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Miss Violet’s Panty Boy Club

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*   The April  panty boy assignment has been posted.  You will find it in the “Why to Try Hamperskunking” posting on this blog.

  You can submit a pic of your panties to be posted on this blog.  Not you wearing the panties.  Just the panties.  When you complete a Panty Boy Club assignment, email me a pic of your new panties:  Put “(Month) Panty Boy Club Assignment” in the Subject line.  I will be posting these pics on this blog so everyone can see your choice.  Fun!

Want to join my exclusive Panty Boy Club?  It’s easy!

1.  Read my latest posting for this month’s assignment

2.  Obtain the required pair of panties

3.  Post a comment on this page, below, telling me about the panties you got and your adventure in getting them!

4.  Email me a pic of the panties you selected.  Just the panties, not you wearing them.  This is optional.


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