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Skinny Dipper Caught … Panty Boy Fantasy

NEW story written by Panty Boy.  Posted on 10/1/13:

(Three Way Play…Panty Boy the exhibitionist expands to a very naughty & exciting ménage a’trois))

It’s 1992. Occasionally when we go out to dinner we invite Mary to join us.  A favorite place is the Whitehorse.  We pick Mary up at her condo.

Sexually Attracted

Kitty tells me that Mary thinks I’m “romantic”.  I think she knows I’m sexually attracted to Mary even though I’ve stated that I think she is ‘asexual’ given her previous history and short-term marriage ending in divorce.

We pick her up early one hot evening in late summer.  We enjoy the friendly atmosphere and good food of the Whitehorse.  The dinner was uneventful, but what if…

Mutual Sexual Experiences

Our conversation hints around sexual relationships, but falls short of being specific.  It does make me very sexually aroused as I watch and listen to Kitty and Mary discussing men with occasional sexual innuendos aimed at me. 

Kitty, having more than her normal share of wine, becomes a little too explicit when describing our own mutual sexual experiences and my preferences in particular.

Down Right Horny

As we leave for home, I’m beyond sexually aroused.  I’m down right horny and willing to try anything that might present itself as a sexual experience with both Kitty and Mary.  When we arrive at her condo we go in for more wine and a little music. 

After about a half an hour I suggest we all go for a walk down to the community pool.  It’s now after 9 pm with very little chance anyone is still at the pool.  I’m convinced I can get these two sexy women to strip naked and skinny dip with me as it’s still about 80+ degrees, it’s already dark.

Very Private

I suggest the walk.  They both agree!  We arrive at the pool.  It’s dark.  No one is in the surrounding area.  The pool lights are off.  Only the distant street lights provide any illumination.  Great, very private.

I suggest we all take a swim.  We didn’t & returned home., but what if…Both Mary or Kitty had said… “We didn’t wear our swimsuits”.  I say… “So what, let’s get naked and skinny dip!”

Swimming Naked

Kitty is the first to respond with… “Hey big boy, you may be an exhibitionist, but I don’t think Mary or I wish to be caught by one of her neighbors swimming naked late at night.  I’ll tell you what.  You go ahead…strip naked…jump in that pool…let us know how the water is.  Then, we’ll decide whether or not to join you.”

OK, I’ve been trapped into becoming an exhibitionist for my wife and our sexually attractive friend.  I decide that if they later refuse to get naked and join me at least I’ve gotten to be ‘the exhibitionist for their voyeuristic enjoyment’.

If they agree to actually strip, get naked, and join me in the pool…who knows what might happen?

Sheer White Thong

I strip to my underwear, realizing too late that I’m wearing a pair of Victoria Secret’s panties.   Even worse, the panty is a shear white thong showing itself “pretty full” with my already semi-erect penis.  I think both Kitty and Mary notice them too! 

I immediately run and dive straight into the inviting water.  I swim to the surface about the middle of the pool hoping at least that Mary doesn’t notice my panties.

Skinny Dip Means Naked

Just as I’m treading water mid-pool Kitty and Mary look at each other.  Mary has a quizzical look on her face.  Kitty has an embarrassing smile on her face.  Then Kitty looks at me and says… “Hey, I thought you agreed to skinny dip.  Skinny dip means naked.”

Mary says… “Why Robert…I know you’re a romantic, but I didn’t realize you obviously have some desire for female domination?  I think they call it a “Femdom” fetish?  Kitty, what do you think we ought to do with this situation?”


Kitty says… “Bob, you’ve been caught now.  I think the best thing you can do is let Mary and I determine how the rest of this evening’s skinny dipping episode is going to proceed?  Unless you want Mary to let certain other people you know learn of your preference for wearing women’s panties?”

“Hey ladies…  I’m caught.  I’m really horny.  I’ve had a lot of wine.  I’m under your command.  What can I do other than obey whatever the two of you decide is our best way to go from here…given my obviously prominent and almost naked status at the moment?”

Remove Those Panties

Kitty says… “Let’s start by having you remove those panties and throw them over here on this side of the pool.”  I do as I’m instructed…Mary catches my panties.

Mary says… “Very nice…You looked very ‘pretty’ in these.  Kitty and I are going to stretch out on these lounge chairs while we watch you swim for a while.  How about you begin with a slow breast stroke from one end of the pool to the other?  When you get to the end I’d like to see you do a slow back stoke to the other end.”

Dick Fully Exposed

As I begin my breast stroke with them sitting on the side area of the pool about mid-length I realize they are commenting among themselves as they watch me fully naked move through the water with my butt, balls, and dick fully exposed.  When I reach the end I stop at the pool edge and give them a submissive look.  They shake their heads and waive me back across the pool doing a slow back stroke.

As I slowly pass mid-pool with them looking directly down at me it’s obvious they are commenting on my now “shrinking” penis versus what they witnessed when I first stripped.

Cold, Shrinking Dick

Just as I finish the back stroke lap and lean on the pool edge Kitty says… “Mary, looks like the water is a little too cold from what I can see.  It looks like our exhibitionist doesn’t stay excited if the water is cold.  What do you think we ought to do with him now?”

Mary says… “Let’s tell him to climb on out of the water and stretch out on this empty lounge chair between the two of us.  We’ll let him dry out a little and see if he gets excited again while we continue to watch.”

Kitty says… “OK, you heard Mary.  Get you skinny dipping ass out of the water and come over here.  Stretch out on this lounge chair.  Maybe we’ll help you warm up a little.”

As I do as I’m told, both Mary and Kitty move over to a sitting position on the side of their chairs facing me.  They begin to give me a dual massage, each working on an arm, a shoulder, my chest, my stomach.  Then they move to my foot, my calf, my thigh.  As they both reach my thigh they see that my penis is back in full horny mode.

They both say… “My!”  “My!”  


Kitty says… “Looks like our ‘Panty Boy’ exhibitionist needs some more discipline for his naughty behavior tonight.”

Mary says… “Hey, I think ‘Panty Boy’ is going to be my new nickname for Robert… at least among the three of us.  As to further discipline we could both fuck him, but I think that might be giving him just what he really wants.  I don’t think he deserves any desserts from us given his attempt to seduce us both with his skinny dipping idea hoping his fantasy of a Ménage à trois would turn into a reality.”


