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Big News in Panty World

The Mecca for Panty Boys

Living Like a Supermodel

If you have been borrowing panties from your wife, girlfriend, etc…it is beyond time for you to build a panty wardrobe of your own.  Right now, on the Victoria’s Secret site, you can find out what sexy panties and other lingerie top models consider . . . → Read More: Big News in Panty World

The Big Question

Have I worn boxers or tidy-whiteys? Ask me!

Is it OK for a guy to wear women’s panties? I ask you…is it okay for a girl to wear men’s pants instead of female slacks?  The idea that only men can wear certain items and only women can wear other . . . → Read More: The Big Question

Show and Tell

Open Says Me

I Have Big News

Remember when I used to have a Panty Boy “Hall of Fame” on this blog?  So many of you were wonderful about sending me hot pics of yourself in sexy crossdresser panties.  It had to come down due to laws about internet decency.  But now I . . . → Read More: Show and Tell

Show Me Yours

Unzip for Me

It is only fair panty boys.  After all, I showed you mine.  I am really missing the Panty Boy Wall of Fame I used to have here.  More precisely, I miss looking at the gallery of panty boy pics you sent to me!  Everything from thongs, to bikinis, to rhumba panties.  . . . → Read More: Show Me Yours

Games Panty Boys Play

Virtual Crossdressing

I was playing a game on Facebook and noted an intriguing little ad off to the right.  Of course I clicked on it and found a game called “Fashion Wars”.  This one won’t be for every panty boy, but it will be something fascinating for all of you who consider going . . . → Read More: Games Panty Boys Play

Think About This

Panties Are Just the Beginning

When a man makes a decision to wear panties, he is dipping a toe into crossdressing.  For many wearing panties is enough.  They feel no need to experiment further.  But I have had requests from a good number of you panty boys to include pics and information about other . . . → Read More: Think About This