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Proud to be a Panty Boy Lover!

This site is for manly men who love women and happen to enjoy wearing panties.  Many of whom also happen to be champion strokers.  We are not talking sissies, bi-curious, bi, or gay.  Simply straight guys with a kink for panties.  And perhaps also wearing a bra, stockings, camisole and other sexy items.  But you want to do the wild monkey dance with a woman.

So if this description fits you, please leave a comment, email me, make a suggestion.  I want to make this your favorite place to hang out.

Empress Violet

A sensually dominant woman who loves panty boys.


Six feet tall in my bare feet.  I am a long, tall drink of water.  A dominant, Amazon woman.  Deal with it.  My measurements?  I am going to make you work for those.  *giggle*  Go to my main blog, and click on the “About” page there.  It is worth the trip.

The Rest

My hair is naturally dark and straight.  I have been growing it out for many years now.  My eyes are dark green.  Thanks to my hispanic father, my skin tends to be dark and I tan easily.  I have pierced ears and a pierced belly button.  My one tattoo is on the outside of my ankle.  It is of a dolphin.  I adore water; particularly the ocean.

Sexually Speaking

You know I like panty boys.  But what you don’t know is what I like to do once I have them all to myself.  I am into a whole lot of things, but we can limit that to the ones you enjoy.  Bondage, sensory fun, teasing, tease & delay, chastity, guided masturbation, cuckolding, role play, fantasies, slave/submissive/sissy training, giving assignments, and generally making your call as R-E-A-L as possible.

For Fun

Your Mistress is a voracious reader.  That explains why I always have so many books on my Wish List.  My passion is music.  Primarily singing, followed by playing a variety of musical instruments such as harp, violin, piano, hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, fiddle, doumbek, and recorder.  My tastes in music are wide and I really like listening to music as much as possible.

I am a lover of all things spiritual and the outdoors.  When I am hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, or just sitting around a campfire…all is well in my world.  That is one of my main methods of decompressing.  Another one is herb gardening.  I have grown my own herbs for years and use them for cooking.

When I can, I meet with one of my slaves at the local dungeon and have fun putting them through their paces.  At home, I limit myself to ordering around my 2 house slaves who are in long-term chastity.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed learning more about me.  Now I want to hear from you!

34 comments to About

  • lee

    mmm so hard in panties love them so much xx

    • Violet

      Hello, lee. Mmmm…I love men IN panties…so much. What are you doing leaving a comment on my About page? I just noticed that. Silly lee. Find your favorite post and leave one there. I will be posting a new one this week. Finally! 🙂

  • lee

    Hi i love wearing panties etc.. makes me so hard. Love to be wanked off in them.. need a good one xxx

    • Violet

      Hello lee. Sounds like a panty boy I will enjoy playing with. Bring your favorite pair of panties and call me!

      • lee

        mmm yeah love wearing and playing in them… love to play in yours xxx stroke me

        • Violet

          Hello lee. That is a very sexy fantasy. I am not into doing the stroking for you. What I am into is guiding your stroking, incorporating sexy panties in fun, unexpected ways that take your stroking to a whole new level.

    • I just love to wear sexy silk panties it turns me on my wife doesn’t know this I will put on her panties when she goes somewhere. It just feels sexy for me when I wear panties gives me great hard ons I’ve worn panties since I was a teenager though not 24/7 but I would like to. Because I feel really comfortable in them in stead of my men’s briefs.

  • David

    Dear. Violet i don’t like to be labled i am open mlnded though i am a submissive. Women have always been incharge of me and i have learned learned so much .i used feel denial i am and always have been a pantyboy i have girlfriend. Who is dominant and when i would stay over she would let me us her things and introduced to face cream now that we live together we both use

    • Violet

      I label you a fun guy, David. *smile* Sounds like you have a wonderful girlfriend. Lucky you!