Kitty says… “You’re right.  He doesn’t realize that we’re facing the backside of the building condos at the pool.  I’ll bet more than one person has been watching his exhibition from the darkness of their bedroom window.  Since he’s already been humiliated in front of us and who knows how many of the neighbors let’s make him finish off our pool side adventure by having him give us a self-pleasuring exhibitionist show.  


Mary says… “I like it, but I first think he deserves a thorough spanking for his behavior tonight.  Panty Boy… rollover and face the pool looking up at those bedroom windows across the water.  When we think you’ve been properly spanked we’re going to have you masturbate right here between the two of us.  I expect you to make sure you don’t cum until we tell you we’re ready to watch you cum.”

Kitty says…  “OK Panty Boy… you heard her.   Roll over and we’re going to see how red hot we can make that ass of yours.  Don’t you think about spilling any of your cum without our permission.”

Rock Hard Penis

With little choice but to obey, I roll over and raise my butt up in the air as both Kitty and Mary begin to slowly stroke my cheeks.  They then begin to slowly slap.  Then they begin to really spank me.  I respond with sounds of both pain and pleasure.  My ass moves higher in response to what is now a full, hard, steady spanking.  I can hear the sounds. 

We’ve probably awakened every nearby neighbor to the pool…and I don’t care!  My penis is rock hard and throbbing with the need to cum with these two sexy women.

Can’t Stand it Anymore

Kitty says… “Mary, look what we’re letting him do.  He’s getting off on his punishment.  See how hard his penis is?  He’s going to cum pretty soon!”

Mary says… “OK, let’s let him cum, but only when we tell him we’re ready.  We can make him stroke it while we watch until he can’t stand it anymore?”

Taste Your Pre-Cum

Kitty says… “We can do better than that.  Confidentially, now that you know some of his private sex secrets, I can tell you that our ‘Panty Boy’ loves to taste his own pre-cum juices and really, really wants you or me to tell him to lick and swallow every single drop of his own cum when he climaxes.”

Mary says… “Really?  I love your scenario.  Perfect ending to what is turning out instead of his suggested skinny dipping idea to hope we’d let him fuck us both into a ‘Femdom Night at the Pool’… with our own private exhibitionist Panty Boy.”

Masturbate for Our Pleasure

I’m done now.  I’ve been exposed.  I’ve been humiliated.  I’ve been punished.  I’ve been dominated as I’ve become submissive in front of these two sexy women.  But…I’m loving every single moment.

Kitty says… “OK Panty Boy, rollover and face the pool.  Now take a hold of that hard dick and slowly masturbate for our viewing pleasure.”

Mary says… “Look, our Panty Boy is showing drops of juice coming out of that penis.  Taste a few drops for us naughty boy.”

I Want to Taste That Juice

I do as I’m told.  I wet my index finger and stroke it across my lips.  I then suck my finger…wet it again…taste some more of my pre-cum juice.  I look over into Kitty’s eyes…she smiles and shows me her tongue as it moves across her open lips!  I look over into Mary’s eyes…she smiles as she too moves her tongue across her open lips!

My god, I think I’m in heaven.  I’m almost afraid to cum.  I don’t want this to ever end…then…

Mary says… “I think I want to taste that juice.”  She reaches out with her hand and wets her middle fingers from the tip of my penis.  She brings them to her lips…wetting them like a lip gloss.  She then takes her fingers into her wet mouth and licks them clean.  She says…“Very nice…silky, smooth, wet and hot.”

Pre-Cum Lip Gloss

Kitty can’t sit by and watch Mary take full control.  She says… “Wait a minute.  I want a little of that appetizer to taste for myself.”  Kitty reaches over…wets her fingers and repeats the lip glossing and tasting while looking into the eyes of both of us.  “You’re right…very, very nice.”

At this point I’m becoming almost ready to explode with cum… or what could now be referred to as ‘dessert-for-three’ given my shared ‘appetizer’ with these two sexy and now horny voyeuristic domineering women!

Lightly Stroking Me

Without any comment, both Kitty and Mary move off their lounge chair and sit on each side of me as I hold my rock hard penis straight up and they both move my hand aside and take over lightly stoking me while wetting their fingers with more hot juice still flowing.

They both look directly into my eyes as they each lick their fingers.  They each begin to spread my juice over my nipples and pinch each one as I result to a very submissive moaning.

Then they surprise me again…

The Ladies French Kiss

They turn to face each other.  Each has a hand on my dick with the other pinching and pulling my nipples.  They kiss!  First it’s just a light kiss.  Then, a deep French kiss as they share my juices with their tongues and lips.  I’m in heaven!!!

They break their kiss.  They smile warmly…no hotly…at each other.  They are obviously full of lust with the same desire to reach an explosive orgasm just as I am.  I sense that they are all of a sudden self-conscious as to the sensations that they both are now feeling…new to their experiences, but also intoxicating and definitely sexually arousing.

Sexual Intoxication

I take what is right now probably my only opportunity for some control of my original skinny dipping ‘adventure’ idea which has now progressed to almost every fantasy-to-reality I’ve ever had over the past 50+ years.  Kitty and Mary are under a spellbound sexual intoxication that needs a proper fulfillment.

“Ladies…I’ve got a great idea.  I know you both want to see me cum right here in public so to speak.  You’ve already proven your ability to dominate and take full advantage of my submissive sexual preferences. So…”

Private Pact

”Here’s my deal.  It will be a private, mutual, confidential pact just among the three of us…forever.”

“I’ll continue to stoke myself to a full orgasm.  I’ll cover my hand with my hot wet cum.  I’ll will then lick, taste, and swallow every single drop of my cum until my hand is totally clean while you both watch me play the totally submissive Panty Boy exhibitionist….”

My Turn to Be Dominant

“But…first I’m going to ask that you each stand up.  I’m going to reverse my lounge chair so that I facing away from the pool.  You will each return to your respective lounge chair on each side of me continuing to face across the pool.

It’s my turn to be the dominant one.  You two naughty girls get to become the submissive ones.  You will both follow and obey my instructions just as I’ve followed and obeyed each of yours.  Certainly fair, because you certainly wouldn’t want me to tell anyone about your ‘participation’ in tonight’s adventure.  Am I right?”

