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Sexy Panty Boy Stories

Does this make me a panty girl?

I Adore History

In my bios, blogs and calls, I have shared a good deal of my kinky Mistress history with you.  Now it is your turn to share yours with me.  There is a page on this blog called “Panty Boy Stories”.  What kind of . . . → Read More: Sexy Panty Boy Stories

A Panty Boy is Born

The Early Years:

He may have had a sister.  Perhaps he borrowed her panties and tried them on due to a young boy’s curious nature.  Or he saw his mother’s panties and tried them on.  Either way, he tried on panties and discovered that he loved the feel.  The other typical intro to panty . . . → Read More: A Panty Boy is Born

See My Panties

As of today, there is an entire GALLERY of pics of me on the Cock Control site.  Why am I mentioning this on the Panty Boy blog?  Well…because many of you ask about my panties.  And all of you like to look at naughty pics of me.  *wink*   Here is the link directly to . . . → Read More: See My Panties

Panty Boys Are Everywhere!

There are SO many panty boys!  I believe it is one of the best kept secrets in the sexual world.  This is something I began paying close attention to about a month ago.  Everywhere I go, I look for signs…clues…and wow!  I found them…a lot of them.  I was in a major, upscale department . . . → Read More: Panty Boys Are Everywhere!