you that I have thoughts going through my head that would freak you out.  Thoughts like making you strip down, wear my panties and parade around in them in front of all of my female friends.  There will be over 20 women here very shortly.  Could be many more.  Oh, the erotic humiliation of it all.

Oh, no…you are not going anywhere.  You had your fun, now I am going to have mine!  Your secret panty fetish is about to go viral.

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

9 comments to Missing Panties Humiliation

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Ooouuuu your so yummmy i would so love to sniff your pantys and wear them on my head or even sniff a chair you just sat in. Wow your photo aroused the desire in me to orally pleasure you thanks mwah!

  • Empress Rayne

    Such fun Ms Violet! I just love the term “hamperskunk”. I would love to be a guest at that little panty slut’s humiliation party. Feel a little bad for the poor freak though…I mean how could he resist a pair of panties that had covered your beautiful ass! 😉

    • Violet

      You will definitely be on my guest list for my missing panties humiliation party, Empress Rayne. I know you would be a fabulous addition to the fun. Hamperskunks need to pay the price for absconding with women’s panties.

  • Petey cream puff

    😳😮😧I’m going to be exposed as your cream puff girl with you and 20 of your gfs/mistresses and possibly more. I didn’t mean any harm in taking and wearing your panties. They just feel so soft against my hairless skin. With me being made to wear panties also with bra I’m going to be all of yours cream puff girl. Are you going to have me wearing that sheath dress hanging in door as well full bag of makeup?😳😮😧.

    • Violet

      It’s like you already know how this scenario will continue to unfold, Petey cream puff. Clearly you have a lot of experience with this type of situation. *wink*

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