Remove Your Clothing

Kitty and Mary both look at each other.  They are silently seeking the others answer to my obvious challenge…but, they both know they have only one clear choice.  

Mary says… “OK.”

Kitty says… “OK.”

“Good, before I continue to ‘perform’ for your mutual viewing pleasure you are each to obey my ongoing instructions.  Let’s begin with each of you removing all of your clothing.  Everything, especially your panties! 

Stroke Your Wet Pussy

Now I want each of you to look directly into my eyes while you wet your fingers and begin to stoke your already wet, hot pussy.  You like that don’t you…

Kitty says… “Yes.”

Mary says… “Oh, Yes.”

Push a Finger in Deep

Now, I want each of you to push a finger deep into your wet pussy.  Take your finger and move it to your lips.  Show me the same tasting you did earlier with my juice.  Not bad huh?

Kitty and Mary together say… “Not bad.”

Let me see each of you do it again, but this time I want each of you to taste the other.  It’s good isn’t it?

Kitty says… “Yes…and naughty.”

Mary says… “Yes…but sexy too.”  

Nicknaming you Pussy

“OK, I think since you’ve now nicknamed me ‘Panty Boy’ I’ll nickname each of you ‘Pussy’.  I think that’s fair given our private pact among just the three of us?

Do either of you have a problem with your new nickname?”

Mary says… “No. We’ve been naughty.”

Kitty says… “No. We probably deserve being punished too.”

Slap Those Cheeks

Good…and you’re both right.  Now I want each of you to roll over on your stomach facing the pool.  Raise those sexy butts up for a fair return from your Panty Boy of a thorough spanking.

As I begin to lightly stroke their thighs and butts I suggest that they both return their hands to playing with their pussy.  My suggestion is prompted by a single slap to the cheeks of their ass.

Spank Me Harder

Mary says… “Oh…please…spank me some more.”  She reaches her hand under and between her legs stoking her wet pussy.

Kitty says… “Yes…please…spank me harder.”  With one hand stroking her pussy she reaches over with her other spreading her ass cheeks wide apart.

My spanking continues with pauses to softly stoke the small of their backs, their inner thighs.  I spank harder and faster.  They are each trying to cum as they feel both the hot pleasure and pain spread from their butt to their pussy.

Too Soon to Cum

I can’t let them cum.  It’s too soon for them to be let down off this fantastic high all three of us are now caught up in and obviously enjoying.

Now I think since you both obviously enjoyed sharing my juices with a hot mutual tongue kissing you need to share your own pussy juices.  I want each of you to move over and sit again beside me.  Wet your fingers and let the three of us kiss every drop!

Very nice!  I like the taste of your pussies.  I especially like watching you both enjoy your tastes together.

Explosive Orgasms

Let’s the three of us cum together now.  Lie back down on your lounge each facing me.  Use your fingers and stoke and fuck your wet hot pussies while I stroke my dick.  Let’s let our hot wet cum spread all over our hands while our eyes meet with our explosive orgasms.


Mary… “I’m coming…”

Kitty… “I’m coming…”

I shoot hot white cum all over my hand and stomach.  I look both Kitty and Mary in the eyes as they each explode with a convulsive orgasm.

All I can hear is the sound of each Pussy saying… “Oh, God!”

Cum Soaked Hand

Our eyes meet and I raise my cum soaked hand to my lips.  I begin to lick my cum with a big satisfying and naughty smile on my face.  They each smile and reach out to taste a drop.  Wetting their lips and sucking their finger just like they shared with my pre-cum juices.

We each lean across to each other and share a long, sexy, and sensual kiss.

We lay back exhausted, but looking at each other with a naughty smile of sexual satisfaction.

I say… “OK my sexy Pussies…let’s all take a well deserved late night skinny dip…then return to the condo for some more play?”  (to be continued)

Note:  Yes… I missed the perfect opportunity.  A real fantasy-to-reality ménage à trios with two very sexy women.  One is our mutual friend.  The other is my wife, my lover, my mistress, my friend, my fantasy and my reality.  But I’m sure glad I suggested a walk to the pool!

“Panty Boy”


New story presented to you on 4/5/11.  This story is written by tifffy:

I went in and bought the new gorgeous bra n panty. New cashier and asks if I want gift receipt, I told her no their for me. She kinda thought I was joking. Couple days later I stop into store and she came over to Mr and apologized to me which was really cool and nice. But the one girl that I really like showed me how to wear it the differ.kinds of way it can be worn. I told her I bought in the blue color and she said that’s the color she got hers in. And I even mentioned about us going to a phillies baseball game together and she would do that. Yayyyyy.


We have a new story to present.  This one is written by “R”:

It started when I was 17.  I had a great girlfriend.  We had been having great sex for about 2 years.  She was a cheerleader and let me bang her a few times with her uniform on.  I guess that’s when I started getting really turned on by women in short skirts.  I started trying to get her to go out with me in a skirt with no panties on.  She wouldn’t go for it at all.  Then after about 3 weeks of my constant asking, one Saturday she came over to pick me up in a black skirt I’d never seen before.  I immediately asked if she had panties on.  She shook her head and sighed like she was done hearing about my new fantasy. Then, she took my hand, and started walking up stairs toward my bedroom  ( it was ok, my mom wasn’t home ).  She then said the only way she would spend the night out not wearing panties was if I was wearing them.  I said no way.  She then just pulled them off.  They were new, little purple string bikinis with a full back.

She bent over and untied my shoes then unbuckled my belt and told me , let’s go.  I thought about it for a second, and then thought ” whatever”.  I got undressed and then she slid those soft panties up my legs and into place.  I got a raging boner in about 5 seconds.  She was amazed, and said something like there was no way I was going out like that.  She gave me a handjob right there while we were standing in my room.  Once I was dried off, she pulled the top of those panties back up , and I put on my jeans and we went out.  We eventuality broke up and didn’t have another experience with panties until was 25. To make a long story short, I fould a pair of pink satin panties in the dryer of an old apartment building I used to live in.  Now I’m 31, and a part time pantyboy.


