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Caught Stroking

caught stroking in panties with miss Violet
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Fun Panty Boy Fantasy

You found a safe place to park your car. There are some lights nearby, but not too much light. There are women coming and going from the parking lot. You see a group of women who are hot and you are ready to begin. Though it scares you to think about it, you secretly hope you will be caught stroking.

The Pretty Panties

You are wearing such a pretty pair of panties. They are tight on your ass, and hold your cock firmly. The teasing texture of the fabric is enticing against your skin. Your pants are unzipped and your hand begins to stroke right through the panties. Stroking in panties makes you crazy.

Your moans are like an erotic announcement to anyone nearby. “I’m jacking off in here!” But come on. You and I both know that you love to think you might get caught stroking.

How Women React

They are walking back to their car. Suddenly they hear a strong noise. “Is that someone moaning?” “Maybe someone is hurt.” So they look around and finally pinpoint your vehicle as the source. Wanting to help if someone is hurt, they come closer.

Through the window they see you sitting in your car. Just about the time they open their mouth to ask, “Are you okay?”, you let out a louder groan and she realizes that your hand is moving up and down rhythmically. She jerks back and turns to call to her friends who are coming toward you.

Mob Mentality

Having her friends there is a game changer. She laughingly tells them what she saw. “What? What a perv? Let me see!” Then the ladies are crowding around your driver’s side door, leaning over to get a better look. They are laughing loudly and making comments about your pretty panties and you being such a perv.

Eventually they walk away, shaking their heads and talking about you, which excites you more. Right about this time, you shoot your load into the crotch of your very pretty panties. As the ladies pull out of the parking lot, honking and laughing at you, you slip your panties off and lick your cum greedily.

Fun Panty Boy Fantasy

This is a really fun fantasy to role play. I have had some callers actually do this too. If you choose to engage in real life public teasing, know that you will be walking on the wild side. Perhaps that is your thing! I love bringing your favorite panty boy scenario to life.

Miss Violet – Panty Boy Lover


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