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Now You Show Me Yours

I Love Panty Boys is a 24/7 establishment.  So no matter what your hours are…stop by.  The lights will be on, the doors open and a whole lot of panty boy fun will await you.

Violet’s Schedule

I am available every day except Monday and Tuesday.  My hours are 1-4 pm ET and 10 pm-2 am ET.  When I know an exception is imminent, I list my temporary schedule on my main blog Schedule page.  If something comes up unexpectedly, the best way to find out when I will be available next is by checking my Yahoo Messenger (IM) status.  My ID is enchantrixviolet.

Meeting You By Request

If you wish a session outside of my usual hours, you need to IM or email me at least 24 hours in advance.  I will do my best to accommodate your needs.  After all…I do realize that urges can be unruly.

Click HERE for my full schedule info and current updates!



8 comments to Schedule

  • slave rob


    I look forward to more updates on this blog as well. I too enjoy being one of your panty boys, and am glad to share that with you here. Ms Mandy has expanded my collection as well, and often requires me to show her new things and model them, as well as to sleep in nighties while travelling. My last assignment for stockings she gave to me quite late, so I had no choice but to buy them in person. Quite a bit of anxiety at that …but very exciting and arousing, too!

    • Hello slave rob. Good! I am glad to hear that Ms Mandy gave you a shopping assignment that made you do it in person. That is an area you definitely need to gain experience and comfort in. *smile* I can imagine you looking around, feeling very nervous, trying to cover it up. Love it!

      • slave rob

        Mistress Violet…I thought you would like knowing of my progress with personal shopping. Although she has not prohibited online shopping, Ms Mandy has set some tasks for me where they could only be completed in person. And in fact, she requires that I am wearing lingerie while shopping for it.

        • About time slave rob! You were long overdue. Clearly you required a serious push. I knew my friend, Ms Mandy would give that to you. *wink* Happy shopping!

          • slave rob


            Thank you for the reply. While I had done some shopping in person before, in fact, the difference the last time was wearing lingerie but also having to explain the purchase was for me, so yes, I’d say that was a serious push.

            I owe you an email to get you caught up and to respond to one or two of your comments here and elsewhere, so I can tell you a bit more of this story, too…I think you will enjoy it.

          • A little push now and then is essential slave rob. I really like how yours was presented to you. *smile* Thank you for your email. I appreciate that!

  • Alice

    Hi Empress Violet,
    I’m so happy to have found your site. I am a very straight man who loves women but has always been incredibly turned on by women’s panties and lingerie. I used to sneak into my mother’s panty drawer and put on panties, bra and stockings with garter because it just felt so good. After years of sneaking into girlfriend’s panty drawers, I finally worked up the courage to walk into Victoria’s Secret and buy my own sexy panties and camisole! It was so hot to walk through the store and pick out exactly what I wanted. As I stood at the counter paying the hot young girl who was ringing me up, my cock was so hard and the blood was pounding in my ears. I made an immediate beeline for the mall mens room (which turned out to be private) where I immediately put on my new purchases and relished the feeling and the sight of my own lingerie on my body. I put my street clothes back on and walked through the mall, feeling so turned on and empowered, not believing it had taken me this long to reach this point. I sit here now, in front of the mirror, wearing pink satin panties and a pink cami and so incredibly turned on.
    Thank you for being here to share my story,

    • Hello Alice. Welcome! *smile* You are indeed a panty boy. So exciting! I love that you fulfilled your desire and got yourself some lovely panties. Thank you for sharing your story with me here. I look forward to hearing a lot more from you Alice.

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