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Panty Boy Club Pics


Your pics of the panties you got will be posted here.  Email them to me at   JUST the panties.  Not you wearing the panties.  Thank you!

Assignment for February 2015:  Panties with a Valentine’s Day theme or look.

Panty Paulla sent me three pics of panties she got for this assignment.  When she lets me know why she chose these, I will add that info here.  Here is a pic of her lovely choices:

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Panty Paulla’s Panty Choices for February 2015

Assignment for July 2013:  Panties with a sailing motif. 

First pic submitted!  Thank you slave rob

First pic submitted! Thank you slave rob

slave rob was the first to email me a pic of the panties he got for the July assignment, which was a sailing motif.

Here is his explanation of why he chose this lovely pair of bikini panties:

“They are called “Lake Blue”, and the color is like a placid lake, both of which conjure images of sailing!”

Great job slave rob.  I really like your choice.  Now the rest of my club members can see them too!

I know there are more panty boy club members out there shopping.

Remember to email me a pic of the panties you get!  It is all part of the fun.


susan's October 2013 Halloween theme panties

susan’s October 2013 Halloween theme panties


13 comments to Panty Boy Club Pics

  • susan9316

    Dear Mistress

    Thanks for posting a picture of my new panties that i bought for your Halloween assignment. In person they are a pretty pumpkin color. Naturally, i will think of you each time i wear them, so pleased to be your panty girl.



  • Panty Paulla

    Hi Ms. Violet,
    I mentioned to you on the phone that I did go shopping but could not find any sailing themes (should have been more imaginative, I guess!)
    Looking forward to the next assignment!!!

    ~Panty Paulla

    • Hey Panty Paulla. Good to hear from you again sweetie. Yes, you did tell me that. Next time you will understand that you have a lot of leeway on these assignments. Get wild and crazy. *smile*
      I will be posting a panty assignment for October very soon. You will find this new one SO easy to find. *smile*

  • slave rob

    Did you get other entries? I was just wondering since it is now August…which probably means another assignment….

  • slave rob

    I am glad you like them and I’m thrilled to be the first poster for the pic page! And, naturally I enjoy sharing my panty selection with your club members and followers. Most of all, though, I look forward to showing them to you in session sometime soon…

    • I am really surprised that no one else has sent me a pic of their panty assignment selection. So many asked me to set that up. *smile* You just never know. I appreciate you sending me a pic and I posted it right away. Thank you again, slave rob.

  • slave rob

    I am glad you like them. I enjoyed getting them but am most glad about the way they felt when I tried them on. I look forward to wearing them…

  • slave rob

    Mistress Violet: i have sent you my panty pic for this month. i hope it pleases you. It was a lot of fun, of course, because i always get more than just one item! Mine are called “Lake Blue” color, and are the color of a placid lake, both of which are in keeping with the sailing motif for this month!

    i hope they please you.

    -slave rob

    • Thank you slave rob. I really like them! I gave your pic a special border as you were the very first to submit your pic this month. Ever, since this is the first month for that pic page. *smile* They are really pretty. I like how you went outside of an obvious motif, but still followed the spirit of the assignment. Way to go!!!

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