Dressing with Auntie Heather….by Sissy Stacy

It all started when I was a young, teenage boy. Just discovering my

sexual urges by fantasizing about the girls in my class. For some reason

I kept flashing on their cute little skirts and legs. Oh, how sexy their

legs looked to me. Once in a while, I’d catch a glimpse of them while

crossing their legs; you know that little flash of panty. It would just

send shivers up my spine and then down directly to my cock.  Thus the

start of my fetish for woman’s lingerie.

Fast forward a year or so, where I discovered the wonderful sensation of

wearing my mommy’s panties and stockings. Masturbating while wearing them

as much as I could. You see, my mom worked in a bank and had to wear

dresses or skirt suits everyday. And of coarse, those silky, sexy

stockings. She’d take them off after a hard day, hand wash them in the

bathroom sink and then hang them up over the shower rod to dry.

I was bombarded with erotic thoughts every morning as I got ready for school

and gazed up at her stockings on the rod. They just looked so soft, so

sensual so dreamy that it wasn’t long before I would slink one of them

off the rod and touch myself with them. Always careful not to snag or run

them, and never spoil them with my sissy cream as I’d use them and wrap

them around my little cockette and balls to masturbate. This behavior

just fueled my lingerie fetish more and more.

I’d just about run home from school everyday to go into my mom’s bedroom

and open her drawers to find a silky nylon pair of panties and stockings and

garter belt or open-bottom girdle to wear and masturbate with. I’d slowly slip the stockings

on one by one, feeling the wonderful sensuality of the nylons as they

moved onto my toes, up around my ankle, calf, thighs and eventually up my

smooth legs. Clipping the sheer nylon stockings to the garter tabs would

send shivers to the core of my being.

Then, the nylon panties. Oh, the feeling of them as I pulled them up nice

and tight around my little balls and pathetic little sissy clit. Yes, I

said sissy clit, as I was not blessed with a large one and often was

embarrassed and ashamed of my size. I would wonder what a girl would say

if one ever actually saw it. I’d bet she would just laugh at me and make

me feel humiliated.

My mom’s sister, Heather would often visit our house, always dressed to

the nines. Smart business suits, dresses, beautiful make-up, and always,

high heels and stockings.  Just hearing the sound of her high heels as

she “click-clacked” around our kitchen, the smell of her perfume would

send me into a wonderful daze of hormonal lust. To hear the “swish” of

her stockings as she crossed and uncrossed her beautiful legs, one over

the other would make my little clitty hard as a rock. Once in a while

she’d catch me staring at her legs, I would just blush like a little

schoolgirl – she’s just smile. Not a regular smile but one that clearly

said that she liked the attention and knew how much it excited me.  She

clearly enjoyed teasing her little sissy nephew. She’d cross and uncross

her silky stockings, dangle her heels so that I could see the darker

reinforced heel and toe of the stocking, mesmerized by her pretty painted

toes showing through the reinforced toe of her stockings. Always catching

me, looking for my reaction to her teasing games.

Then, one Saturday, Auntie Heather called our house and asked my Mom if

it would be OK for me to come over to her house and help her with some

things around the house. You see, Auntie Heather only lived around the

corner and up one block. She told my Mom to send me over and that she

would be out in the backyard and for me to just come in through the back

gate. As I arrived at her house, there she was, standing at the clothes

line removing her wash. OH, what a site it was. Her silky nylon and lace

slips, the ones that I would catch peeks of the lace under her skirts or

dresses. Her sweet nylon panties and some sheer nylons also caught my

attention. “Hi Auntie Heather, you need me to do some things for you

today” I asked as I approached her at the clothes line. “Yes Little

Jimmy” she said; “Why don’t you just help me take down my laundry and

then we can go inside and get started”. OF coarse this made me blush as

usual and I turned a bright pink shade, as pink as some of her slips and

panties hanging on the line. Yes, my favorite color pink.

I slowly held out my hand to assist her, but hesitated. “Don’t be afraid Little Jimmy,

they won’t bite you” she said. “Your not afraid of women’s’ intamate

underwear are you Jimmy Dear”? Again, a deep pink blush came over my face

but I was too scared to answer her. “Come, touch them, you’ll love how

soft and silky they are” Auntie said. “I know how much you like to see me

wearing these things when I come over to visit”. “I know how much it

excites you”. Now I’m too flushed and excite to speak. “Now tell me,

admit to me that you do like my feminine things, how much you like their

sensual silky feel” “Here, take these pale pink panties for example” as

she took them off the line and caressed my face with them. By now I was

really hard and as she gazed down to my crotch, there was no way that she

couldn’t notice   – again that devil smile of hers came over her face. As

the pale pink panties were the last item off the line, she turned to me

and said” Now come along my dear and lets go inside to see just how much

you love my silky lingerie.

Once inside, I followed her up to her bedroom, don’t ask my why I did it,

I was totally under her spell. Maybe it was hearing her high heels sandals

as she strutted across the kitchen floor, or maybe the mesmerizing effect

of her smooth sexy legs in the coffee colored RHT nylon stockings, or maybe

the way her cute little but looked in her always too-short skirts…. “You know

Little Jimmy; I’ve been watching your reaction when I come over to

visit.” “The way you always sit and stare at my silky, shiny nylon legs.”

“You always seem to blush like a pretty little girl, all pink and rosy

when you catch a glimpse of my sexy lace hemmed slips or the darker top

of my stockings.” “Now you can’t deny the fact that your little clitty is

hard in your pants right now – can you my sweet sissy nephew.” Yes,

Auntie Heather, I can’t help it, the way your sexy legs look in the sheer

nylon stockings, the way you play with and dangle your heels teasing me

with the sight of the darker reinforced parts of your stocking on the toe

and heel. And of coarse the brief but wonderful peeks up your dress so

that I can see what color panties you are wearing…..I just can’t get

you or your beautiful lingerie out of my mind Auntie.  WOW, I can’t

believe I just blurted that all out to her. Me deepest fantasies revealed

and now out in the open. Now she knows that she has the power over me,

and that she has read me correctly – that I’ll do anything she asks of


“Have you ever worn your Mommies stockings or slips or panties my little

Sissy girl, tell me the truth now.” Ughhhh…I have….yes Auntie

Heather, how did you know that I said. “Don’t worry about that for now my

dear, Auntie Heather knows many things about what turns a boy on…

especially little sissy boys that have a sexual fetish for women’s

lingerie.” “Come dear, get your clothes of right now, I want to see just

how pretty I can dress you up in my things.” “Wouldn’t that be just

wonderful my little sissy boy.”

