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Finding Your Inner Panty Boy

Let Your Panty Boy Out

Sharing a Story

Sometimes a client sends me their personal story of their path to becoming a panty boy and what they are doing with that passion.  When they give me permission to share it with all of you on my blog, I do so.  Today I . . . → Read More: Finding Your Inner Panty Boy

When Panties Met Fleshlight

A New Point of View

I was in a webcam session with Little Rod the other day.  He brought out his trusty Fleshlight and I saw that he had something tied over the end of it.  When I asked what it was, he told me it was a pair of string bikini panties.  I . . . → Read More: When Panties Met Fleshlight

Telling Tabitha’s Tale

Every Story Has It’s Start

And that includes each panty boy’s story.   It can be very interesting to hear how a panty boy’s fetish began.  The moment that he became aware of his desires.  Today we are going to explore the story of Tabitha…a self professed lesbian sissy.  But her fetish . . . → Read More: Telling Tabitha’s Tale

Housekeeping Panty Boy Style

O, O, Oooo…I Love Housework!

Cumming All Day

A couple of nights ago I was talking to my sweet little Misty Lou.  That panty boy loves wearing panties.  And a lot of other feminine items.  He was telling me about how he is home all day, cleaning the house and he literally cums . . . → Read More: Housekeeping Panty Boy Style

Brand New Panty Stroking Game

This Game Begins and Ends in the Crotch of Your Panties

A Panty Boy Suggestion

The idea for this game came from my sweet panty boy Cindy.  It is such a clever idea and it was right there in front of every panty wearer all the time!  But all it takes is for . . . → Read More: Brand New Panty Stroking Game

Layering Panties…Stroking Heaven__

The More, The Merrier!

It Pays to Peruse

Today I was taking a look at one of our free audio sites, and came across a fabulous suggestion by a guy called R____Rod.  His idea was exciting to me because it was a whole new twist on panty stroking fun.  I am well aware . . . → Read More: Layering Panties…Stroking Heaven__

How To Know You Are a Hamperskunk

At least you left me this pair!

The Definition

A hamperskunk is a panty boy who is so completely undone by his fetish that he finds himself drawn to hampers.  Foraging through them like crazed raccoons in trash.  Tossing dirty clothing here and there in search of the Holy Grail…a panty of pretty, . . . → Read More: How To Know You Are a Hamperskunk

Big News in Panty World

The Mecca for Panty Boys

Living Like a Supermodel

If you have been borrowing panties from your wife, girlfriend, etc…it is beyond time for you to build a panty wardrobe of your own.  Right now, on the Victoria’s Secret site, you can find out what sexy panties and other lingerie top models consider . . . → Read More: Big News in Panty World

Sissy Panties Smorgasbord


He was hired to paint a custom wall in my bedroom.  A simple job.  Just one day to prime it, paint it, do his thing and then out.  But things took a major left turn when he left to eat lunch.  He had warned me not to go in my . . . → Read More: Sissy Panties Smorgasbord

In Your Hand

I Can Work Magic With Just One Pair

How My Mind Works

When I hear the words “panty boy” my mind begins to whirl with the possibilities for hot scenarios.  Whether it be a phone session or sexy texting session.  I begin planning erotic activities.  Tantalizing fun that can even be done in . . . → Read More: In Your Hand