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Oh my!  An entire library of panty boy audios.  I will be adding audios here regularly.  If you love them…leave a comment.  If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, let me know and I just may record it and post it here!  So…listen…listen again…and enjoy! Yours truly, Empress Violet, announces an exciting new idea in gift giving! Empress Trish knows you love panties…but are NO sissy Mistress Cassandra knows you love the feel of silk on your cock. Ms Cecelia tells you about her panties Empress Trish catches you in panties Princess Heather gives you a pantyhose tease Empress Erin finds you pawing through her panty drawer Mistress Heather-Dirty Little Secret- Panty Thief

4 comments to Audios

  • ive been wearing panties since i was very young 54 now alwys tried to deny but now i just do it becuse it makes me relax

    • Hello steve. You are a perfect example of why it is important to embrace a fetish and find a safe way to indulge in it. Because they just do not go away. So happy to have you here Steve. Thank you for reading my blog, and leaving a comment. I hope to see you here more. *smile*

  • Jeff

    I’ve tried to sign up for an email subscription but I never get anything. I’m interested in calling and talking but am a bit shy. I love wearing panties and try to wear panties as often as possible.

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