Yes Auntie, I guess it would, I whispered.

As my mind is reeling I remove all of my clothes and stand before her

completely naked, embarrassed with my hands over by tiny little boy-bits

to cover them from her sight. “No my sweet little sissy girl, don’t be

embarrassed, I’ve seen many sissy girls hard little clitty’s before, take

those hands away and let me see just how pretty your little pee-pee is;

yes I knew it would be all hard for Auntie”. Again that devil smile comes

across her ruby red painted lips, the same red color as her toes and

finger nails. Standing there, naked before the most beautiful, sexy women

I know in my life; my thoughts turn to running from her very feminine

room from embarrassment. I know that once she gets her way and makes me

dress-up in the wonderful lingerie that fuels my sexual fantasies every

day, my life as I know it will be changed for ever!

Now as she holds out those pale pink, silky sheer nylon panties before

me, “Go on sweetie, pick up one of your feet and slip these on for

Auntie; let them change you forever and set you free…….


Our First Story is by alex.  This is a true story that happened to him:

About 5 days ago, I was just driving, minding my own business, and of course was wearing satin bikini panties under my normal male attire.
I saw the flashing lights behind me and got a a little nervous.  An officer approached and informed me he pulled me over due to expired tags and
needed to run my id, which came back with a bench warrant for unpaid tickets.  I was actually in tears now, because I knew he would take me to
booking, where I am wearing panties.  I pleaded to him to let me change, and I hated having to admit to this burly cop I was wearing ladies
underwear.  He was a hard ass and wouldnt let me change.  Tears stayed in my eyes, welled the whole time during booking, thinking if I go to a
cell like this, theyll insulkt me until I cry, breaking me, and then they could do whatever the hell they liked.  Everyonme guy in there wouldve
busted one at my expemse mouth, butt, all over my panties, wherever, and I wouldct be able to stop it.  Being called degrading insults scared
me the most.  Dozens of men calling me a sissy, faggot, bitch, cocksucker… etc.  I wanted to just ball all through the booking process.  When I
made it the the triage area, a nice lady took my information, and she could tell I was upset.  I explained it to her, one of the first women I”ve
admitted wearing panties to in person. She was very cute, blond hair in a pony tail, very little makeup and a nice smile, about 33 I”d say!  Says
she thinks its kinda hot but none of the other men would.  She told me to use the restroom and leave the panties in there, and she”d retrieve them
and dispose of them.  She said if it were her she”d be crying too.  So, I went to jail for about 2 days, without underwear but didn’t get forced to
suck cock or take cock in my butt, either.

alex….we are SO happy to hear your story had a happy ending.  Thank goodness for nice jailhouse ladies.  Empress Violet

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Our next sexy panty boy story is by Randy.  He did not say whether it actually happened, or is a fantasy.  But either way…it’s HOT!!!

It happened on day at Target. I was bending over to get a lamp and reading the box when I heard an angry female voice say “Stand up and follow me!” I turned around to see the manager.  She told me to follow her if I didn’t want this to get any worse. When we got up to the office she closed the door and said. “So your the little pervert stealing all panties from the lingerie dept.” I was shocked but, I could honestly say I was not guilty. Before I could respond she said. “Don’t even try to deny it. I saw your panties when you bent over and you just came from the lingerie dept.” I told her my panties were from Victoria’s Secret and not the store but, she would not believe me. She was going to call the police. I said she could but, it would only make us both look stupid. Me for getting caught in panties and her for mistakenly calling me a shoplifter. Then she asked me if I could prove the panties I had on were mine. I have to admit my little cock was already rock hard at that point. So I said, “All I Can do is show you” and with that I dropped my pants to the floor and lifted up my shirt so she could see the  waistband said Victoria’s Secret. She looked down and said, “I wouldn’t be in such a hurry to show that off if I were you.” I turned bright red and reached for my pants. “now hold on, I have to make sure we don’t carry those.” She said while gabbing my hand to stop me from pulling my pants up. She was just humiliating me for fun at this point (and I loved it). She opened the office door and called another woman into the office. “I’m trying to make sure bitch boy here isn’t the one stealing panties, Do we carry these?” “I’ll check” the cute girl replied looking very embarrassed when she looked me over. I don’t think she knew her boss was just humiliating me. A couple of minutes later she returned with a  cute pair of panties very similar to mine but different. “These are as close as we get” With that the manager told me I could leave and she walked out of the office. I should have pulled up my pants and left but, for some reason I was overtaken with the urge to try the new panties on. So I did, and just as I slid them up my leg the door popped and “oh and one more thing…What the hell are you doing?! This isn’t some porn shop! I was stumbling to get the panties up and she reached for the waist and yanked them down. “You didn’t pay for those” At this point I’m standing there with a t-shirt on panties around my ankles and a crowd from the break room is gathering to see what’s going on. I was horrified and yet at full attention. I almost lost it when I realized I had a once in a lifetime opportunity. I stared the  manager in the eye and jerked myself off. It only took a few strokes to cum because I was so turned on. Her jaw dropped and she immediately yelled at me to stop it. After I came I stepped out of the target panties and got dressed with everyone watching and the manager still yelling to get out of the store. I almost got arrested but, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Randy  P.S. when I got home I threw out every pair of men’s underwear I still had. I’ts panties for me all the time from now on!

