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The Big Question

Have I worn boxers or tidy-whiteys? Ask me!

Is it OK for a guy to wear women’s panties? I ask you…is it okay for a girl to wear men’s pants instead of female slacks?  The idea that only men can wear certain items and only women can wear other . . . → Read More: The Big Question

Show Me Yours

Unzip for Me

It is only fair panty boys.  After all, I showed you mine.  I am really missing the Panty Boy Wall of Fame I used to have here.  More precisely, I miss looking at the gallery of panty boy pics you sent to me!  Everything from thongs, to bikinis, to rhumba panties.  . . . → Read More: Show Me Yours

Games Panty Boys Play

Virtual Crossdressing

I was playing a game on Facebook and noted an intriguing little ad off to the right.  Of course I clicked on it and found a game called “Fashion Wars”.  This one won’t be for every panty boy, but it will be something fascinating for all of you who consider going . . . → Read More: Games Panty Boys Play

Think About This

Panties Are Just the Beginning

When a man makes a decision to wear panties, he is dipping a toe into crossdressing.  For many wearing panties is enough.  They feel no need to experiment further.  But I have had requests from a good number of you panty boys to include pics and information about other . . . → Read More: Think About This