      • David

        My glrl friend teachs me so i can use her things. We love body washes she bought me a poof and i smell like 👧 girl but i can’t resist how good i feel we share but she got me baby lips lip bahm i loved it next time she bought me lip gloss color mate i fell in love without thinking i went christmas shopping and i forgot my girl friend petfumed me and my lips were plnk and shinny i have become used smelling like a girl and she bought more lip gloss i guess i am luck

        • Violet

          While this is all fascinating, David, I am unclear as to what it has to do with panties or panty boys. Hmmm

          • David

            Dear violet i did get of point sooo here’s a panty storie i was panty shopping when i spotted a babydoll nightgown I’ve never had one and it was so cute white with pretty pink bows and pink roses and my favorite tiny gstring panties there is an advantage to not being well endowed just covered in front all but naked behind perfect going all out i shaved my whole body slipped into it omg it felt so good against my smooth skin and when i looked in the mirror i casped the top made of spandex formed two perfect tits the fabric being see through showed my nipples the nylon kept my nipples hard as rocks my body tingling i was weak I’ve felt very feminine wearing bodyshaping pantyhose but having tits i really felt like like a girl i melted the nylon held them so firmly i was constantly aware of my nice tits i think i may have gone off subject again

  • stan

    I´m wearing my new silky, lacey, white panties. They feel so good against my skin, and I just love ’em. But it’s even better to be able to speak about it!!! As a 6 year old I had an “accident” at kindergarten and my auntie who lived near by put me in my cousin’s little girl panties, so I went home wearing them. That was the very first time, but it wasn’t anything sexual until puberty when I was fooling around in my sister’s blue lace and satin thong that I ejaculated FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. I did my sister’s panties until I was caught, and subsequently humilliated and embarrassed and told how sick and dirty I was. It stuck. Also I learned to masturbate the way everyone does.

    Later I bought them, stole them, saw pictures of them, but it has never gone away. I am now 35 years old, and I’ve been in a few great relationships with women, but only once one was curious enough to spontaeously put me in her black-red lace thong: I was embarrassed, and though I wanted to, didn’t follow through. It was the 90s you see, and here in south america they raise you a certain way that makes it easy to judge yourself a little too harshly.

    I’ve (secretly) enjoyed it, I’ve resented it, I’ve fought it, but it’s only recently that I’m coming to embrace it and not feel embarrassed or insecure with myself for it. I know what I want, and what I like. I met an escort who I opened up to, and she enjoys it very much that I nearly cream merely at the feel of her body through the satins and silks. Empress Violet, I have your website to thank for having the courage to do it.

    One day, when I get back in the field and find a girl I like, who likes me back, I’ll make sure she likes ALL of me, with sweet cheek huggers caressing my skin (hopefully hers, and with her ordering me around). I know she’s out there.

    Thanks for letting me vent. Bye

    • Hello Stan,

      I am really happy to hear that you have come to terms with being a panty boy. It is nothing to be ashamed of. It feels good. It hurts no one. Now you found my blog and you are part of the panty boy family. *hugs* I hope you will be back.

      • Stan

        The first time it was almost a coincidence. There it was, just hanging over the shower curtain: her white, frilly lacy thong. I asked her to put it on for me, and after a few drinks and some fooling around I asked her to put it on me; she was so willing. She’s my best friend.

        Years later, after having been done with our affair we can still call each other friends.
        I came clean to her about my love for panties while watching a movie; all the giggles and the sighs eventually led to her giving me a delicious pair of polka dot culottes and a satin chemise for me to sleep in. Right now we’re in full on panty loving mode. I’m ecstatic, and I owe it to you mistress, to have learned to love myself in it.
        She gave me a panty task: to find two pairs of the sweetest white satin panties. The ones I found and bought (with the lingerie store girl giving me a wink and thelling me of the time she recognized me in the metro) were one pair of satin bikini shorts with a lace outlining in the buttocks that feels oh so fine against my throbbing hardness and makes my ass look like a 16 year old girl’s; the other I’m wearing right now, under the pink lace culottes my panty girlfriend gave me, white satin tanga panties with a lace linings in thefront panel and a little bow in the front.
        We were good and ready, but I had been too eager during the day: I bruised myself.
        As she laughed at me for being such a little perverted slut that rubbed her clitty raw, she kept on teasing me, making me hard, and making the sore I’d rubbed on myself with my lacey girlclothes.
        It’s been two days, I’m good now. But now I can’t wait for her to give me another chance to measure my girliness with luscious clothing and those things that only can be done between panty girlfriends (I am such a lesbian slut!)