Randy…who knew the sales staff at Target had such a mean streak!  *grin*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

60 comments to Panty Boy Stories

  • fmg

    well its 2019 now and I still a sissy I have a new master now a older man I meet him a year ago at a coffee shop I was looking for work and a place to live I move out of my lady friend place she pass away so I had to find a place to live and work so this man ask if I need some work and I just said yes so he said well I need help around my place I give you a job for a month if it works out it be full time I said yes sir once at his place he show me around the place was a mess dirty dishes every were dirty laundry and the whole place need to be clean he said you can start by cleaning up the place I said yes sir then he said good I joke I guess I be the house maid he laugh yes I start to pick things up I just pit some dishes in the sink and then I pick up his dirty clothes and toke them to get wash as I put them in the wash I saw some dry cum on his under wear I put them in the sink to wash by hand I had to move some thing and when I did my slack ripe open and I didn’t see him behind me just heard him said nice panties I just said well I am your house maid he smile and walk away I went to my room and put on a dress he came in my room I just was pulling up the zipper he said let me help you I turn my back and let him do it up he said up or down I told it up to you sir that when he told me you are a sissy I said yes sir I thought so by the way you walk and didn’t said anything about clean house. well he pull my dress off nd turn me around so he can see my bra and my tits then he push me on the bed and remove his pants well I don’t have to tell you what happen that afternoon I become his sissy girl boy its been awhile since I had a man cock in my pussy ass when he was done with me my ass hole was sore but I still suck his cock clean I went and shower I finish with the house work for the day after that I made supper when he came back in I was wearing a little short dress with a see thought blouse he look at me and said you look lovey my dear now I have a full time job again as a man sissy boy maid and he just love it

  • Raybra

    I’m in my vanity fair granny panty,hard as a rock reading these stories.Also wearing a light blue bra.

  • Tyler

    Love the stories and comments I have been a pantyboy since 9 and now 48. It all started with moms panties because I am an only child, she did have great slections of panties from hipsters, binkinis, g-strings and briefs. The ones that hooked me was plain nylon white soft briefs. I was a skinny kid growing up so you could imagine how they swallowed me and tent out in the front. Running home from the bus stop everyday from school to the front door. I then would throw down my back pack kick off my shoes and start stripping down the hall leaving a trail of clothes till i was completely naked at her bedroom door with my little erection and heart pounding. I would then go into her room knowing i had three hours of play time headed to her sacred drawer. As i opened and looked into the treasure chest of intimates my little hardon pulsating to my heartbeat i reach in and pull out her silky shinny white brief panties and step into them. As i pull them up my hairless little legs they send shivers throughout my body as the waist band goes up to my little chest leaving my little hardon in ecstasy poking staight up and out holding them from falling to the floor as i prance around the empty house in just her panties. The feeling of them was so great when the ac kicked on in the house. I would walk around the house as long as i could take it then falling into a trace needed to releave my so agony from my now glowing red little hardon that could be seen through the silky materail. I would go back to her room and stack two of the fluffiest pillows she had in the middle of her bed then climb up on top of them. With the end starting from my belly down and each leg off each side with rest going out the back between them. The two big fluffy soft pillows put my little panty covered butt high in the air and legs spread wide. I would then reach under me holding onto the pillow tops. My hips would start doing their own thing going up and down pushing into those pillows. The loose panties floating around as my hips go lifting my chest to get a view underneath me. Seeing my glowing head popping in and out of the pillows against the shinny nylon fabric drooping down from the hicked up waist band. Loosing control holding on feeling my little shaft riding along a nylon caressed trail picking up speed as i go feeling it heat up from the friction spinning me over the top. With my head down looking under my lifted chest seeing my fire read head steadly popping against the fabric getting wetter as i go from now what i know precum. Then the feeling deep inside me that at the time i could never explain took over making me go for the race pushing the hard i could ever push to the point of locking every muscle in my body then seeing shot after shot of sperm fill moms panties turning the whole front transparent wet soaking them. Rolling off the pillows felling guilty and ashamed but yet so satisfied. From that point i was locked to be a pantyboy for life and my adventure into many things growing up.

    • Violet

      You started young, Tyler. Your experience of starting with a family member’s panties is shared by many panty boys. Hey…they were handy!
      Thanks for sharing so much of your story. Welcome!

  • Kim

    So hot. I need you to tell me what to do

  • gdm

    well I still in panties and now a full time sissy girly boy my lady friends has me hire out as a maid to there friends one day I went to work for this couple to clean there house when I got there this young lady open the door and look at me she said come in please you here to clean the house I said yes miss fine but my husband in having a bath here take these towel in please I knot on the bathroom door he said come in dear when I walk in I saw him he just got out of the tub he look at me you must be are new maid I said yes sir I start to hand him the towel when he said please dry my back I did as told he turn around and I saw his hard big cock I knew what he want so I start to dry his cock and balls he push me down now I was face right into his cock as I dry it I start to jerk him a bit just then his wife came in and said is she doing a good job he said yes she walk up to me and said dear you have to get it nice and hard now I know you want his cock in your mouth I just shove his cock in and suck that my girl well in awhile he came in my mouth I swollow it all she then told me that was good now come I went with her to a room once in there she remove my clothes and lay me on a bed and got out a big strap on cock she said honey when I done with you I make you wish to be are maid and beg to have my husband cock in your boy pussy while after a month I did beg to be there boy bitch and yes her husband is my man while she is my master

    • Violet

      You are a busy little sissy girly boy. Glad to hear that you are being kept occupied with cock sucking, panty wearing, and serious service. Excellent!

  • John

    Well, I didn’t exactly get caught wearing panties, but I did get caught in the fact that I liked to wear panties and lingerie.

    When I was 26, I met an older woman, Mel, in her mid 40’s. She was a gorgeous brunette with a great body, she was a divorced milf, for sure. The sex was great, she knew what she liked and she encouraged me to try new things. Well had been dating for a few months, and decided to go on a road trip. We went to Ruidoso New Mexico for the weekend. One night I pulled out a Penthouse Forum’s book that I had brought with me and we began reading stories to each other. I started reading one about panties, and in the story the guy was a panty boy and enjoyed wearing panties and lingerie. Well, I tried to play it off as that being crazy, but Mel could tell I was excited, she reached down and grabbed my hard-on and knew instantly. She grabbed the keys to the car and left, I thought she got mad and left. I was like, what the hell. She was gone for about an hour and a half and I was thinking how was I going to get back to Lubbock.

    About an hour and a half later, she walked in with a bag from Walmart. She handed me the bag and told me to put in on. I looked in the bag and she had bought a bra and panty set, a nighty and stockings. She helped me get undressed and helped me put on the new bra and panties. I had the stiffest hard-on I have ever had. We cuddled and touched each other, rubbing each other through are panties and bras.