        • Violet

          Stan, what a titillating story! You are outing yourself and I love that! Bruising your clitty! I cannot call you a panty boy, because you are a sissy. Oh yes…you are!

          • Stan (AKA Danielle)

            Oh thank you! (Bows, courtsies and giggles)

            Mistress D. wants you to know she greatly aprreciates your support for our pantyplay. I wish I could go into detail right now, but I got my panties in a bunch as I write 😉
            You should browse for undergarments made in Colombia. We don’t have much access to american and european lingerie brands (really expensive to get), but I don’t think we really need to, because they make such beauties here. The girl at the Ellipse outlet in Medellín (my town) told me that most their catalogue was designed for the kind of voluptuous, latina model kind of woman. Soooo sweet. I got a bra and panty ensemble for my mistress, and spent a lot of time in the store checking stuff out. It was 10 am, it was just me and Erica, the lingerie store girl, sorting through undies while the warm morning breeze swayed tens of hanging panties this way and that.
            It was a great day, as any shopping day is. Mistress loved her gifts and gave me her approval.

            Again, thank you for all this.



          • Violet

            Oh my, Danielle. You have been having yourself a grand panty shopping time. Thank you for sharing this, sweetie. How fun!

          • Danielle

            I just bought my first black sheer nightie

            my mrs is gonna love how it feels on me. Im wearing it right now, with my white panties 3 layer cocktail. Feel like dancing!!! Colombian lingerie brands rock! I got a Lilly Pink brand black nightie made of god knows what soft material, a couple panties and a lace cammy. Sweet Lilly Pink!

            I love dressing up, by myself or with my panty mrs. She got me the cutest pair of black stockings.

            I hope you answer some day Violet. You opened a beautiful door for us to walk through.

          • Violet

            And here I am, Danielle. Your delight with fine lingerie is palpable. I adore that about you. *hugs*

          • Danielle

            It’s 3 am here in Colombia. My usual pajamas have a little secret: my garter belt, stockings, thong and panties. Black and white ensemble given to me by Mrs. D., who I’m fortunate enough to have. You could say we’re a couple (everybody asumes we are, since we’re always together), but we are soooo much more than that. I’d like to tell you more about us and what we do in private. May I write you a personal e-mail? We’d be thrilled to know what you think about our brand of play…

            thank you for all this. I love you, princess Violet. I know my Mrs. would love to hear from you!

          • Violet

            Hello Danielle. I don’t know how your comment ended up on the About page. Very strange. Feel free to email me.

  • Jeff

    I have been wearing panties for five years now. I’m now 20. I am so happy I have found a place to hang out at! Thanks! 🙂

  • matty

    im 24m i love wearing bras and panties, i wear a white bra and panty and a black bra and panty, i especially enjoy wearing the white pair, i love to go outside late at night in just my bra and panty i will walk to the end of the drive way, nearest stop sign or walk a block or 2, i even get kinky with my 2 dongs when i wear

    • Hello matty. Welcome to my panty boy world. *smile* It sounds like you fit in wonderfully. Very sexy lingerie. I trust you will take part in my April panty shopping assignment, to be posted tomorrow.

  • Davina

    Thank you so much Miss Violet. I do, indeed, feel quite fortunate to have found such an incredible partner to share my life with. It is wonderful to be able to express what I have always felt is such an important part of my character. I like to think there is someone for everyone and it just takes a bit of patience and persistence to find that match.

    As for the page, maybe not new but updated? I like to think that none of your pages escape me for very long and I seem to remember a different “About” page but I may be imagining things. I tend to do that. 😉

    • She’s back! *smile* Hello sweet Davina. I agree with that idea: “there is someone for everyone and it just takes a bit of patience and persistence to find that match”. That is especially true when one, or both, parties have a fetish. To know you found your match puts an extra helping of happiness in my heart. It really does. I have not updated this page since the blog was new, but you may be remembering the About Me page from my main blog, It’s possible!!! Have a fabulous day Davina!

  • Davina

    I like this page, is it new?

    I have been wearing panties for forty years now. I was caught once when I was an early teen. Like Alex, my siI like this page, is it new?