    She had told me that she thought I might like that and the story gave it away. She always wore satin bras and I would always carress them and rub them because I loved the feeling of the satin. She said that made her think that I wore lingerie.

    Our relationship on lastest a few more months, but we played in lingerie several times, boy do I miss her and miss those days.
    1 day ago

    • Violet

      What an incredible experience you had. I love that you had that time with a woman who enjoys her man wearing lingerie and getting sexy with him dressed like that.

      • John

        If only I had a woman in my life now that indulge in my desires now. Its lonely just wearing panties by myself.

        • Violet

          John, there is no need for you to continue alone. Until you find another panty boy loving woman to be in a relationship with, that is what I am here for. Let’s have some fun!

  • gdm

    hi I now have a knew master he a older man he ask my lady boss if I could work for him for a while he need his house clean. she said yes I think that would be all right she can stray at your place for a month my lady turn to me now be a good girl and do what this man ask I just bow and thank my lady then she hand him a bag when we got to his place he told me I want you to get undress I ask you want me to take every thing off no leave your bra and panties on I did as told when he saw my male cock he look well now your lady did tell me you were once a man but now a sissy bitch girly boy he just walk around me yes this will work out fine well after a week one night he came in my room I was in a black teddy and on my back when he pull the cover off me he just look and the next thing I knew I was sucking his hard cock well after that I was begging him to shove his cock in my pussy ass hole this keep up till it was time to go home but when my lady came to get me she just brought my clothes and now I become his girly bitch boy

  • gdm

    to day my lady friend brought me three new bras one was a push up bra and two other bra a red lace with white bow and a black haft cup this one she said will show my breasts more then she toke me to her lady friend house were I undress for her to show her my sexy red bra and matching panties she told my lady you do wonder thing with your girly bitch boy how she with other thing my lady told her she just love been my bitch when I wear my strap on dido she on her knees mouth open ready to suck just then he friend pull up her dress and I saw a big hard male cock I knew what my lady want me to do I got on my knees and open my mouth she shove her hard male cock in my mouth that a good girl it was about time you find out what a male cock like to suck by the way my friend here help me with my bitches you will be her maid from now on till I come and get you by then you will train into a lovey girly boy and serves women her friend said all men should be put into panties

    • Violet

      Wow! gdm, that is the longest one sentence story I have ever received here on my Panty Boy Stories page. Very sexy tale. Sounds like you are kept very busy. *smile*

  • PantyBoyKevan

    Oh my god! These stories are soooooo hot! Right now I’m wearing a pastel pink pair of silky high waist satin panties and they feel DIVINE! All I want to do is shout to every woman in the world that I’m a sissy panty boy just to see their faces crack up and laugh! I LOVE the humiliation! Also, Happy Turkey Day! 🙂

    • Violet

      Thank you for sharing, Panty Boy Kevan. I have to tell you…you are not a panty boy if you identify as a sissy. A panty boy is a guy who likes to wear man clothes and is attracted to women, but enjoys wearing and/or playing with panties. It’s a constant education. Consider me your sexy teacher. Now…bend over…present panty covered bottom! Oops! I went off on spanking again. I do love it!

      • PantyBoyKevan

        Oh ok then. Consider me a Panty Boy then. And I would GLADLY expose my panty covered rear for you, Violet! 😊 Spank away! LOL

        • Violet

          What a fabulous offer, Panty Boy Kevan. Bring that fanny to me, panty boy!

          • PantyBoyKevan

            Violet, I have to confess something to you. You see, I have been known to wear OTHER fun flirty feminine items besides panties. Though, I ONLY own panties as my underwear; they’re are just SOOOOO much more fun than boring men’s underwear. In fact, right now I’m wearing a pretty little number on under my man’s clothes….

          • Violet

            Well, panty boy Kevan, I have a confession for you. After seeing your profile pic on EE, I gathered that you are beyond a panty boy. You have gone on to explore the joys of a wide range of lingerie. Such a sexy little thang! *wink*

          • PantyBoyKevan

            Oh my! Such a wonderfully sweet compliment from a wonderfully sexy Mistress! Thank you, Miss Violet! You’re gonna make me blush. My face will probably match the silky pink panties I have on right now!! 😉

          • Violet

            Oh my! Kevan, I love red cheeks. Usually when I say that I mean the cheeks of a submissive’s bottom. But I am liking the image of your facial cheeks flaming red to match your Christmas panties. *smile*

          • PantyBoyKevan

            😃 I’m perfectly fine with red cheeks. Either pair, Miss Violet! ANYTHING for you, my dear!! In fact, I actually DO have a festive red pair of panties for the holidays! Perhaps I’ll show them to you! 😉

          • Violet

            You are proving to be such a pleasing little panty boy, Kevan. I like that. Should you get brave enough to email me a photo of you wearing your holiday panties, I would be so delighted. Hmmm…perhaps that will end up in the Panty Boy Stories. I bet you could write a fascinating tale.

          • PantyBoyKevan

            I trust you had a wonderful Christmas, Miss Violet! And I could definitely write that tale 😊 Check your email 😉

          • Violet

            Hello Panty Boy Kevan. My Christmas was lovely. Thank you. I see an email from you. Oh my! Happy New Year!

      • Cassie

        Luv your comments Violet
        Ive been pantyboy whole life still luv women but became full crossdresser too
        Now even venture into sissydom accepting Im bi

        • Violet

          Welcome back, Cassie. I am happy to read your comments. You are adding to the community. Thank you! I will be posting a new topic here by tomorrow. Stay tuned. Sign up for email notices so you don’t miss a thing!