    I have been wearing panties for forty years now. I was caught once when I was an early teen. Like Alex, my sister found my stash and turned them over to my mom. That was particularly humiliating. But even as I stood there crying my eyes out, (for show), swearing that I would never do it again, I was thanking my heavenly stars that all she found was the panties and my favorite bra and rubber forms were still safely hidden away. And I was strategizing on how to prevent this kind of breach in my security again because I already knew it wasn’t done.

    Even prior to this, the question occurred to me, would I rather have been born a girl? It didn’t take long to figure out that I was extremely happy being a guy because even my sisters didn’t appreciate girls the way a guy can. I love to worship females and only from a male’s perspective can that be possible.

    I’ve never had any desire to look at or have any kind of relationship with a guy but I could have seen myself falling for a beautiful shemale. I think that while there are many obvious differences between males and females, there is also much more that we have in common , especially the fact that we are both human and want many of the same things. But I also believe that most of what we “feel” is all in our minds and that can be pretty peculiar sometimes. 

    I certainly don’t think I’m like most guys because I happened to have ended up in a town full of rednecks that think any kind of effeminate behavior is absolutely gay. For me, I like to think it is more like “The Fifty Shades of Gay” sort of thing. Some guys like guys and even though I have tried to understand that, it is beyond me to comprehend why a guy would like anything other than the most incredible creation nature has ever come up with which is the female.

    I swore to myself some forty years ago that even though it wasn’t “allowed”, it made me feel good to wear panties and a bra when I could do it secretly and that is what I planned to do until I die. Fortunately, I found a wife who agreed with me. 😉

    • Hello Davina sweetie! This page is not new, but I can understand how it might be overlooked with all of those sexy panty boy postings to distract you. *wink* So exciting to get a comment here! You are one of the longest term panty boys/cross-dressers I have known Davina. Even in your youth you recognized the importance of living authentically. I respect that so much. Your cross-dressing is just as important as your sexuality. It deserves to have expression. Every time you tell me about your wife, I get a rush of happiness for you. As I have told you before, finding a partner who supports cross-dressing can be difficult. Your situation gives hope to the other cross-dressers who are seeking a partner. Panty boy loving women exist! Have a beautiful day Davina!

  • Alex

    I have been wearing women’s underwear for such a long time, I have experienced every emotion one could over it. I am 23, and started when I was 11! There were nights I spent staying up all night discovering the joys of silky panties and how good they felt rubbing against my penis. I experienced my first orgasm in my sister’s underwear. When her’s stopped fitting I wore my mother’s and first ejaculated while wearing hers- silky briefs. To this day I perfer to masturbate with briefs on, women’s briefs of course!

    I have spent nights in tears because I felt so bad about my fetish, that I was a freak and that if my friends or family discovered, they would berate me. This nightmare came true, when my sister found a stash of underwear I bought from the sdtore, and she berated me, called me a faggot! This depressed me, and I spent a long time getting over it, the humiliation was too much, and I even attempted to harm myself, and still never felt I could talk to anyone about my desire.
    It is so great that there are women like Empress Violet I can open up to. I still feel occasional guilt but feel confidant I can eventually live a fullfilling life in panties without shame. It is hard at times, and sometimes I still want to just cry thinking about how mean and judgemental people can be, like my sister who seemed to enjoy tormenting me about it. Many men fantasize about that sort of thing. But it was not enjoyable and made me feel life wasnt worth it, or worse, that I didnt deserve a happy life, because I had different interests and loved wearing womens underwear, instead of mens!

    Knowing women like Empress Violet, who has been so helpful and has comforted me already, exist is a comfort in itself! Thank you. Woman generally dont know how it feels to be an emasculated man, but Empress seems to understand the feelings of alienation it can cause and makes you feel comfortable being yourself!

    Thank you sincerely for being here, Empress Violet!

    • Violet

      Dear Alex,

      Thank you for opening up like that. I know many, many panty boys will relate to your experiences. I have heard similar stories and always delight in telling my panty boys that there are many women who love the sight of a man in panties. I would love to hear your ultimate panty fantasy alex. Email it to me at I will post it on this site along with the others coming in. Let’s make this a fun, creative place for panty boys to hang out.

      Still loving my panty boys!

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