  • larry

    hi i am a pantie boy i love wearing panties i steal julies panties and well you know i shoot my cum in her panties and put them back in her clean pantie drawer to wear ohhhhh julie i love to shoot my sperm into your panties ohhhh julie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gdm

    yes i been in panties for ten years now one day a lady found out that i wear panties it happen one day a few years back i was helping her with some bags when i pick up on off the floor my pants ripe open she was standing behind me when she said what lovey panties you have on i said shit then i flt my pants you could see my black thong panties well after that we finish with the boxes i then told her if there were any thing else she want me to do she said yes take your pants off and i will sew them up i told i do not have pants to change into she thought about it and said well i you like i can find you some thing to wear that when she hand me a dress she ask have i ever wore a dress before i told her no she ask would you like to wear one and be dress up as a girl and be my girlfriend for the day i told her yes only if i can wear every thing a girl wears well after two hour i was change into a girl even wore a corsets i was in that outfit all afternoon when it was time to go she ask if i would like to go for dinner i said yes but i will change first no you will change into a long dress nylons and high heels well after that and my make up done we went out for dinner two males sat at the next table i heard one said look at those lady and no men around i told my friend what i heard she told me to kiss her on the lips i did as told the two men got up and left after dinner we went back home she told me i was a good girl and proud of her she walk up and kiss me again as we kiss she touch my breast i lean back so she could feel them more she stop and look at me my girl like her tits play with i said yes just then she ripe my dress off and bra she told me you have small titsshe put her lips around one and suck i told please make me your girly bitch well after that night i was the only one wear the panties around the house

    • Hello gdm. What a sexy story. Is it a story? Or did this happen to you? You have me very curious.

      • gdm

        yes it happen and yes as I write this my dear friend I am wearing my black thong panties with a black see though nightie now are this I have to wash the dishes and go to bed and I have a little bigger breasts now I just love when a lady suck on them and I love sucking a lady strap-on dido cock and if you were near me I would like to be your bitch

        • Violet

          Hello gdm. You are far beyond a panty boy. Sounds like you are a sissy. *wink* You are welcome here. All men (and sissies) who wear panties can hang out here and talk panties. I love it!

      • gdm

        yes Miss Violet I am a sissy girly boy I would love to be your sissy friend right now I help a lady friend at her house cleaning and she has me in sexy panties and bras and dresses

        • Violet

          That is excellent, gdm. A sissy needs a woman to serve. Cleaning and other services are highly valued by Mistresses. I know that is true because my two longest term slaves are service boys. I would never go without them.

  • i steal julies panties oh ohh ohhh julie im im im cumming into your pantie gusset oh ohhhh julie your panties are so sexy i cummed in them alot now im going to put your sperm soaked panties back in your clean pantie drawer ohhhhhhh julie tis turns me on sooo much

  • sparty2330

    I went to the gym later in the evening hoping it would be less crowded. Under my shorts and tshirt I had my skimpy blue gstring on, a cockring, and I took a Viagra right as I was leaving my house. When I arrived to the gym there weren’t many people there but I was excited to see a woman I met my previous time was working out. I did a few different lifts and the place was clearing out as I had hoped. I went up to her when she was in the back corner using a machine and I said hi. By this point the Viagra was having maximum impact and I was throbbing hard underneath my shorts. She did look down at my raging hard cock a couple times as we talked. I asked if she would spot me doing the bench press(which I knew would fully put my raging hard dick on display and she said she would, smiling as she answered. To get the correct weight I made sure I bent over a few times revealing the whale tail in front of her which she didn’t notice until the 3rd time I bent over……I did the first set and afterwards we chatted more. I notice your wearing a gstring under your shorts, and I can also see how aroused you are judging by the bulge in your shorts. As she was smiling staring at the tent in my shorts I told her, “yeah, I like wearing gstrings and thongs and obviously they turn me on. She looked at me and then asked why and I explained how excited I get when I’m on display for women which made her laugh. I was so turned on and wasn’t as embarrassed as I expected. I was very excited that she stayed and didn’t walk away as well as she kept looking down at my bulge in my shorts.

    We did several more sets together and she kept glancing down at my hard dick which made me throb even more. After we finished our workout and grabbed our stuff I walked her out to her car. As we walked we chatted more and she got into her vehicle. I stood in the doorway and as we got ready to say goodbye I quickly blurted that Id love to show her my gstring and erection. She looked down at my cock, then scanned the parking lot, which was darker and nearly empty, and turned back to me. As she looked back I quickly said I could give her a quick view if she was comfortable. She smiled and answered sure, so I untied my shorts and pulled the waistband away so she could look down my shorts. As I did that she looked down and was shocked about my g, as well as my raging hardon. She leaned closer and i moved in a touch and I asked her what she was thinking……she told me she didn’t have a clear view looking down my shorts so I asked if i could drop them down…..which I did immediately and she was floored how my whole package was outside my gstring and the cockring was very tight at the base of my shaft. I stood there for a minute watching her look at my bald hard cock and balls, then I turned so she could see my bare ass with the string up my asscrack. I then pulled my shorts up and we said our goodbyes after we exchanged numbers. I was about to close her door when she said we need to get together for a drink sometime!!!

  • bob f

    i steal julies panties i i oh god im cumming in julies panties now oh oh ohhhh julieeee oh god juulliieee oh julie its so gooooood oh julie im going to put these panties full of my sperm back in your pantie drawer to wear ohhhhhhh julie

  • Want you to dress me please….. xxoxoxooxoxoxo

  • pantyboy 711

    Omg. Fantastic site. Been a bikini pantyboy for decades. I’ve had numerous experiences with girls and gotta tell you,95% actually liked dressing me in pretty silky bikini panties. Most loved it. Would love to tell you about my experiences mistress.ok?

    • Hello pantyboy 711. Welcome to the epicenter of all things panty boy. So happy to hear from you. I am looking forward to hearing all about your experiences. *smile* I trust you know how to reach me. In case you do not, that info is at the bottom of every blog posting.

  • sarah

    i am wearing a white silk bikinis with black stripes and red lace and reading all these storys have made me horny! i love the way my pantys feel on me when i have them on! i wish i had someone to play with me right now!

  • I really like your stories .because I am also a panty warer and I just love they feel ..

  • Ssimo

    desperately seeking low-rise stcrteh lace thongs that don’t cost an arm and a leg (since they barely cover anything, after all!), and have threatened to make them myself how hard could it be? = )

    • Well panty boys, do any of you have any suggestions of brand names Ssimo can look for? I cannot list URL’s (outside of LDW sites) on my blog, but if you know of any inexpensive brands of low-rise stretch lace thongs, it would be great if you could respond to this posting so everyone gets that info. Thanks!

  • Carrie

    Panty Stories are so hot! Especially first time stories! Thanks Ms Violet for providing a place for these stories! Maybe I could dig up a true story for you!

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